Pyle PLR44MU Owner's Manual

Plr44mu manual 1.
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Mobile Audio System
 PLL Synthesizer Stereo Radio
 Automatic Memory Storing
 Full Detachable Panel
 Preset Equalization
 USB Interface
 SD/MMC Interface

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  • Page 1

    PLR44MU OWNER’S MANUAL Mobile Audio System  PLL Synthesizer Stereo Radio  Automatic Memory Storing  Full Detachable Panel  Preset Equalization  USB Interface  SD/MMC Interface

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Installation ........... 3 Take out screw before installation ..3 DIN Front-Mount (Method A) ....3 Installing the unit ....... 3 Removing the unit ......4 DIN Rear-Mount (Method B) ....5 Using the detachable front panel ..6 Wiring Connection ......

  • Page 3: Installation, Din Front-mount (method A), Installing The Unit

    INSTALLATION Notes:  Choose the mounting location where DIN FRONT-MOUNT (Method A) the unit will not interfere with the Installation Opening normal driving function of the driver. This unit can be installed in any dashboard Before finally installing unit,  having an opening as shown below: connect the wiring temporarily and make sure it is all connected up...

  • Page 4: Removing The Unit, Din Rear-mount (method B)

    INSTALLATION 6. Mount the sleeve by inserting the sleeve terminal to the dashboard. into the opening of the dashboard and Hex Nut Spring Washer bend open the tabs located around the Metal Strap sleeve with a screwdriver. Not all tabs Mounting Bolt will be able to make contact, so Plain Washer...

  • Page 5

    INSTALLATION fasten the unit to the factory radio mounting brackets supplied with your vehicle. Side View showing Screw Holes marked T, N Screw Factory Radio Mounting Bracket Screw Dashboard or Console To fasten the unit to the factory radio mounting brackets. Align the screw holes on the bracket with the screw holes on the unit, and then tighten the screws (5x5mm) on each side.

  • Page 6: Using The Detachable Front Panel

    USING THE DETACHABLE FRONT PANEL REMOVING THE FRONT PANEL Precautions when handling 1. Press the release button ( ) on the 1. Do not drop the front panel. front panel and pull off the front panel. 2. Do not put pressure on the display or control buttons when removing or installing the front panel.

  • Page 7: Wiring Connection


  • Page 8: Operation, Location Of Keys

    OPERATION LOCATION OF KEYS 15.5 DIR- (release button) 16.4 RDM 2.PWR 17.3 RPT 3.9/ 18.2 INT 4.7/MODE 19. 1 PAU 5. SEL/VOL 20. BAND/LOUD 6. AMS/SCH 21. MON 7.LOC 22.EQ 8.Reset button 23.8/ 9.LCD 24.MUT 10.SD/MMC interface 25.IR 11.USB interface 12.AUX IN 13.

  • Page 9: Switching On/off The Unit, Faceplate Release, Sound Adjustment, Loudness, Display Information, Liquid Crystal Display

    OPERATION SWITCHING ON/OFF THE UNIT EQUALIZATION Press PWR button (2) to turn on/off the Press EQ button (22) shortly to turn on unit. equalization function and to select desired audio mode. There are five kinds of mode FACEPLATE RELEASE as below: Press release button (1) to detach the →FLAT→POP M→ROCK→CLAS→EQ OFF...

  • Page 10: Selecting The Frequency Band, Selecting Station, Automatic Memory Storing Program Scanning, Station Storing

    OPERATION mode, the radio mode appears in the USB PLAY OPERATION display together with the memory band On the front panel of the unit, there is an and frequency. USB interface (11). You can connect an  SELECTING THE FREQUENCY BAND USB driver through this interface (11).

  • Page 11

    OPERATION SD/MMC interface, the unit will search the MP3 files or WMA files in the card and start to play automatically. The operation is the same with the USB play operation described above. If in other mode, you can also press MODE button (4) to select SD/MMC mode.

  • Page 12: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL HANDSET(OPTIONAL) FUNCTION KEY & CONTROL POWER Power ON/OFF Button MODE Mode Botton(S,T,U,7,For MP3/WMA Operation) TUNE/SKIP Tune/SKIP Down Button(V,W,X,8 For MP3/WMA Operation) 7/BND Band Select Button(When pressed shortly) Scanning Button(D,E,F,2 For MP3/WMA Operation) Pause Button (A,B,C,1 For MP3/WMA Operation) Shuffle Button (J, K, L 4 For MP3/WMA Operation) DIR▼...

  • Page 13: Specification

    SPECIFICATION GENERAL Power Supply Requirements : DC 12 Volts, Negative Ground Chassis Dimensions : 178 (W) x 107 (D) x 50 (H) Tone Controls Bass (at 100 Hz) : ±10 dB Treble (at 10 kHz) : ±10 dB Maximum Output Power Version V : 4x60 watts Current Drain...

  • Page 14: Trouble Shooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING Before going through the checklist, check wiring connection. If any of the problems persist after checklist has been made, consult your nearest service dealer. Symptom Cause Solution The car ignition switch is not No power If the power supply is connected to the car accessory circuits, but the engine is not moving, switch...

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