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GE JGKC15H Use And Care Manual

Gas models.
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Use andCareof
Using theoven
Special careof
oven pll
Use theProblem Solver
YourDirect Lime
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TheGEAmwver G -W-I-77 L/'
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    Use andCareof gasmodels Features Using theoven Special careof continuous-cleaning Questions? Use theProblem Solver YourDirect Lime TheGEAmwver G -W-I-77 L/’ oven pll ($+’C : ~ G(7< &~L’ ‘-- , “.- ,“ L-2-,,2--/’...

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    Eln-ding, C YM3rt ... . =. m special Gu%d Cmthmws-(%aring Oven. . . H ~M=emdcleaning , , ..II-13 Chart ....14 Cleaning Solver..

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    If YouNeed Service eReacl 6 6 T he ProblemSolver>5 on page 15ofthisbook. @ Don’tattempt to repair or replaceany part of your oven unlessit is specifically recommendedin this book. All otherservicing shouldbe referred toa qualified technician. SAVE ‘. --- —...

  • Page 4

    (Standard Oven) Models JGKM5GEH JGKC15GEH(Continuous-CleaningOven) FeatureIndex MinuteTimer 2 AutomaticOvenTimer 3 DigitalElectricClock RadialElectricClock ovenblhts~itch Oven SetKnob OvenTemPKnob 1 8 OvenInterior L ight 9 Oven Shelves 10 Oven ShelfSupports 11 Removable OvenBottom 12 Removable OvenDoor 13 Removable BroilerCompartmentDoor I 14 BroilerPanand Rack...

  • Page 5

    , ither Minute Minder. a buzzer Turn unds to tell time is up. thekmob, w ithout p ushing in, until thepointerreachesOFF andthe buzzerstops. 7%6 clock JGKS15GEH &JGKC15GEH TosettheClock, pushtheknobin andturn the clockhandsto the rightto the correcttime.Thenlet the knobout andcontinueturning to OFF. Model JGKC16GEH...

  • Page 6

    C,4LJTION: DO N~ MAKEANY ATTEMPT’ TOOPERATETHE ELECTRICIGNITIONOVEN DURINGAN ELECTRICAL POWERFAILURE.Resumption ofelectricalpowerwhenOVEN TEMPcontrolis in anyposition otherthanOFF wiHresultin automaticignitionof the oven burnerand couldcausesevere burnsif, at thetime, youwere attempting to lightthe burnerwith a match. lb Lightthe Burner Oven Turnthe OVENTEMP knobto the desiredtemperature.The burner...

  • Page 7

    Mostbakingis doneon the second shelfposition(B)from the bottom. Whenbakingthreeor four items, ,l~c~Wu s helvespositionedon the secondand fourthsetsof supports (B& D) from bottomof oven. Bakeangelfoodcakeson firstshelf position(A) frombottomof oven. Baking Tips @ Followa testedrecipeand measurethe ingredientscarefully. If youare usinga packagemix, followlabeldirections.

  • Page 8

    One crust Glass or Satin-finish Metal Twocrust Glass or Satin-finish Metal Pastry shell Glass or Satin-finish Metal Miscellaneous Baked potatoes Set on Oven Shelf Scalloped dishes Glass or Metal Glass Souffles 2. D.trkor non-shinyfinishes,alsoglassand pyroceram, gcwrallyabsorbheatwhichmayresultin dry, crisp crusts.Reduceovenheat25°F.if lightercrustsare desired.Preheatcast ironfor bakingsomefoodsfor rapid...

  • Page 9

    325° Well Done: Step ~: Most meats continue to cook slightly while standing after being removed from the oven. For rare or medium internal doneness, if meat is to stand 10to 20 minutes while making gravy or for easier carving, you may wish to remove meat from ovenjust before it is done.If no standingis planned,...

  • Page 10

    L eavepan outside compartmentto cool. Tips ~ Broilingis usuallydone with oven and broilerdoorsclosed. I-lowcvm. if youlike your steaks very rare inside and charred on the outside, leave the oven door slightly ajar. Quantity imdlor Broil Position Food Thickness Bacon %-lb.

  • Page 11

    The special coating is a porous ceramic material which is darkin...

  • Page 12

    Removetheovenshelves. 2. Lift upwardon shelfsupports. Swingbottomof supportstoward centerof ovenandremove. 3. Removethe twoknurledhold- downscrewsat eachfrontcorner. If screwsare too tightto removeby hand, use a screwdriver.

  • Page 13

    Thelightbulb in yourmm is locatedinthe upperrightcorner. Reachin and unscrewit aftertaking precautions mentionedabove. Replaceit with a high-temperature appliance b ulbofthesamewattage. oven Thetemperaturecontrolinyour newovenhas beencarefully adjusted to provideaccuratetemperatures. However, i f thisovenhas replaced oneyouhaveusedfor severalyears, youmaynoticea differencein the degreeof browningor the length of timerequiredwhenusingyour favoriterecipes.Oventemperature...

  • Page 14

    *spillage of marinades, fmit juices, and basting materials containing acids may cause discoloration. Spillovers should be blotted up immediately, with care being taken not to touch any hot portion of the oven, When the surface is cool, clean and rinse.

  • Page 15

    DOES @ OVENTEMPknobnotsetat BROIL.BroilerwillnotoperateifCWEN F(3OD TEMPknobis turnedpastBROIL. BROIL PI?C)I?ERLY * Foodis beingcookedon hotpan. ~ Utensilsare not suitedfor broiling. ~OVEN SETknobnotsetonMJ7X). (MM whenusing Automatic O ven FOODDOESNOTROAST Timer. ORBAKEPROPERLY ~OW3N TEMPknobnotsetcorrectly. @ Shelfpositionis incorrect.CheckRoastingandBakingpages. @ Wrongcookwareis beingused. Whenroasting,pan is too small.

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    If you then have any questions about operating the product, please contact your dealer or our Consumer Affairs office at the address below or call, toll-free: The GE Answer Center@ 800.626.2000 consumer information service ~ Improper installation. If you have an installation problem, contact your dealer or installer.

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