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Battery Management - GE 600 - 1500 VA User Manual

600 - 1500 va
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Battery Management

Maximum battery life and reliability are obtained by the following features:
Quick battery test
The quick battery test checks whether the batteries and their wiring are healthy. If a quick battery
test shows that the batteries are close to being worn out, a 'replace battery' alarm will be
generated (see 3.3.9). The batteries must be replaced as soon as possible (see 6.2).
Automatic battery test
The NetPro 19" UPS conducts periodic automatic battery tests:
5 hours after manual switch-on
5 hours after return of mains following any power failure, and
30 days from the last battery test
Manual battery test
A quick battery test can be initiated manually through UPS software, via the RS232 Interface
Port. For details please refer to the manual of your monitoring software.
NOTE: If the test is started manually immediately after installation or after a power failure,
the UPS may generate a false 'replace battery' alarm as the batteries have been (partly)
discharged during transport/storage or during the power failure.
Deep battery test
A deep battery test, to be initiated through the UPS software via the RS232 port, checks the
actual battery capacity in order to ensure accurate runtime prediction. During a deep battery test
the batteries will be discharged until 'battery low' alarm level. Please note that immediately after a
deep battery test the expected runtime is very short: allow the UPS to recharge its batteries. For
details please refer to the manual of your UPS software.
Temperature compensated battery charging
This feature adjusts the battery charge voltage to the ambient temperature. As a result poor
charging of the batteries under low temperature conditions and overcharging of the batteries
under high temperature conditions are avoided.
Load dependent battery-end-voltage
The allowable final battery voltage depends on the discharge current: the higher the current, the
lower the 'end-of-discharge' battery voltage. In this way maximum battery capacity is obtained
without overdischarging. Overdischarging would result in shortened service life and failure to
recover normal capacity.
Charger off at end of charge
Only charging when necessary, increases battery lifetime.
Automatic boost charge
This feature reduces the battery recharge time considerably: totally depleted batteries will be
recharged to 90% in approx. 1.5 hours, provided that discharging took place at 100% load.
GE DE NetPro 19" 600-1500: User manual 3.0 (GB)
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