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Honda HRU19RPU Owner's Manual & Service Record Booklet

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Service Record Booklet


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  • Page 1 LAWNMOWER OWNER’S MANUAL & Service Record Booklet Models: HRU196PU HRU196DPU HRU19RPU HRU19DPU HRU197PU HRU197DPU HRU216SU HRU217DPU HRU216DSU...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents WARRANTY SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION SETUP INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU START THE MOWER OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIFICATIONS SERVICE SCHEDULE SHEET Illustrations in this manual are for instructional purposes only and may not be exact representations. All information contained in this manual is based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.
  • Page 3: Warranty

    Warranty Honda Warranty Honda* warrants each new Honda lawn mower to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the period detailed on your warranty registration form. In order to qualify for this warranty, the Warranty Registration form (supplied) must be completed and returned to Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Please read before using mower. Lawnmower models HRU197DPU, HRU216SU, HRU19RPU, HRU196PU, HRU197PU, HRU19DPU, HRU196DPU, HRU216DSU & HRU217DPU are designed for normal domestic use. Caution should be exercised when mowing through tall grass or other objects, such as piles of dry leaves, which may result in the build up of debris on the mower.
  • Page 5 27. Exercise caution when lifting or carrying a mower. Never pick up or carry a mower when it is operating. 28. Never use the mower unless: 1) On Models HRU19RPU, HRU196PU, HRU197PU, HRU216SU the grass catcher is fitted. 2) On Models HRU19DPU, HRU196DPU, HRU197DPU, HRU216DSU, HRU217DPU the grass catcher or discharge plug is fitted.
  • Page 6: Component Identification

  • Page 7: Setup Instructions

    Setup Instructions Grass catcher: HRU19RPU, HRU19DPU, HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU197PU, HRU197DPU Your grass catcher has been left dismantled for ease of packing and transportation. Catcher component check list: Handle x1, Top cover section x1 & Lower cover section x1. To assemble, simply clip each item together. First take the handle and place the clips into the three locating holes on the top cover section.
  • Page 8 Setup Instructions Grass catcher: HRU216SU, HRU216DSU, HRU217DPU Your grass catcher has been left dismantled for ease of packing and transportation. Catcher component check list: Metal frame work x 1 & Fabric grass bag x 1 To assemble the catcher simply slide the fabric over the metal framework and attach the four nylon clips to the metal frame as shown below.
  • Page 9 Setup Instructions Setup instructions Discharge plug installation: HRU19DPU, HRU196DPU & HRU197DPU 1. Ensure engine is stopped. 2. Raise discharge guard and insert discharge plug at the base of the rear chute. 3. Close discharge guard and ensure tabs protrude from discharge guard on 19” models. DISCHARGE GUARD DISCHARGE PLUG DISCHARGE PLUG...
  • Page 10: Fuel Tank

    Setup Instructions HRU19RPU, HRU19DPU, HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU197PU, HRU197DPU CABLE SHOULD BE ON TOP OF PIPE Fold back the handle to the upright position and tighten the locking screws on each side. To fold handle down, loosen the locking screws and fold handle forward over the mower.
  • Page 11: Important: Before You Start The Mower

    If the level is low add the recommended oil to the UPPER mark on the dip stick. Do not over-fill. Excess oil will result in power loss and smoking. Never use the mower if the oil level is low. This will result in serious engine damage. HRU19RPU, HRU196PU, HRU19DPU,...
  • Page 12: Starting And Stopping The Engine

    Move the throttle lever to the CHOKE position. NOTE: Use of the CHOKE may not be necessary when the engine is warm or the air temperature is high. Move the throttle lever to LOW position instead. HRU216SU & HRU196PU, HRU19RPU, STOP HRU216DSU HRU196DPU, HRU19DPU HRU197PU, HRU197DPU,...
  • Page 13: Operational Procedures

    Operational Procedures 3. Hold handle bar firmly. Pull the starter rope lightly until you feel resistance, then pull briskly. NOTE: Do not allow the rope to snap back. Return it by hand to prevent damage to the starter. 4. If the choke was used to start the engine, move the throttle lever to the FAST position as soon as the engine warms up enough to run smoothly without use of the choke.
  • Page 14: Flooded Engine

    Operational Procedures Flooded engine If the engine will not start after several pulls on the starter rope, the engine may be flooded. To clear a flooded engine: 1. Move the throttle lever to the STOP position and turn off the fuel tap. 2.
  • Page 15: Using Your Mower

    Operational Procedures Using your mower Read and observe the Safety instructions on page 3 of this manual. Be alert. • Always use the mower with the grass catcher (HRU19RPU, HRU196PU, HRU197PU & • HRU216SU). Note HRU19DPU, HRU196DPU, HRU197DPU, HRU216DSU & HRU217DPU •...
  • Page 16 Operational Procedures To empty the grass catcher: 19” MODELS - HRU19RPU, HRU19DPU, HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU197PU, HRU197DPU Stop the engine. Lift the discharge guard and grasp the top handle of the catcher. Lift and pull back • to remove the catcher. Empty contents.
  • Page 17: Transportation And Storage

    Transportation and storage Transportation Turn the fuel tap OFF when transporting the mower. To avoid spillage of fuel and oil do not tilt the unit, ! WARNING as spilled fuel may ignite. The handle may be folded for convenience. Remove the grass catcher (if fitted), loosen the handle locking screws and fold the handle forward, as shown below.
  • Page 18: Removal From Storage

    Transportation and storage Engine oil 1. Change engine oil (refer Maintenance Section, page 19). 2. Remove the spark plug and pour 5-10cc of clean engine oil into the cylinder. Using the starter rope, crank the engine a few revolutions slowly to distribute the oil in the cylinder, then reinstall the spark plug.
  • Page 19: Maintenance

    Regular maintenance will also ensure long service life. The required service intervals and the kind of maintenance to be performed is described hereunder. ◆ GCV160 engine only, (HRU19RPU, HRU19DPU). ❍ GXV160 engine ony, (HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU216SU, HRU216DSU). ■ GSV190 engine only, (HRU197PU, HRU197DPU, HRU217DPU).
  • Page 20: Engine Oil Change

    SJ). Do not overfill, measure the oil level as shown on page 9. NOTE: Do not screw dipstick in when checking oil level. Engine oil capacity is: 0.55 litres (HRU19RPU, HRU19DPU, HRU197PU, HRU197DPU & HRU217DPU). 0.65 litres (HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU216SU & HRU216DSU).
  • Page 21: Air Cleaner

    (HRU197PU, HRU197DPU & HRU217DPU) or remove from around the paper element (HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU216SU & HRU216DSU). 3. Inspect the filter(s), and replace them if they are damaged. 4. Clean the filter(s). HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU19RPU & HRU19DPU HRU216PU & HRU216DPU. AIR CLEANER ELEMENT (PAPER ELEMENT) AIR CLEANER...
  • Page 22: Cleaning The Air Cleaner

    Replace the paper element if it is excessively dirty. 2. Foam element (All models except HRU19RPU & HRU19DPU). Wash the element in a solution of household detergent and warm water, then rinse thoroughly, or wash in nonflammable or high flash point solvent.
  • Page 23 Maintenance Blade removal (All models) ! WARNING To avoid severe personal injury, disconnect the spark plug cap to prevent accidental starting, and wear heavy gloves to protect your hands from the cutter blade. Stop engine. • Disconnect spark plug lead. •...
  • Page 24 2 x A Rotary Blades (High Lift) B Rotary Blades (Low Lift) 2 x B Rotary Blades (Low Lift) 12mm (19” models) 10mm (21” models) 19" MODELS - 21" MODELS - HRU19RPU, HRU19DPU, HRU216SU, HRU216DSU, HRU196PU, HRU196DPU, HRU197PU, HRU217DPU HRU197DPU A ROTARY BLADE A ROTARY BLADE...
  • Page 25: Blade Installation

    Maintenance Blade Installation: 1. Refit the new bolts, washers, nuts & blades to the disc with the curved side of the blade facing upwards. Tighten nuts to 300-400kg/cm (30-40Nm). 2. On completion, place the mower on a flat surface and pull the recoil starter slowly several times to ensure that the cylinder is free of oil prior to starting.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Engine will not start Possible Cause Correction 1. Check throttle lever position. Throttle lever in wrong position Move throttle lever to the (unless engine is warm). choke position. 2. Check fuel. Out of fuel. Refuel. Fuel valve off. Turn fuel valve on. Bad fuel;...
  • Page 27: Specifications

    520mm 520mm 520mm 625mm 625mm Grass catcher 54 litres 54 litres 54 litres 73 litres 73 litres Dry weight 30.6kg (HRU19RPU) 34.9kg (HRU196PU) 31.8kg (HRU197PU) 43.3kg (HRU216SU) 35.0kg 30.9kg (HRU19DPU) 35.2kg (HRU196DPU) 32.1kg (HRU197DPU) 43.6kg (HRU216DSU) Cutting width 480mm 480mm...
  • Page 28: Service Schedule Sheet

    Service schedule sheet Service Record First Year 1ST MONTH OR 5 HOUR SERVICE 1ST MONTH OR 20 HOUR SERVICE (HRU19RPU & HRU19DPU) (ALL MODELS EXCEPT HRU19RPU & HRU19DPU) Hours Use Date Notes Hours Use Date Notes (Tanks x Hrs/Tank) (Tanks x Hrs/Tank)
  • Page 29: Service Record

    Service schedule sheet RECORD FURTHER SERVICES HERE: Service Record NEXT SERVICE NEXT SERVICE Hours Use Date Notes Hours Use Date Notes (Tanks x Hrs/Tank) (Tanks x Hrs/Tank) Servicing Dealer Stamp Servicing Dealer Stamp Date: Date: NEXT SERVICE NEXT SERVICE Hours Use Date Notes Hours Use...
  • Page 30 HMA C90310 / Part No. C9031 Printed August 2004 by Kenmark Press 03 9555 6075...

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