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Insertion And Fixing; On Base Cabinet With Door; On Base Cabinet With Oven - Whirlpool AKC 950C User Manual

90cm, 5 burners gas hob
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suitable characteristics.
Any cabinet side panels taller than the height of the hob itself must be at least 150mm
away from the opening into which the hob is inserted.
The dimensions of the hob and the installation opening are shown in the illustration.

Insertion and fixing

Before inserting the hob in the installation
opening, place the special gasket around the
bottom edge of the hob.
It is important to fix this gasket evenly,
without gaps or overlapping, to prevent liquid
from seeping underneath the hob.
1) Remove the pan stands and the burner
caps and turn the hob upside down, taking
care not to damage the ignition plugs and
the thermocouples.
2) Place the gasket around the bottom edge
of the hob as shown in the illustration on
the right.
3) Place the hob in the installation opening
and push it down so that the hob is resting
firmly on the cabinet, as show in the
illustration. The side springs will hold it in
Installation options

On base cabinet with door

When constructing the cabinet, suitable precautions must be taken to prevent contact
with the casing of the hob, which becomes very hot during operation. The
recommended method for overcoming this problem is illustrated in Fig.1
The panel underneath the hob must be easily removable to allow the hob to be locked
in position and released in case of servicing work

On base cabinet with oven

The installation compartment must have the dimensions shown in Fig.2 and Fig.3 and
must have supports to allow satisfactory ventilation.
Two possible methods for avoiding overheating are illustrated in Fig.4 and Fig.5. The

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