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Tools And Materials Needed For Installation; Parts Supplied For Installation; Parts That Must Be Ordered Separately Or Custom-Made - KitchenAid 4KSRF42DT Installation Instructions Manual

42” (1067 mm) built-in refrigerator
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Before you start...
Proper installation is your
responsibility. Make sure you have
everything necessary for correct
installation. it is the responsibility of
the installer to comply with the
installation specifications provided.
The built-in refrigerator weighs over
400 Ibs (181 kg). The floor must be
sturdy enough to support this weight
plus the additional weight of door
panels, food and ice.
Grounded electrical outlet is
required. See Electrical
Location of the built-in refrigerator
must permit the doors to open to
at least 90°.
Because of the weight and size of
the built-in refrigerator, two or more
people are needed to move and
safely install it.
Dimensions that are shown must
be used. Given dimensions provide
required 0" clearance.
One inch of space is required
between side of refrigerator and a
corner wall to allow the door to open
to at least a 90" angle.
It Is the customer's
To contact a qualified
electrical installer.
9 To assure that electrical
Is adequate and in
conformance wlth local
codes and ordinances.
Electrical Shock Hazard
Special care must be taken
when drilling holes into the
wall of the house. ElectrIcal
wlres may be concealed
behind wall coverlng.
Personal Injury Hazard
Because of the welght and
size of the bull+In
refrlgerator, two or more
people are needed to move
and safely Install It.
Most of the refrlgerator's
welght Is at the top. Extra
care Is needed when
movlng the refrlgerator to
prevent Upping.
Failure to do so could
result In personal Injury
Floor Damage
Keep cardboard shipplng piece
or plywood under refrlgerator
until It Is installed In operatlng
Failure to do so maycause
damage to floor covering.
Observe all
governing codes and
Failure to meet codes and
ordinances could lead to
fire or electrical shock
Tools and
materials needed
for installation:
Phllllps screwdrlver
5/16"(6 mm) and 3/4"
(19 mm) sockeI
and ratchet
l/4" (6 mm) copper
tubing cutler
eppllance dolly
116" (3 mm) Allen wrench
adjustable wrench
cardboard or plywood
6, #6, or larger wood
2, wood boards -
32" (613 mm) fong
(See page 7 for
1 - 3/8" (35 mm) open
wrench - front leveler
wrench set
3116" (5 mm)
and 114"
drill bits
shutoff valve
stud locator
l/4" (6 mm)
nut driver
Parts supplied for
top grille assembly
base grille
tube assembly
misc. parts bag
bin assembly
Remove parts from packages.
Check that ail parts were included.
Parts that must be
ordered separately
or custom-made:
Acrylic door panel kits
Three colors of acrylic door panel
kits are available from your
KitchenAid dealer: White, Black
and Almond. Each kit includes door
panels, top grille panels and handle
inserts. Follow kit instructions
to install panels and inserts.
Klt Numbers for Acrylic Panels
Custom door panels, handle
inserts and top grille panels
See page 4 for custom panel
dimensions and page 9, steps
9 -13 for installation.
Side panels
Check with your builder or installer
to see if you need side panels
that match your kitchen cabinets.
Side panels must be custom-made.
Side panel dimensions are given
on page 5.
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