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Network Parameters; Default Configuration; Reboot; Further Information - GE DIGITAL ENERGY 1018959 Installation Manual

Snmp / web adapter
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The SNMP/Web adapter connects to the network using the following parameters:
IP address
Subnet mask
The adapter can be configured to obtain these settings automatically using DHCP or BOOTP protocols,
or to use static addresses (manual configuration).

4.2.1 Default configuration

The SNMP/Web adapter comes with a pre-configured MAC address, with the following format:
The MAC address is written on a label sticker on the SNMP/Web adapter.
The factory default configuration for the SNMP/Web adapter is using DHCP. Assign the IP address to the
adapter MAC address in your DHCP server. Then reboot the adapter in order to have it retrieve the IP
address. The adapter is now accessible and configurable over the network.

4.2.2 Reboot

Every time the network settings are changed, these become effective only after a reboot. The adapter
can be rebooted:
Manually, pressing the reset button on the front of the adapter
Using the console interface (either serial connection or telnet) by injecting the reboot command
Using a web browser, selecting 'Reboot' in the menu


For more information, and in order to make full use of all advanced functionalities provided by the
SNMP/Web adapter, refer to the Operating Manual available on the CD-ROM
Modifications reserved
identifies the adapter on the network.
defines a range of addresses within the organisation.
the node used for connection to addresses outside the subnet.
00:12:93 identifies the manufacturer.
x:xx:xx is a unique code for every adapter.
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Installation Guide SNMP/Web Adapter


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