Whirlpool AKC7330C/BLS-BT Instructions For Use Manual
Whirlpool AKC7330C/BLS-BT Instructions For Use Manual

Whirlpool AKC7330C/BLS-BT Instructions For Use Manual

70 cm 3 burner, gas hob


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70 cm 3 burner, gas hob


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool AKC7330C/BLS-BT

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION FOR USE 70 cm 3 burner, gas hob AKC7330C/BLS-BT...
  • Page 2: For Your Safety

    For your safety These instructions have been drawn up for your safety and that of others. You are therefore requested to read them carefully before installing and using the appliance. Keep this instruction manual for future reference as necessary. If the appliance is sold or moved, make sure that the manual is handed over to the new user .
  • Page 3: During Use

    During use ·This product is designed to cook food inside ordinary homes and for non-professional purposes. It should not be used for any other purpose. · After using the appliance, make sure that all controls are in “CLOSED” or “OFF” position.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents For your safety ..................2 Installation ..........................2 During use ..........................3 Children’s safety ........................3 Environmental protection advice ....................3 Decommissioned appliances ..................... 3 Technical Data ................... 5 Instructions for the installation technician ..........6 Installation premises ......................... 6 Discharge of flue gases ......................
  • Page 5: Technical Data

    Guide to reading the instructions The following symbols will help you When reading the instructions: Safety information “Step by step” instructions Suggestions and Advice Information concerning environmental protection Technical Data Town Gas OUTPUT OUTPUT 10mbar 30mbar BURNER TYPE Cons Nozzle Cons Nozzle (mm)...
  • Page 6: Instructions For The Installation Technician

    Instructions for the installation technician CAUTION: This appliance must only be installed and used in rooms with permanent ventilation to local standards. Installation of the appliance and its connection to the electrical mains must only be carried out by QUALIFIED PERSONEL. Before doing any servicing, it is important to check that the appliance is DISCONNECTED from the electrical mains.
  • Page 7: Connection To The Gas Supply

    Connection to the gas supply The gas connection must be made in accordance with the local standards. When installing, fit a safety tap at the end of the pipeline. The appliance leaves the factory tested and set for the type of gas indicated on the plate inside the bottom guard, close to the gas connection pipe.
  • Page 8: Building Into Fitted Kitchen Units

    Building into fitted kitchen units These hobs are designed for installation in fitted kitchen units up to 600mm deep with suitable characteristics. Any cabinet side panels taller than the height of the hob itself must be at least 150mm away from the opening into which the hob is inserted. The dimensions of the hob and the installation opening are shown in the illustration.
  • Page 9: On Base Cabinet With Door

    Installation options On base cabinet with door When constructing the cabinet, suitable precautions must be taken to prevent contact with the casing of the hob, which becomes very hot during operation. The recommended method for overcoming this problem is illustrated in Fig.1 The panel underneath the hob must be easily removable to allow the hob to be locked in position and released in case of servicing work On base cabinet with oven...
  • Page 10: Instructions For Use

    Instructions for use The hob control knobs The symbols on the control knobs mean the following: ● no gas flow maximum gas flow minimum gas flow All operating positions must be set between the maximum and minimum flow settings, and never between the maximum setting and the closed position. (Symbol present on version with lighting integrated in the Control knob) Dual triple flame version The symbols on the control knobs mean the following:...
  • Page 11: Lighting The Burners

    Lighting the burners To obtain a flame more easily, light the burner before placing a cooking utensil on the pan stand To light a burner, proceed as follow: for version with lighting integrated in the control knob push the knob of the burner fully down and turn it anticlockwise to the “maximum flow”...
  • Page 12: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Before each operation, disconnect the appliance from the electrical mains and allow it to cool down. General cleaning Wash enameled parts with lukewarm water and detergent: do not use abrasive products which might damage them. Wash the flame caps and burner caps often with boiling water and detergent, taking care to remove all deposits The hob pan stands can also be washed in a dishwasher For stubborn dirt, use ordinary non-abrasive detergents or specific commercial...
  • Page 13: Routine Maintenance

    position. After washing, replace the hob pan stands, checking that they are correctly positioned. Routine maintenance Have the condition and efficiency of the gas pipe and the pressure regulator (if installed) checked periodically. If anomalies are found, do not repair but have the faulty part replaced.
  • Page 14 FAQs and Trouble shooting FAQs Possible Reasons Solutions Spark pin cannot Burner The burner is not Install the burner again. make fire. installed correctly. Spark pin Ignition electrode Adjust the distance for and the hole are not 3- 4mm placed well. Replace broken The spark pin is...

Table of Contents