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Introduction; Safety Rules; Transport / Storage; Installation - GE 600 - 1500 VA User Manual

600 - 1500 va
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The General Electric (GE) Digital Energy NetPro 19" UPS, a truly on-line uninterruptible power supply,
protects your equipment from all forms of power interference, including complete power failures.

Safety Rules

RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK. The UPS contains batteries. The appliance
outlets may be electrically live, even when the UPS is disconnected from the mains.
The UPS contains potentially hazardous voltages. Do not open the UPS, there are no user
serviceable parts inside.
All maintenance and service work, except for replacement of the batteries, should be
performed by qualified service personnel.

Transport / Storage

No liability can be accepted for any transport damage when the equipment is shipped in non-
original packaging.
During transport the battery drawer must either be removed or fixed with two screws at the rear
side of the UPS (A, fig. 1).
Store the UPS in a dry location with the batteries in a fully charged state. Storage temperature
must be within -20 +45 C. If the unit is stored for a period exceeding 3 months, optimal battery
lifetime is obtained if the storage temperature does not exceed 25°C.
If the unit is stored for an extended period of time, the batteries must be recharged periodically.
Be sure that the battery drawer is connected to the UPS. Subsequently connect the unit to a wall
outlet and recharge the batteries for 24 hours:
if the storage temperature is within -20 and +30°C: every 3 months,
if the storage temperature is within -20 and +45°C: every month.
Please note that with completely discharged batteries the UPS will not start at all. External
charging or replacement of the batteries will be necessary.
The shipping box contains a NetPro 19" UPS, two IEC male-female power cords, a data cable, a CD
ROM and this manual. Inspect the UPS for damage after unpacking. If any damage is present please
immediately notify the carrier and place of purchase.
Before making any connection and switching on the NetPro 19" UPS, please check the following
your mains supply is 220 - 240 Volts and 50 Hz (if the mains frequency is 60Hz, the output
frequency of the UPS can be changed, see section 3.4), and
the total power demand of the connected equipment does not exceed the rated output power of
the NetPro 19" UPS (indicated on the rating label).
Connecting the UPS output to neutral or ground will result in a malfunctioning UPS.

Installation Rules

The UPS is intended to be used in normal domestic and office situations.
Protect the UPS, according to the wiring rules, with a 16A D-type fuse.
The UPS must be powered from a single phase grounded wall outlet. Do not use extension
Avoid locations that are excessively humid, near water, near heat sources or in direct sunlight.
The ambient temperature should not exceed 40 C. Optimal battery lifetime is obtained if the
ambient temperature does not exceed 30 C.
It is important that ventilation air can move freely around and through the unit. Do not block the air
Do not plug appliances such as electric heaters, toasters and vacuum cleaners into the UPS.
Be careful when connecting laser printers: be sure that the demanded power does not exceed the
capacity of the UPS.
The sum of the leakage currents of the UPS and the connected loads should not exceed 3.5mA.
1 - Introduction

2 - Installation

GE DE NetPro 19" 600-1500: User manual 3.0 (GB)
GE Digital Energy



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