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Before Installation; Safety Instructions; Electrical Connection - Electrolux EHC30001X User Manual

Ceramic cooktop
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Before installation

Before installing the cooktop, read these points carefully.
Damage resulting from incorrect installation WILL NOT be
covered by warranty.
It is the responsibility of the installer to make sure that:
• The cabinet is constructed correctly
• T he cooktop is installed according to the
specifications in this leaflet

Electrical connection

• Electrical connection is 220volts, AC 50Hz 16Amps
Preparing the bench
• Choose where you want to place the cooktop
• C heck the opening dimensions for the model and mark
it out on the bench (refer to back page)
• I f a barrier is not required (see note below), a
minimum gap of 30mm is needed under the cooktop
• M ake sure that nothing (eg. a timber member)
interferes with these space requirements
• Cut the opening in the benchtop
• A ny walls around the cooktop are to be heat resistant up
to 90°C, up to 150mm high i.e. ceramic tiles
• N OTE: The cooktop is designed for the glass to sit on
top of the bench. The glass must not be recessed into
the bench
Barrier installation
• I f the base of the cooktop can be touched from inside
a cupboard or drawer, a barrier MUST be installed to
prevent contact
• M ake sure the material for the barrier is capable of
sustained heat up to 70°C eg. wood or metal.
DO NOT use plastic or plastic-coated wood
• M ake sure it is at least 50mm, and not more than 75mm
below the base of the cooktop
• M ake sure it is has ventilation holes that are open to free
air and evenly spaced (see diagrams on back)
• C heck the number of holes from this list:
Twenty five holes: 25mm diameter
Fifteen holes: 35mm diameter
Six holes: 50mm diameter

Safety instructions

It is important to use your cooktop safely, check these
safety points before using your cooktop.
• T his cooktop must be connected to a 16Amp socket
• D O NOT bend the mains cable or put any heavy objects
on top of it
• I f the mains cable is damaged, only trained service
technicians should replace it
electrolux ceramic cooktops before installation 5
Safety instructions
• T his appliance is not intended for use by young
children or infirm persons unless they have been
adequately supervised by a responsible person to
ensure that they can use the appliance safely
• Put ONLY cookware on the cooking surface
• D O NOT cook directly on the ceramic surface as food
will stick to the surface and will cause problems
• I f the ceramic cooktop cracks, IMMEDIATELY switch off
the cooktop at the power supply
• K eep anything which will melt away from the surface eg.
plastic, foil and sugar
• D O NOT touch the cooktop while it is still hot
• Y oung children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance
Cooktop structure
3B - control knob B
1B - small cooking area
4 - bottom plate
3A - control knob A
1A - big cooking area
2 - ceramic glass
6 - light
5 - mains cable



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