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Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric CP-D2E User Manual

Digital photographic printer
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When condensation occurs
Condensation is the occurrence of water droplets forming on surfaces, and may occur under the following
• The room where the printer is located is heated quickly.
• Cool air from an air-conditioner blows directly onto the printer.
• The printer is moved from a low-temperature location to a high-temperature location.
When condensation occurs, print paper may become moist. This may cause printing quality deterioration or
paper jams. If condensation has occurred or is expected to occur, refrain from using the printer until
condensation is no longer present or likely to occur.
When cleaning the printer, do not use thinner, benzine, or any other solvent
If the printer comes into contact with insecticide or is wiped with thinner or benzine, the finish may
deteriorate or peel.
To clean the printer exterior, wipe with a soft cloth. If stains are persistent, dampen the soft cloth with water
or a diluted mild detergent, wring it carefully, and then wipe the exterior with the cloth.
Do not allow the printer to remain in contact with rubber or plastic products
for an extended period of time
Deterioration and discoloration may occur if the device remains in contact with rubber or plastic products
for an extended period of time.
Operate the printer at least once every six months
If the printer is not used for a long period of time, it may malfunction.
Run the printer at least once every six months.
When lifting or transporting the printer
When lifting or transporting the printer, grasp it with both hands.
When transporting the printer
When transporting the printer, place it in the original box with the original packing material.
If the original packing material is not available, pack the printer with enough cushion to absorb any impacts
during transportation.


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