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HP Brocade 8/12c Release Note

Hp storageworks b-series data center fabric manager enterprise, professional plus, and professional 10.3.4 release notes
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HP StorageWorks
B-series Data Center Fabric Manager
Enterprise, Professional Plus, and
V10.3.4 Release Notes
Part Number: 5697-0436
Fifth edition: April 2010


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 HP StorageWorks B-series Data Center Fabric Manager Enterprise, Professional Plus, and Professional V10.3.4 Release Notes Part Number: 5697-0436 Fifth edition: April 2010...
  • Page 2 Legal and notice information © Copyright 2009-2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. © Copyright 2009-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Incorporated Microsoft® and Windows® are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: New Software Features

    Version 10.3.4 Description HP StorageWorks B-series Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM) is HP's next-generation fabric management application and the successor to its legacy fabric management application, HP StorageWorks Fabric Manager (FM). New hardware platforms DCFM 10.3.0 introduced support for the following new hardware platforms: HP StorageWorks 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch (earlier versions only supported Discovery for this switch) HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN Switch...
  • Page 4 Switch IPv4 address Switch IPv6 address Firmware version running in the switch Switch model Vendor name Virtual Fabric ID (VF ID) FCoE and Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) configuration management Basic Layer 2 configuration options CEE interface administration FCoE port Link Aggregation Group (LAG) Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) FCoE/CEE performance management Support for historical and real-time port statistics...
  • Page 5 Enhancements B-series OUI support enhancement In the first half of 2010, a new Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) began phasing into B-series platforms. DCFM 10.3.4 adds support for this OUI. For more information, see “New OUI support on B-series platforms” on page 11. LDAP enhancements The administrator/root user has an option to select one of the following conditions in which the DCFM Authentication falls back to the Secondary Authentication (Local DB):...
  • Page 6 Moves the port address and port index of ports on blades to new card After the swap is complete, enables all ports on the blades PDCM enhancements Now warns users when E-E and E-F port connections are prohibited Can provision the same PDCM updates to multiple switches Usability enhancement supports direct entry of row and column for allow/prohibit configuration.
  • Page 7: Other Enhancements

    Policy to allow users to control the number of zone database modifications: Set limits on the number of editing operations (such as add, remove, or modify) that the user can perform in zones, zone configurations, aliases, or on zone members before activation. Set policy by fabric because limits can vary (for example, disk limits can be different than tape limits) .
  • Page 8 Supported switches and firmware Table 1 lists switches and firmware families supported with this release. This does not imply that all firmware versions listed in the left column are still supported by HP, but rather that those are the firmware streams on which the corresponding switches are, or were, supported. It also does not imply that all the firmware listed streams are supported on each of the corresponding switches.
  • Page 9 Switch firmware Switch/Director FOS 5.0.x, 5.1.x, HP StorageWorks Encryption SAN Switch 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 6.0.x, HP StorageWorks DC04 SAN Director (Brocade DCX-4S) 6.1.x, 6.2.x, and HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director 16 Port 8Gb FC Blade (FC8-16) 6.3.x HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director 32 Port 8Gb FC Blade (FC8-32) HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director 48 Port 8Gb FC Blade (FC8-48) HP StorageWorks Multi-Protocol Router Blade (FR4-18i) HP StorageWorks DC SAN Director 6 Port 10Gb FC ISL Blade (FC10-6)
  • Page 10: Supported Operating Systems

    Supported operating systems Table 2 lists the operating systems that support DCFM 10.3.0. Table 2 Supported operating systems Operating system Versions Windows XP Professional SP2, SP3 (x86 32-bit) 2003 Server SP2 (x86 32-bit) Vista Business Edition (x86 32-bit) 2008 Server (x86 32-bit) Solaris 10 (SPARC platform) Linux...
  • Page 11: Important Notes

    Feature DCFM Professional DCFM Professional Plus DCFM Enterprise DC Director Switch MP Extension Blade Real time stats Historical stats DBMS (ODBC & JDBC) Partner software integration Role Based Access Control (RBAC) FICON DC SAN Backbone Director Real-time stats for GE ports. FC ports, E-E Monitors, and TopTalkers Historical stats for FC ports and E-E Monitors Important notes This section provides information that you should consider before using DCFM V10.3.x.
  • Page 12 IMPORTANT: If you have a switch with the new OUI/WWN in the fabric, do not downgrade DCFM to a version earlier than 10.3.4. DCFM versions earlier than 10.3.4 will show such switches as unmanaged. Default changed for Encrypt Existing Data feature When using DCFM 10.3.0 or later to configure LUNs, the default setting for the Encrypt Existing Data option has been changed to Disable from Enable.
  • Page 13 Event priority mismatch Error-level policies are occasionally triggered by warning-level events. Configdownload fails when the ALL parameter is selected If you run the configdownload command with the ALL parameter selected to download a configuration from one virtual switch to another virtual switch and the Fabric IDs do not match, the download will fail.
  • Page 14 Performance Data Aging tab has been removed from Server Management Console You cannot configure the Performance Data Aging settings in DCFM 10.1.4 or later. The tab has been removed from Server Management Console (SMC). The default configuration settings are as follows: 288 samples in a 5-minute period 144 samples in a 30-minute period...
  • Page 15 | Administrator). HP recommends that you select Configure for Intrepid 10k on the the Edit dialog, SNMPv3 tab. Migrating from DCFM 10.1.x to 10.3.x duration The complete migration process (from installing DCFM to discovering the switches) takes 35 minutes when migrating from 10.1.x to 10.3.x. The migration process takes a long time if the ftproot folder is larger than 7 GB.
  • Page 16 Error message appears when deleting a circuit While trying to delete a circuit, the following message appears and the delete operation fails: The Operation has Failed error: Failed to remove FCIP circuit. Error issuing delete to port. Removing from config database. It is recommended to reboot, to clean up active port config HP recommends that you reboot the switch, and then retry the operation.
  • Page 17 Connection between the Access Gateway and switches does not appear when F_Port trunking is enabled on the Access Gateway If a switch configured with F_Port trunking is connected to the Access Gateway, the F_Port trunk group icon does not appear in the Product Tree, and the connection between the switch and the Access Gateway is not displayed in the Topology.
  • Page 18 EOS to FOS switches Displaying logical switches Logical switches that are created through the Logical Switch dialog are displayed in the existing Logical Switches Panel > Undiscovered Logical Switch list. To ensure that logical switches display properly, discover the new logical fabric. Device Port update in Topology view In a Non-VF environment, a device port status update can take between 2 and 30 minutes (based on SAN size) to update in the GUI when all of the following conditions exist:...
  • Page 19: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions For information about installing DCFM 10.3.4, see the DCFM Migration and Transition Guide or the Data Center Fabric Manager Enterprise, Professional Plus, or Professional User Manuals. These documents can be downloaded from the following HP website: Under Support, click HP Support & Documents. Under Resources for HP StorageWorks B-series Data Center Fabric Manager Software, click Manuals, and then select the appropriate edition.
  • Page 20 To install DCFM Enterprise, Professional Plus, or Professional on a Linux server: Download and extract the tar.gz file from the following HP website: Under Support, click HP Support & Documents, and then click Download drivers and software. Under Select your product, select HP StorageWorks B-series Data Center Fabric Manager Enterprise Software.
  • Page 21: Installation Notes

    IMPORTANT: JRE V1.6.0_13 is required on the client machine. The remote client will not launch if the client machine has JRE V1.6.0_14 or later. To launch the DCFM Professional Plus or DCFM Enterprise client from a remote host: Open a browser window and enter the DCFM server host name or IP address in the Address box; for example: http://192.x.y.z/...
  • Page 22: Documentation Updates

    Click Windows Firewall Properties. The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security dialog box opens. Based on the Active Profile for your configuration, on the Inbound connections list, select Allow. Click OK to save the change. Users are able to launch the client to the server. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security supports separate profiles (sets of firewall and connection security rules) for computers that are members of a domain, or connected to a private or public network.
  • Page 23 DCFM 10.3.0 fixes Table 4 lists the defects that were closed for this release. Table 4 DCFM 10.3.0 closed defects Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 Workaround prior to this version: Configuration download fails for Fabric Watch parameters from DCFM, You can download using the All but message indicates success.
  • Page 24 Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 DCFM does not display newly configured tunnels. This makes it difficult Workaround prior to this version: to determine if the connection between tunnels for specific ports was Re-launch the client, and then launch successful.
  • Page 25 Closed defect summary Solution Event notif.Reply to and event policy from do not support Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 uppercase letters in the email address. Unable to launch the Element Manager to view or edit the configuration by clicking Modify in the Select Source Switch step for any switch Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 running Fabric OS later than V6.1.1.
  • Page 26 Closed defect summary Solution Attempting to save a zone configuration in a large fabric fails and the following error is returned:Failed to save zone config...zon- Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 ing aborted...Bad zone config An encryption event displays an unclear message: Wrong device type: should be tape, found disk.
  • Page 27 Closed defect summary Solution Occasionally, a large database fails to be imported in interopmode Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 0 and interopmode 2, resulting in a violation error. Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 Workaround prior to this version: Unable to activate, clear all, or delete a large zone database (1MB) Use WebTools or the CLI to perform when in interopmode 0.
  • Page 28 Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 If an FOS-based switch is used as a seed switch in an interop fabric Workaround prior to this version: with an Mi10K, and the Mi10K is discovered with an IPv6 address, Use an M-EOS based switch as the it cannot be managed by DCFM.
  • Page 29 Closed defect summary Solution When an M-EOS-based switch is used as a seed switch and is attached Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 to an FOS-based switch, the connected end devices are not accurately Workaround prior to this version: displayed in the Topology. The device attached to the FOS-based Use the FOS-based switch as the seed switch is shown without any connection, and the device attached to switch.
  • Page 30 Closed defect summary Solution The port count is not updated in the Properties dialog for the Mi10K Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 virtual switch. After denying and then allowing the Delete Permission in external FTP, Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 you cannot open the Technical Support window. With an Mi10K switch, Created VF ID is not reflected in the Virtual Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 Fabric Column of Virtual Switches dialog.
  • Page 31 Closed defect summary Solution On the Firmware Management dialog Download tab, the Overwrite Current Firmware check box is selected by default, but it should not Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 M-EOS-based switches should be filtered from the source list in the Replicate Switch Configuration dialog because they are not supported Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 for this function.
  • Page 32 Closed defect summary Solution Slot number does not show uniform values across the Port, Connection, Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 and Trunk Properties tables. Audit logs do not contain entries for FrameResizeState Enable/ Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 Disable when the CLI is used for configurations. A Communication failure with server error message appears on the DCFM client when the server is still running, and users cannot Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0...
  • Page 33 Closed defect summary Solution The About Dialog DCFM version information is different than the version Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 listed in SYR XML. Database server stopped updating and new clients are unable to log Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 In a large fabric, fabric deletion is very slow and CPU utilization is Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 very high.
  • Page 34 Closed defect summary Solution The I/O flow between the HP StorageWorks 2408 FCoE Converged Network Switch and connected storage does not appear in the Topo- Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 logy, incorrectly implying that there is no traffic flow between the two devices.
  • Page 35 Closed defect summary Solution A user-created view of a fabric causes other products to appear in the Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 Device List of the client Topology and Product Tree. A user FCIP management set to No Privilege can launch the Con- Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 figure >...
  • Page 36 Closed defect summary Solution Server Management Console (SMC) displays the Status of Services as Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 Unknown even after the services are restarted. Historical Performance Data Collection uses a lot of memory and when it is enabled and run for an extended period of time, client performance Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 is slow.
  • Page 37 Closed defect summary Solution An event count of Zero is incorrectly displayed in the count column Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 for User Action and Authentication events generated in the Master log. In the Alias dialog, clicking OK and Apply do nothing and the Aliases Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 configuration is not saved.
  • Page 38 Closed defect summary Solution FICON port swaps do not work with DCFM. Ports are missing from Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 the PDCM matrix after swapping the ports. If there is no data flow in the Top Talkers dialog, a blank table is dis- played instead of an informational message.
  • Page 39 Closed defect summary Solution Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 DCFM Professional is not completely uninstalled during an upgrade Workaround prior to this version: to DCFM Enterprise if the $ character is used in the login banner/server Do not use the $ character in the login name field.
  • Page 40 Closed defect summary Solution Repeated Failed to send Call Home error messages appear in Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 the Master log of DCFM 10.1.3 when Call Home is disabled. You cannot use RADIUS Authentication using Password Authentication Fixed in DCFM 10.3.0 Protocol (PAP).
  • Page 41 DCFM Professional does not include links for smart card drivers. Fixed in DCFM 10.3.1 SNMPv3 Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) authentication used in switch Fixed in DCFM 10.3.1 discovery fails, so the switch cannot be discovered with SNMPv3 SHA. Having both vendor and vendor Email options is not necessary, Fixed in DCFM 10.3.1 and is confusing.
  • Page 42 No ISL link is reflected in the Topology after performing a port disable Fixed in DCFM 10.3.1 and a port enable on the HP StorageWorks 2/128 SAN Director. After migrating to DCFM 10.3.0, WebTools is not launched for the Fixed in DCFM 10.3.1 switches in the SSL enabled server.
  • Page 43 DCFM 10.3.2 fixes Table 6 lists the defects that were closed for this release. Table 6 DCFM 10.3.2 fixes Closed defect summary Solution Virtual fabric enabled switches list an incorrect source name for the Fixed in DCFM 10.3.2 Master Log. The real-time performance graph does not reflect the actual data flow Fixed in DCFM 10.3.2 for 10GbE FCIP ports.
  • Page 44 Closed defect summary Solution M-EOS-based switches can be managed only by one DCFM server at a time. If two DCFM servers attempt to manage the same M-EOS fabric, and the fabric is then unmonitored in one of the DCFM servers to allow Fixed in DCFM 10.3.2 the other DCFM server can manage the fabric, a too many ses- sions error message appears, and that server still cannot gain man-...
  • Page 45 DCFM 10.3.3 fixes Table 7 lists the defects that were closed for this release. Table 7 DCFM 10.3.3 fixes Closed defect summary Solution Webtools does not launch from DCFM, and errors are reported. Fixed in DCFM 10.3.3 After making changes in the Advanced settings of the Edit FCIP Tunnel Fixed in DCFM 10.3.3 dialog, clicking OK does not save the changes.
  • Page 46: Effective Date

    DCFM 10.3.4 fixes Table 8 lists the defects that were closed for this release. Table 8 DCFM 10.3.4 fixes Closed defect summary Solution DCFM 10.3.3 or earlier report a switch with the new Brocade OUI Fixed in DCFM 10.3.4 implemented as an unmanaged switch. Fixed in DCFM 10.3.4 User-defined names for end devices disappear in the client, and blank Workaround prior to this version:...

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