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Replace Battery; Programmed Shutdown; Use: Setup Mode - GE 600 - 1500 VA User Manual

600 - 1500 va
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High temperature
The LED Indication is the same as during overload (see 3.3.7), but if keypad 'I' is momentarily
pressed to obtain a load indication the red LED will go out.
Overtemperature can be caused by:
extreme environmental temperature,
lack of proper ventilation,
overload situation.
Take appropriate measures; if the temperature is allowed to rise further the UPS will switch to
bypass operation (if allowed). If bypass operation is inhibited, the unit will switch off and output
power is lost.

Replace battery

Either the batteries are almost chemically worn out or the battery wiring, including the battery
fuse, is faulty. If the batteries are aged, they must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure full
protection for your equipment (see 6.2). Perhaps the 'replace battery' alarm occurs after a test
which you started immediately after installation or after a power failure. In this case the alarm may
be incorrect as the batteries have been (partly) discharged during transport or storage or during
the power failure. Allow the UPS to recharge the batteries. See also 3.5.

3.3.10 Programmed shutdown

The UPS monitoring software allows you to program a 'sleep period' of the UPS by sending two
commands to the UPS:
shut down after # minutes (blinking LED), and subsequently:
shut down during # hours (continuous LED).
During the 'sleep period' the UPS is not completely switched off as it has to keep track of the
remaining sleep time. However, if a mains failure occurs during the sleep period and the battery
capacity eventually drops below 80% of the normal capacity, the UPS will automatically switch off
in order to save battery power. When the mains returns the UPS will start up automatically. The
programmed sleep time however is lost.
The programmed shutdown in progress can be cancelled:
press keypad 'I' for at least 5 seconds to cancel shutdown and switch UPS on.
press keypad '0' for at least 5 seconds to cancel shutdown and switch UPS off.

Use: Setup Mode

The setup mode can only be entered if the UPS is connected to a live wall outlet and switched off
(LED 'on' blinks).
Press keypads 'O' and 'I' simultaneously. Press 'O' before 'I', otherwise the unit will be switched
on. Three yellow LEDs can illuminate:
'on bypass'
'progr. shutdown'
'replace battery'
Scroll through the three functions with keypad 'I', the one selected blinks.
Toggle the setting of the selected function by pressing 'O' during approx 1 sec. (LED does not
blink anymore)
Store the new settings and leave the setup mode by pressing 'O' and 'I' simultaneously.
The unit can be used as a frequency converter: the input frequency range is 45-66Hz, the
output frequency is selectable 50/60Hz. If the unit is used as a frequency converter, the
bypass function is no longer available. As a result an audible alarm will be generated
continuously (see 3.3.6). To avoid this, we advise to disable the bypass.
Changing of the output frequency can cause severe damage of equipment
connected to the appliance outputs of the UPS: Be sure that the new frequency is
suitable for the connected equipment!
: the bypass switch is
: the no-load shutdown is
: the output frequency is
GE DE NetPro 19" 600-1500: User manual 3.0 (GB)
GE Digital Energy
LED is
not active
not active
50 Hz
* = default



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