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Instructions For The Installation Technician; Installation Premises; Discharge Of Flue Gases - Whirlpool AKC 950C User Manual

90cm, 5 burners gas hob
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Instructions for the installation technician

CAUTION: This appliance must only be installed and used in rooms with
permanent ventilation to local standards.
Installation of the appliance and its connection to the electrical mains must
only be carried out by QUALIFIED PERSONEL.
Before doing any servicing, it is important to check that the
appliance is DISCONNECTED from the electrical mains.
The Manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage
arising from installation in breach of the regulations in force
or from failure to comply with the accident prevention

Installation premises

For proper operation of a gas appliance, the air necessary for the
combustion of the gas must be able to flow into the room naturally.
The air must flow into the room directly through openings in the
outside walls. These openings must have an unobstructed cross-section
not less than 2m
/hfor each kw of power (see total power in kw on the
appliance nameplate).
This opening must be constructed so that it will not be obstructed from
inside or outside, or constructed close to the floor. The opening is
recommended to be on the side opposite to that on which the flue
gases are discharged. If it is not feasible to provide these openings in
the room where the appliance is installed, the necessary air may be
taken from an adjacent room, provided that:
·this room is not a bedroom or a hazardous environment;
·this room has ventilation;
·the ventilation between the room where the appliance is installed and the adjacent
room has openings.

Discharge of flue gases

Gas cooking appliances must discharge their flue gases through hoods connected
directly to flues or the outdoors. If it is not possible to install the hood (fig. B) an
electric fan must be installed on the outside wall or the window of the room, provided
it is possible for the ventilation opening
to be increased in proportion to the delivery rate of the fan (fig. C). For a kitchen, the
delivery rate of this electric fan must guarantee an hourly air exchange of 3-5 times its
volume. In both instances, the use of flues already used by other appliances to
discharge the flue gases is forbidden.

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