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Connection To The Gas Supply; Connection; Electrical Connection - Whirlpool AKC 950C User Manual

90cm, 5 burners gas hob
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Connection to the gas supply

The gas Connection must be made in accordance with the
local standards. When installing, fit a safety tap at the end
of the pipeline. The appliance leaves the factory tested and
set for the type of gas indicated on the plate inside the
bottom guard, close to the gas connection pipe. Make sure
that the type of gas to be supplied to the appliance is the
same as that shown on the plate. Otherwise, follow the
instructions provided in the "Adapting to different types of
gas" section.
For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, make
sure that the gas supply pressure complies with the values
shown in the gas used is different from that specified (or
variable).a suitable pressure regulator must be installed on
the supply pipeline.
The union must be fitted on the end of the gas train. Complete with GJ1/2" other
places refer to G1/2" threaded nut, fitting the gasket between the components as
shown in the illustration. The gaskets must comply with the local standards. Screw the
parts together without forcing, fit the union so that it points in the direction required
then tighten all parts.


Make the connection to the gas system using a rigid metal pipe and regulation unions,
or with a stainless steel hose complying with the local standard. If metal hoses are
used, take care that they do not come into contact with mobile parts and are not
crushed. This must also be checked if the hob is to be combined with an oven.
The gas intake connection of the appliance has a "male thread."
When making the connection, take care not to apply stresses of any kind to the
When the installation is complete, always check that all the unions are
absolutely tight using a soapy solution.
Never use a flame to make this

Electrical connection

The appliance is profited to operate with a power
supply voltage of 230Vsingle-phase. The connection
must be made in accordance with the regulations and

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