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Electrolux EHC30001X User Manual page 18

Ceramic cooktop
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3 contents electrolux ceramic cooktop
EHC30001X ceramic cooktop
(built-in height)
cut-out dimensions
50mm min.
75mm min.
Important safety instructions - summary
Please read the user manual carefully and store in a handy
place for later reference. Pass the user manual on to possible
new owners of the cooktop.
The symbols you will see in this booklet have these meanings:
This symbol indicates information concerning your
personal safety
This symbol indicates information on how to avoid
damaging the cooktop
environmental tip
This symbol indicates tips and information about
economical and ecological use of the cooktop
Meanings of symbols used in this manual are shown below:
This symbol indicates never to do this
This symbol indicates always do this
It is important to use your cooktop safely. Check
these safety points before using your cooktop.
This cooktop is not intended for use by young children or
infirm persons without supervision.
Young children should be supervised at all times to ensure
that they do not play with the cooktop.
75mm min.
ONLY put cookware on the cooking area. DO NOT place
combustible materials such as paper, towels etc. on the
cooking area.
DO NOT cook directly on the ceramic surface as food will
stick to the surface and will cause problems.
If the ceramic cooktop cracks, IMMEDIATELY switch off the
cooktop at the power supply.
Keep anything which will melt away from the surface e.g.
plastic, foil and sugar.
DO NOT touch the cooktop while it is still hot.
electrolux ceramic cooktop safety instructions 4
If the surface is cracked, switch off the cooktop to
avoid the possibility of electric shock.
• Cleaning
The advantage of the ceramic glass cooking surface is
their accessibility for cleaning. The smooth, flat surface is
easy to clean.
• Residual heat indicator
A residual heat lamp lights if the cooking zone is turned
off and is still too hot to touch after cooking. The light
goes off when the zone is safe to touch.
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