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Routine Maintenance; Warranty Conditions - Whirlpool AKC 950C User Manual

90cm, 5 burners gas hob
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Automatic burner ignition is provided (when installed) by a ceramic "plug" and a
metal electrode. Periodically clean these parts of the hob thoroughly. In addition, to
avoid ignition difficulties, check that the cavities in the burner are not obstructed.
To remove deposits from the burner cavities, remove the cap and separate the two
parts. After cleaning, put the two parts back together and return them correctly to their
position. After washing, replace the hob pan stands, checking that they are correctly

Routine maintenance

Have the condition and efficiency of the gas pipe and the pressure regulator (if
installed) checked periodically. If anomalies are found, do not repairs but have the
faulty part replaced.
To ensure good performance and safety, the gas regulator taps must be greased
Periodic lubrication of the taps must only be carried out by qualified personel,
who must also be contacted if the appliance malfunctions.
Keep plastic, oil or any other flammable material away from the hob.

Warranty conditions

Your new appliance is covered by a warranty. The warranty conditions are provided
in full in the "Warranty conditions-Service centers" leaflet which you will find inside
the appliance.
Keep the fiscal receipt or delivery note, either of which documents your purchase of
the appliance and provides proof of date of purchase, in a safe place together with the
If the After-Sales Service is call in, show these documents to the staff. If this
procedure is not followed, the Service-Centre will have no option but to charge for
any repairs.
If necessary, you may find your nearest Centre by consulting the" Warranty conditions
–Service centers".

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