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Wood Trim Finishing; Staining And Final Finish Application; Final Finish-only Application - U-Line U-ADA24RGLB-13 Installation Manual

1000, ada & 29 series models glass door refrigerators freezers beverage centers refrigerators.
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Wood Trim Finishing

To prevent permanent damage to the inner liner of the
Beverage Center and the Wine Captain, the wire rack
wood trim MUST be removed from the unit for staining
and/or finishing. Allow stain/finish to dry thoroughly (at
least 24 hours) in accordance with the stain/finish
manufacturer's instructions prior to re-installing the wood
trim inside the cabinet of the Beverage Center or Wine
Captain. Failure to do so may cause the inner liner of the
unit to have a permanent odor, which is not covered by
the warranty.
• Your model may contain an electronic display panel in
the lowest level trim piece. After removing the trim
screws and gently pulling the trim from its location, a
wiring harness connector will become visible. Unplug
the connector and remove the trim from the interior.
• Glass in door is tinted. Stain may look darker when
door is closed.
Removing Wire Racks
1. Grasp the end of the rack, and gently slide it out until it stops.
2. Remove any bottles stored on the rack.
3. Press the left rack release lever (see above) down, and at the
same time, lift the corresponding right rack release lever up, and
pull the rack out until it is free of the tracks and the cabinet.
4. Do not remove the track side rails from the cabinet.
To insert a rack in the cabinet:
1. Align the left and right rack channels with the tracks in the
cabinet, and ensuring an even track engagement on both sides,
gently push the rack into the cabinet until it stops.
Before reloading the rack, ensure proper operation of the travel
stops in the left and right track rails by pulling the rack out gently
until it completely stops.

Staining and final finish application:

DO NOT use oil-based stains on wood trim. Vapors from
oil-based stains will permanently penetrate the liner and
will not dissipate over time.
1. Remove all screws securing wood trim to interior parts, and
remove the trim from the cabinet interior.
2. Lightly sand and clean wood.
3. Apply Minwax
Water-Based Wood Stain to wood with a
synthetic bristle brush or a foam applicator. Allow stain to
penetrate about three minutes. Before the stain is dry, take a
stain dampened rag and remove any excess stain remaining.
Wipe towards the grain with medium pressure to achieve the
desired stain color.
4. After two hours, repeat step 2. This will even out the color of
the wood.
5. Allow stain to dry for a minimum of three hours before applying
the final finish.
6. If desired, sand the wood with very fine sandpaper to smooth
the surface after staining.
7. Remove all dust from the wood, and apply one coat of Minwax
Protective Finish using a synthetic bristle brush to
the wood. Apply this finish in a thin coat following towards the
grain. Apply the finish to the back and sides of the wood first,
and allow it to dry for two hours. Apply the finish to the front
side of the wood next, and allow it to dry for two hours. Sand
with very fine 220 grit sandpaper. Apply two morel coats of
finish in the same manner, but do not sand the trim after applying
the final third coat.
8. Allow the final coat to dry for 24 hours before reinstalling the
trim to the cabinet interior parts.

Final finish-only application:

1. Remove all screws securing wood trim to interior parts, and
remove the trim.
2. Lightly scruff sand the wood trim with 280 or finer grit
3. Remove sanding dust with a clean, dry cloth.
4. The factory-applied seal is compatible with almost all finishes. A
low odor, water clean up, quick-drying finish such as Minwax
Protective Finish is recommended (Minwax
is an ultra fast-drying water-based finish). Apply a
thin coat of a clear, protective finish, following the container
label directions.
5. Lightly sand and reapply if desired.
Allow the final coat to dry for 24 hours before reinstalling the trim
to the cabinet interior parts.


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