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Optional Features; Extended Runtime (Netpro 19" 1000); Powerflag Service Box For Modem Connection; Maintenance - GE 600 - 1500 VA User Manual

600 - 1500 va
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Apart from the options described in 4.2 and 4.3 the following options are possible:

Extended Runtime (NetPro 19" 1000)

Extended runtime can be obtained by connecting a separate battery extension pack to the UPS. In this
case the UPS must be informed about the new total battery capacity to allow a reliable recalculation of the
available runtime (please contact your dealer). Dependent of the charge condition of the new batteries the
new runtime calculations may temporarily be unreliable.
The additional batteries increase the recharging time for the unit, all other operational information is the
same as for standard models. It is not allowed to connect an external charger to the UPS!

PowerFLAG SerVICe Box for Modem Connection

If you connect the PowerFLAG SerVICe Box between the communication port of the UPS and a modem,
a programmed number can be dialed in case of a UPS alarm. It also allows service personnel to dial in
and check the status of the UPS to perform remote diagnostics. This way service costs, specially in
remote areas, can be reduced considerably.


The UPS is virtually maintenance free: take care of proper environmental conditions and keep air
inlets/outlets free of dust. Please read 2.1.


The service life of the battery is from 3 to 6 years, depending on the operating temperature and on the
number of discharge cycles.
As a healthy battery is critical to the performance of the UPS, an automatic quick battery test is performed
regularly to ensure failsafe operation (see section 3.5). When the condition of the battery is critical, a
'replace battery' alarm will be activated (see 3.3.9). Replace the batteries as soon as possible. See 6.6.2.
NOTE: under certain circumstances a manual battery test can result in a false alarm: please see 3.5
'quick battery test'.

Battery replacement

first read the safety rules in section 1.2.
When replacing the batteries, use the same number and voltage(V)/capacity(Ah).
Proper disposal or recycling of the batteries is required. Refer to your local codes for disposal
Never dispose of batteries in a fire: they may explode.
Do not open or mutilate batteries: their contents (electrolyte) may be extremely toxic. If exposed to
electrolyte, wash immediately with plenty of water.
Avoid charging in a sealed container.
Never short circuit batteries. When working with batteries, remove watches, rings or other metal
objects, and only use insulated tools.
Battery replacement procedure: see next page

5 - Optional Features

6 - Maintenance

GE DE NetPro 19" 600-1500: User manual 3.0 (GB)
GE Digital Energy



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