Haier DW12-TFE1 series Operation Manual page 24

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Water remains inside appliance after programme has ended
Blockage or kind in drainage hose.
Pump is jammed.
Filters are blocked.
The programme is still running. Wait for the programme to end .
...during washing
Unusual amount of foam is creased
Normal washing up liquid has been poured into the rinse-aid container.
Remove any spilled rinse aid with a cloth as it could otherwise lead to excessive foaming during the
next washing cycle.
Appliance stops suddenly while washing is taking place
Cut off electricity supply to appliance.
Water supply has been interrupted.
Knocking sound can be heared while washing is taking place
A spray arm is knocking against the dishes inside the appliance.
Rattling sound can be heared while washing is taking place
Crockery has not been stacked properly inside the appliance.
Knocking sound coming from inlet valves
This is caused by the way the water pipes have been laid and it has no effect upon the way the
appliance functions. There is no remedy for this.
...with the dishes,cutlery, etc.
Remnants of food are stuck to the dishes, cutlery,etc.
Dishwasher was not loaded properly. Jets of water could not reach all parts of the dishes, ect.
Too many items in the rack.
Items in the rack were touching each other.
Not enough detergent was added to dispenser.
Selected wash programme was not intensive enough.
Rotation of spray arm was obstructed by dishes, etc.
N ozzles in spray arm are blokcked by remnants of food.
Filters are blocked.
Filters have been incorrectly fitted.
Waste-water pump is jammed.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents