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Using A Digital Camera To Print - Mitsubishi Electric CP-D2E User Manual

Digital photographic printer
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Printing pictures from a digital camera

Using a digital camera to print

Print the desired picture by following the instructions displayed on the digital camera
The Access indicator on the printer blinks when printing is in progress. The indicator turns off when
printing ends. For details on how to use the digital camera, refer to the manual supplied with the digital
When printing is complete, turn off the printer and digital camera, and then
disconnect the USB cable.
• Printing will stop if you unplug the power plug during printing. The paper should be automatically ejected when you turn
on the printer again. If it is not, refer to "When paper is jammed" (gpage 36).
• Do not open the ribbon cartridge door or remove the paper-cassette during printing.
• Do not move the printer during printing.
• Do not turn off the printer or digital camera, or disconnect the AC adapter during printing. If you inadvertently turn off the
printer or disconnect the AC adapter, turn on the printer and then retry printing. If you leave the printer as is, a failure might
• Do not unplug the USB cable during printing.
• Wait at least 10 seconds after unplugging the USB cable before plugging it back in, or vice versa.
Sample digital camera screen


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