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Dual Triple Flame Version; Lighting The Burners; For Correct Use Of The Hob - Whirlpool AKC 950C User Manual

90cm, 5 burners gas hob
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(Symbol present on version with lighting
integrated in the Control knob)

Dual triple flame version

● no gas flow
maximum gas flow from central burner
minimum gas flow from central burner
maximum gas flow from outer and central burners simultaneously
minimum gas flow from outer and central burners simultaneously

Lighting the burners

To obtain a flame more easily, light the burner before placing a cooking
utensil on the pan stand
To light a burner, proceed as follow: for Version with lighting integrated in
the control knob push the knob of the burner fully down and turn it
anticlockwise to the "maximum flow" setting symbol, or press the button
if the appliance has individual lighting.
After lighting the flame, keep the knob pressed for about 10 seconds: this
time is necessary to heat up the "thermocouple" (Fig.1-C) and activate the safety
valve, which would otherwise cut off the gas flow.
Then check that the flame is even and turn the control knob to adjust the
flame as required
In the instance of a power cut, place a flame near the burner and proceed as
already described.
If the flame does not light after a few attempts, check that the "burner cap" and
"flame cap" are correctly positioned.
To turn off the flame, turn the control knob clockwise to the
Before removing pans from the burners, always lower or turn off the flame.

For correct use of the hob

For lower gas consumption and better efficiency: Use only flat-bottomed pans of
dimensions suitable for the burners, as shown in the table on the right. Also, as soon
as a liquid comes to the boil take care to turn the flame down to a level that will just
keep it boiling.
Large (rapid)
minimum diameter
maximum diameter

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