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Craftsman 247.883951 Operator's Manual

28" snow thrower
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Model No. 247.883951
using this
read this manual
all safety
rules and operating
Sears Brands
IL 60179, U.S.A.
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Form I/o 769-08200B
(June 10,2013)



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.883951

  • Page 1 Operator's Manual CRRFr MRN 28" SNOW THROWER Model No. 247.883951 ,, SAFETY o ASSEMBLY OPERATION MAINTENANCE CAUTION" Before using this PARTS LIST product, read this manual o ESPANOL follow all safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A.
  • Page 2 Sears a uthorized service provider. With proofofpurchase, youwill receive a new chute freeofcharge. Y ou areresponsible for thelaborcostofinstallation andanycostincurred to verifythedefect. Forwarrantycoverage d etails to obtainrepair or replacement, This warrantycovers ONLY d efects in material a ndworkmanship. Warranty coverage d oesNOT include: •...
  • Page 3 Thissymbolpointsout importantsafety instructionswhich, if not Thismachinewasbuilt to beoperatedaccordingto the safeoperation followed, could endangerthe personalsafetyand/or property of practicesin this manual.Aswith anytype of powerequipment, yourself and others.Readandfollow all instructions in this manual carelessness o r error on the part of the operatorcanresultin seriousinjury. beforeattempting to operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these Thismachineiscapableof amputating fingers, hands,toesandfeet and instructions m ay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol, HEED...
  • Page 4: Operation

    To r educe fire hazards, keep machine free o fgrass, leaves, or other debris Use onlyattachments andaccessories approved bythe manufacturer ( e.g. build-up. Clean up oil o r fuel spillage and r emove any f uel soaked debris. wheelweights,tire chains,cabs etc.). Never store the machine or fuel container...
  • Page 5: Spark Arrestor

    Check fuelline,tank,cap,andfittings frequentlyfor cracks or leaks. R eplace if necessary. Donot crankenginewith sparkplug removed. According to the Consumer Products S afetyCommission ( CPSC) andthe U.S. E nvironmental Protection Agency (EPA), thisproducthasan Average Useful Life of seven (7)years, o r 60 hoursofoperation. A tthe endof the Average Useful Life havethe machine inspected annuallybyan authorized service dealerto ensure that all mechanical andsafetysystems areworkingproperly andnotwornexcessively.
  • Page 6: Safety Symbols

    SAFETY SYMBOLS Thispage depicts and describes safety symbols that may appear on this product. Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate. READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting to assemble operate WARNING--...
  • Page 7 This page left intentionally blank.
  • Page 8: Removing Fromcarton

    NOTE: References to rightor left sideofthe snowthroweraredetermined from behindthe unit in theoperatingposition(standing directlybehindthe snow thrower,facingthe handlepanel). Removing FromCarton Cutthe corners of the cartonandlaythe sides flat on theground.Remove anddiscard all packinginserts. Movethe snowthrowerout of the carton. Makecertainthe cartonhasbeencompletely emptiedbefore discarding it. Assembly Observe t he lowerrearareaof the snowthrowerto besurebothcables are alignedwith rollerguidesbeforepivotingthe handleupward.
  • Page 9: Top View

    Place chuteontochutebaseandensure chutecontrolrodispositioned under handlepanel.Installhexbolt previously removed but donot secure with wingnut at thistime.SeeFigure 4. TopView Squeeze t he triggeronthe handlepanel j oystickandrotatethe chuteby handto faceforward.Theholesinthe chutecontrolinputwill befacingup. SeeFigure 5. NOTE: The chutewill not rotatewithoutsqueezing the triggeronthe joystick. Rotatethejoysticktothe oneo'clock positionsothe sliverindicator arrowon the inputshaftbelowthe control p anelpointsupward.SeeFigure 6.
  • Page 10 Makesureall cables areroutedto the left of the chutecontrolrod.Lineup the holeinthe rodwith the arrowonthe inputshaftandinsertthe rodinto the inputshaftbelowjoystickon handle panel.SeeFigure 7. NOTE: Thechutecontrolrodwill fit snugglyintothe inputshaft.Support t he rearofthe dashpanel w ith onehandwhileinsertingthe rodwith yourother handto ensure the rodisinsertedall the wayinto the inputshaft. Nowpushthe chutecontrol r odbacktowardsthe handlepaneluntil the holeinthe rodlinesup with the holeinthe chutecontrolinputclosest t o the chutecontrol h ead.Insertthecotter pin.SeeFigure 8.
  • Page 11 Check thatall cables areproperly routedthroughthe cableguideonthe engine.SeeFigure 10. NOTE: Ifthe chutecontrolisnot assembled c orrectlyit will not movefreely norwill it movefully to the rightandleft. Set-Up Shear Pins Holes arelocated in the plastic dashpanel f or convenient shearpinstorage. S ee Figure 11.Refer t o the Operation sectionfor moreinformationregarding shearpin replacement.
  • Page 12 ChuteClean-Out Tool Achuteclean-out t ool isfastened to the top ofthe augerhousing with amounting clip.SeeFigure 12.Thetoolisdesigned to clearachuteassembly o f iceand snow. T hisitemisfastened with acabletie at the factory.Cutthe cable tie before operatingthesnowthrower. Neveruseyour handsto clearaclogged chuteassembly.Shutoff engine and remainbehind handles until all movingpartshavestoppedbefore usingthe clean-outtool to clearthe chuteassembly.
  • Page 13 Adjustments Skid Shoes Thesnowthrowerskidshoes areadjustedupwardat the factoryforshipping Smooth Surface purposes. Adjustthemdownward, i f desired, p riorto operatingthe snowthrower. it is notrecommended t hat you operatethis snowthrower on gravelas it caneasilypickup andthrowloosegravel,causing personalinjuryor damageto the snow thrower andsurroundingproperty. Forclose snowremoval o n asmoothsurface, r aiseskidshoes higheronthe augerhousing.Refer t o Figure 15.
  • Page 14: Drift Cutters

    Thedrift cuttersaredesigned for useindeepsnow.Theiruseisoptional f or normal snowconditions. M aneuver the snowthrowersothatthe cutterspenetrate a high standingsnowdrift to assist s nowfallinginto the augers forthrowing. MeetsANSi S afetyStandards Craftsman S nowThrowers c onformto thesafetystandard of the American National S tandards I nstitute(ANSI).
  • Page 15 Throttlecontrol DriveControl/Auger Control Lock DRIVE CONTROL Thethrottlecontrolislocatedonthe rearofthe engine.It regulates the speed ofthe engineandwill shutoffthe enginewhen moved into the STOP p osition. Primer Depressing t he primerforces fueldirectlyintothe engine's carburetor t o aid incold-weather s tarting. Electric Starter Button Pressing t he electricstarterbuttonengages t he engine'selectricstarterwhen Thedrivecontrolislocatedonthe right handle.
  • Page 16: Clean-Outtool

    Clean-OutTool Donot overfill the fueltank.Afterrefueling,makesurethe tankcapisclosed properly andsecurely. Becareful n ot to spillfuelwhen refueling.Spilled fuel orfuel vapormay ignite.If anyfuel isspilled,makesurethe areaisdry before startingthe Neveruseyour handsto clearaclogged chuteassembly.Shutoff engine engine. and remainbehindhandles until all movingparts havestopped before usingthe clean-out t ool to clearthe chuteassembly. Avoidrepeatedor prolonged contactwith skinor breathingofvapor.
  • Page 17: Stopping The Engine

    ToEngageDrive Movethrottle control t o FAST ( rabbit)_Jl_ _ position. 3 Move choke to the C HOKE I,'I pos t on co,d eng nestart),fengine s With the throttlecontrolinthe Fast ( rabbit)_ _1 position,moveshift lever into oneof the sixforward(F)positions or two reverse (R)positions. S elect a warm,place chokein RUN position.
  • Page 18: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Followthe maintenance s chedule givenbelow.Thischartdescribes s ervice guidelines only.Use the Service Logcolumn to keeptrackofcompleted maintenance t asks.Tolocatethe nearest S ears Service C enter o r to schedule service, Beforeperforming any type of maintenance/service, d isengageall controls andstop the engine.Wait until all moving partshavecometo a complete simplycontactSears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME ®.
  • Page 19 Refillwith the recommended o il andcheck the oil level. S eeRecommended OilUsage chart.Theengine's oil capacityis37ounces. (oF)-40o-20 o 0o 200 400 Oil Drain (oc) -30° -20° -10 ° 0° Plug DO NOT use nondetergentoil or 2-strokeengine oil. It couldshorten the engine'sservicelife. Reinstall the oil filler cap/dipstick securely.
  • Page 20 Lubrication "I GearShaft Thegear(hex)shaftshouldbelubricated at leastonceaseason or after every25 hoursof operation. Topreventspillage, r emove all fuel fromtank byrunningengineuntil it stops. Carefully pivotthe snowthrowerupandforwardsothat it restsonthe auger housing. Remove t he lowerframecoverfrom the underside of the snowthrowerby removing the self-tapping screws whichsecure it. Applya lightcoatingof engineoil (or3-in-1oil) to the hexshaft.SeeFigure NOTE: Whenlubricating the hexshaft,becareful n ot to get anyoil onthe aluminum driveplateor rubberfrictionwheel.Doing sowill hinderthe snowthrower'sdrive...
  • Page 21 Adjustments Shift Cable If the full rangeof speeds (forwardandreverse) c annotbeachieved, referto the figureto the fight andadjusttheshift cableasfollows: Place the shift leverinthe fastestforwardspeed position(F6). Loosen the hex nut onthe shift cableindexbracket. S eeFigure 26. Pivotthe bracket d ownwardtotake upslackinthe cable. Retighten the hexnut.
  • Page 22: Auger Control

    Auger Control Referto theAssembly sectionforinstructions on adjustingtheaugercontrol c able. Skid Shoes Referto theAssembly sectionforinstructions on adjustingtheskidshoes. 8eR Replacement Auger Belt Toremove andreplace yoursnowthrower'saugerbelt, proceed asfollows: Topreventspillage, r emove all fuel fromtank byrunningengineuntil it stops. Remove t he plasticbelt coveronthe front of the enginebyremoving thetwo self-tapping screws.
  • Page 23 Loosen andremove the shoulder screw whichactsasabelt keeper. R efer t o Figure 32. Remove t he belt fromaroundthe augerpulley,andslipthe belt betweenthe supportbracket a ndtheaugerpulley.SeeFigure 33. NOTE: Engaging t he augercontrol w ill easeremoval a ndreinstallation of the belt. Reassemble augerbeltbyfollowing instructions inreverse order. flOTE: D oNOT forgetto reinstallthe shoulder s crewandreconnect t hespring to the frameafterinstallingareplacement augerbelt.
  • Page 24 If the snowthrowerwill not beusedfor 30daysor longer, o r if it is theendof thesnowseason whenthe lastpossibility of snowisgone,the equipmentneeds to bestored properly.Follow storageinstructions belowto ensuretop performance f rom thesnowthrowerformanymoreyears. PreparingEngine PreparingSnowThrower Engines s toredover30daysneedto bedrained of fuel to prevent d eterioration and Whenstoringthe snowthrowerin anunventilated or metalstorage shed, gumfromforminginfuel system or on essential c arburetor p arts.If thegasoline in careshouldbetakento rustproof t he equipment.
  • Page 26: Need More Help

    Disconnect the sparkplug wireandgroundit againstthe engine to prevent unintended starting. Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all controls andstop the engine.Wait until aHmovingparts havecometo a completestop.Alwayswear safetyglasses duringoperation or while performing any adjustmentsor repairs. This section addresses minor service i ssues. Tolocate the nearest Sears Service Center o rto schedule service, simply contact Sears at 1-800-4-MY=HOMP. Engine fails to start Choke control not in CHOKE position.
  • Page 27 Unit fails to discharge snow 1. Chute assembly clogged. 1. Stop engine immediately and disconnect spark plug wire. Clean chute assembly and inside of auger housing with clean-out tool or a stick. 2. Foreign object lodged in auger. 2. Stop engine immediately and disconnect spark plug wire.
  • Page 28 Craftsman SnowThrower Model 247.883951 --48 39/ _(...
  • Page 29 Craftsman SnowThrower Model 247.883951 684-04107-4044 731-2635 Snow Removal Tool Mount Spiral Assembly, 684-04108-4044 684-04057A-0637 Spiral Assembly, Impeller Assembly, 12" Dia. 731-04870 710-0347 Hex Screw, 3/8-16, 1.75, Gr5 Spacer, 1.25 OD x .75 ID x 1.00 736-0188 710-0451 Washer, Flat, .76 x 1.49 x .06 Bolt, Carriage, 5/16-18, .750 Grl...
  • Page 30 Craftsman SnowThrower Model 247.883951...
  • Page 31 Craftsman SnowThrower Model 247.883951 984-04338A 4-Way Chute Control Assembly 710-04187 Hi-Lo Screw, 1/4-15 x 0.5 715-0150 Roll Pin 747-05116 Chute Rod 710-04370 Hex Screw, 1/4-20 x 3.00 738-04367 Flange Shoulder Screw 918-04801A 4-Way Chute Gearbox Assembly 736-04446 Flat Washer, .25 x .630 x .0515...
  • Page 32 Craftsman SnowThrower Model 247.883951 61.-'_...
  • Page 33 Craftsman SnowThrowerModel 247.883951 684-o4112c 749-04191A-0637 Handle Engagement Ass'y RH Upper Handle LH 732-04238 710-04326 Torsion Spring Screw, #8-16 x 0.50 731-04894D Lock Plate 732-04219C Clutch Lock Spring 684-04250 Pivot Rod 738-04126 Pin, 3/16 935-0199A 716-04036 Rubber Bumper Retainer Ring 710-3069 Screw, 1/4-20 x .500...
  • Page 34 Craftsman Snow Thrower Model 247.883951 14 l...
  • Page 35 Craftsman SnowThrower Model 247.883951 738-04184A Shoulder Screw 735-04099 Plug, 3/8 ID 711-1268B Actuator Shaft 790-00316-0691 Frame Cover 946-05067 Drive Clutch Cable 656-04055 Friction Wheel Disc Assembly 918-06072 732-04345 Extension Spring Drive Shaft Assembly 684-04153C 790-00207C Drive Clutch Cable Guide Bracket...
  • Page 36 Craftsman Engine Model478-SUBForSnowModel 247.883951 710-04915 Bolt, M6x12 951-11194 Muffler Shield 710-04915 Bolt M6x12 951-10757 Throttle Control Knob 951-11594 Control Panel 731-05632 951-10637 Key Switch Assembly 951-11302 Choke Knob 710-04914 Bolt M6xlO 951-11181 Exhaust Pipe Shield 951-11227 Carb Isolator Bracket 710-04968...
  • Page 37 Craftsman Engine Model 478-SUBForSnow Model 247.883951 133-- o1139 13o7 o 140--_ 140_ 145- Carburetor Kit Idle Jet Rivet 710-04963 Stud M6-8x104 951-11225 Carburetor Insulator Gasket Idle Jet Assembly 951-11222 Carburetor Insulator Idle Speed Adjusting Screw 951-11223 Carburetor Gasket Primer Pipe...
  • Page 38 Craftsman Engine Model478-SUBForSnowModel 247.883951 142- Gasket Kit- Complete 144- Complete Engine...
  • Page 39 Craftsman Engine Model 478-SUBForSnow Model 247.883951 ID _ ID _ 710-04971 Bolt M8x38 951-12066 Connecting Rod Assembly 951-12043 Piston 710-04972 Bolt M8x45 951 -I 1632 710-05052 Bolt M8x35 Piston Pin Snap Ring 951-12044 Piston Pin 710-04968 Bolt M6x16 951-11320 951-12387...
  • Page 40 Craftsman Engine Model478-SUBForSnowModel 247.883951 143- 6asker Kit- External 142- GasketKit- Complete 144- Complete Engine...
  • Page 41 Craftsman Engine Mode[ 478-SUBForSnow Mode[ 247.883951 951-11198 Valve Kit 951-11962 Tappet 951-11199 Push Rod Kit 951-11226 Cylinder Head Kit (Inc1.107,111,112,125) 951-11188 Cylinder Head Assembly (Inc1.101,102, 105,107, 109-122,124,129-132) 715-04097 Dowel Pin 12x20 951-12076 Gasket, Cylinder Head 951-10292 Spark Plug/F6Rtc 951-11212 Exhaust Pipe Gasket 710-04964 Stud M8x48.5...
  • Page 42 Craftsman Engine Model478-SUBForSnowModel 247.883951 _'-99 710-04965 Bolt M4x55 951-11217 Cooling 951-11218 951-11196 Electric Starter Starter Cup 712-04220 710-04967 Bolt M8x55 Nut, Special, M16x1.5 951-11498 710-04968 Bolt M6x16 Ignition Coil Assembly 951-11197 710-04915 Bolt M6x12 Ignition Coil Bolt 951-12553 951-11379 Alternator...
  • Page 43 Craftsman Engine Model 478-SUBForSnow Model 247.883951 3A 32 ID - 951-12533 951-11700 Fuel Cap Assembly Fuel Hose Clamp 710-04921 Bolt M8x14 951-11933 Fuel Level Indicator 951-11182 710-04970 Bolt M8x20 Gas Tank Support Bracket 750-05312 712-04212 Nut M6 Bushing 750-05313 710-04908...
  • Page 44 Craftsman SnowThrower ModeJ247.883951 777S32636 • " _ 1001 LflO-NV]lO • "IVflNVW S,UO/VU3dO QV3U "G "S30V_UflS 13AV_O NO9NI/VU3dO N3HM NOIlflVO VULX33$fl "S930NVIS19 LV 399VHOSIQ 10391093A]N 'S31HflrNI S103r80 NMOUHI OIOAV Ol "_ '3NIHOVVJ ONIOIAH3S HO ONIOOO1ONfl 390J38 03ddOIS 3AVH 81_JVd ONIAOI_ IIV IIINNS310NVH QNIH38 NIVW3H ONV ']NION3 dOIS '893A31 901nlo 30VON3810"_...
  • Page 45: Owner's Warranty Responsibilities

    FEDERAL and/or CALIFORNIA EMISSION CONTROL W ARRANTY STATEMENT YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS ANDOBLIGATIONS MTD Consumer Group Inc, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and for those products certified for sale in the state of California, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are pleased to explain the emission (evaporative and/or exhaust) control...
  • Page 46: Warranted Parts

    10. Add-on o rmodified parts t hatare not e xempted bythe AirResources Board m ay not b eused. The use ofany non-exempted add-on o r modified parts b ytheultimate purchaser willbegrounds fordisallowing awarranty claims. MTD Consumer Group I nc willnotbeliable t o warrant failures ofwarranted parts c aused bytheuse ofanon-exempted add-on o rmodified part.
  • Page 47 Congratulations onmakingasmartpurchase. YournewCraftsman ®productisdesigned andmanufactured f or yearsof dependable operation. B utlikeall products, i t mayrequire repairfromtime to time.That'swhenhaving a Repair P rotection Agreement c ansave youmoneyandaggravation. Here'swhat the Repair ProtectionAgreement _ includes: 10,000 [] Expertservice byour professional repairspecialists [] Unlimitedservice and nocharge for partsandlaboronallcovered repairs [] Productreplacementupto $1500 if yourcovered productcan'tbefixed [] Discount o f 25%from regular priceof service andrelatedinstalled p artsnot covered bythe agreement;...
  • Page 48 Para obtener i nformaci6n sobre elalcance dela garantia y solicitar l a reparaci6n o elreemplazo, visiteel sitioWeb: w Esta garantia cubre I]NICAMENTE losdefectos enlosmateriales y enla manodeobra.Esta garantia NOcubre:...
  • Page 49 Lapresendadeeste simboloindicaquesetrata de instrucdones Estam_iquina rue construidapara setoperadadeacuerdoconJas regJas importantes de seguridadquesedebenrespetarparaevitar poneren de seguridadcontenidas en estemanual.AI igualqueconcualquiertipo peligro suseguridadpersonaly/o materialy Jade otras personas.Leay siga de equipo motorizado,un descuidoo error por partedel operador puede todaslasinstrucdonesde este manualantesde poneren fundonamiento produdr lesionesgraves.Estam_iquinaescapazde amputar manosy pies esta m_iquina.
  • Page 50 Manejo seguro de la gasolina Nunca operelam_quina sifalta un montajedelcanal o sielmismoest_ daffado. M antenga todoslosdispositivos d eseguridad ensulugaryen Para evitarlesiones personales o daffos materiales tengamuchocuidado cuando funcionamlento. trabajecongasolina. L agasolina essumamente inflamableysusvapores pueden causar e xplosiones. Sisederrama gasolina encima osobrelaropasepuedelesionar Nunca endendaelmotorenespados c errados oenunazonaconpoca gravemente yaquesepuedeincendiar.L_ivese lapiely c_imbiese d eropade ventilad6n.Elescape d el motorcontienemon6xido de carbono, u ngas...
  • Page 51: Mantenimiento Y Almacenamiento

    Para encender e [ motor, j alede [acuerda lentamente h astaquesienta Segt]nlaComisi6n d e Seguddad deProductos paraelConsumidor delos resistencia, [uegoja[er_pidamente. E l r epliegue r_pidode[acuerda de Estados U nidos (CPSC) y laAgendadeProtecd6n Ambiental d elosEstados arranque (tensi6n de retroceso) lejalar_lamanoy elbrazohacia el motor Unidos (EPA), esteproducto tieneunavidatitil mediade siete(7)afros, 6 m_sr_pidode[oqueustedpuedesoltar.Bresu[tado pueden serhuesos 60 horas de funcionamiento.
  • Page 52 S|MBOLOS DE SEGURIDAD Esta p_gina describe los simbolosy figuras de seguridad internacionales que pueden aparecer en este producto. Lea el manual del operador para obtener la informad6n terminada sobre seguridad, reunirse, operad6n y mantenimiento y reparaci6n. LEA EL MANUAL DEL OPERADOR (S) Lea, entienda, y siga todas las instrucciones en el manual (es) antes de intentar reunirse y funcionar.
  • Page 53 NOTA: lasreferencias a lladoderecho o y ciertosdela m_quina quitanievese determinan desde laparteposterior d e launidadenposicJdn d e operaci6n (permaneciendo directamente detr_sdela m_quina quitanieve, m irandohacia el t Cabezal deControl del paneldelamanija). Canal Extracci6n de ia Unidadde ia (aja M6nsula de ..
  • Page 54 Ubique e l canal sobre labase delmismo y garantizar lavarllla hexagonal Cabezal de est_ situado bajo elpanel manejar. Instalar elperno hexagonal previamente Vista desdeArriba" eliminado, pero noseguro c on tuerca demariposa eneste momento. Vea la Figura 4 . Apriete e ldisparador enlapalanca d econtrol ygire elcanal m anualmente para quemire hada delante.
  • Page 55 Insertelavafillahexagonal dentrodelengranaje delpi_6npordebajode la palanca de control.Asegurese d ealinearelorifido en lavarillahexagonal conlaflechaenelengranaje del pi_6n.VealaFigura 7. flOT.4: E lofificioesunareferencia paraalinearlavafillaconlaflecha indicadora enel engranaje del pi_6n. Empuje lavafillahacia elpanelde control h astaqueelorifido en lavarilla hexagonal sealineeconelorifido en laentrada de control d elcanal I o m_s cerca posibledelcabezal d e control d elcanal e inserte el pasador d echaveta.
  • Page 56 f" (ontrole quetodosloscables est_nadecuadamente dirigidos a trav_s dela gufadecables enel motor.YealaFigura 10. NOTA: Param_ssuave funcionamiento, loscables debenestaralaizquierda delavarillahexagonal. Configuraci6n Pasadorde cuchilla Enelpaneldeinstrumentos de pl_stico hayorificiosparaelalmacenamiento conveniente d elpasador d ecuchilla. Y ealafigura11.(onsultelasedondeservicio y mantenimiento param_sinformaci6n encuantoelreemplazo delpasador d e cuchilla. Figura10 Figura 11...
  • Page 57 fferramienta de Limpiezadel Canal Hayuna herramienta delimpiezadelcanal iajustada alapartesuperior d e lacaja de labarrenaconun pasador d eensamblado. VealaFigura 12.Laherramienta est_ diseffada paralimpiarelhieloy [a nieve del montajede uncanal.Este productose sujetamediante unauni6ndecableen laf_brka. Cortelauni6ndecableantesde operarlam_quina quitanieve. Nuncausesusmanospara liberarun montajede canaltapado. Apague el motory permanezca detr_sde lasmanijashastaquetodaslaspartes m6viles sehayandetenido antesde utilizar la herramientade limpieza para limpiar el montaje del canal.
  • Page 58 Ajustes Zapatas antideslizantes Laszapatas antidesNzantes de [am_quina quitanieve seajustanparaarribaen Superficie lisa f_brkaparae[envfo.Si[odesea, p uede ajustar[as hadaabajoantesdehater fundonar[am_quina quitanieve. Noserecomiendaqueopereesta m_quinaquitanievesobregrava,yaque esposib[eque[a m_quinaquitanievetome [agravasue[tay [a barrena [aexpu[se,[ocua[ podrfacausar[esionespersona[es o daffar[a m_quina quitanieve. Sidesea quitar nievea[rasde[sue[o, e [evem_s[aszapatas antidesNzantes en [acajade[abarrena. R efi_rase a [aFigura 15. Use[asposkiones mediao bajacuando [asuperfidequedesee Nmp[ar s ea despareja, comouncam[nodegrava.
  • Page 59 Palanca de Cambios Control de Transmisi6n Control del canal de 4 direcciones Barrena Fa ro Tap6n de combustible -Rueda que Conduce Mando Montaje del canal Cortadores Movimiento Manija del arrancador Llendo d, Silenciador de retroceso aceite Herramienta _ieza Cebador Caja de I_ barrena Control del cebador...
  • Page 60 Control de ia Transmisi6n/Control d e ia Barrena de Control dei Regulador Cerradura CONTROL DE LA TRANSMISION Elcontrol d el regulador e st_ubicado en lapartetrasera delmotor.Regula la velocidad delmotor,y Io apaga cuando seIocoloca enlaposid6nSTOP ( detend6n). Cebador AIpresionar e lcebador s eenviacombustible directamente alcarburador d elmotorparaayudaral encendido cuando elclimaesfrio.
  • Page 61: Antesde Encender El Motor

    Gasoiina Herramientade Limpieza Utilice gasolina paraautom6viles (sinplomoo conbajocontenido deplomopara minimizarlosdep6sitos e nlac_mara decombusti6n) conun octanaje minimode87. Se puedeusargasolina conhastaun 10%deetanolo un 15%deMTBE (_termetilico Nuncausesusmanospara[iberarun montajedecanaltapado. Antes de terciario-butilico). N unca useunamezcladeaceitey gasolina ni gasolina sucia.Evite destaparJo, apagueeJmotor y permanezca detr_sdelasmanijashastaque queseintroduzca suciedad, polvooaguaeneltanquedecombustible.
  • Page 62 Arrancador E l ctrko Mueva lapalanca de control d el regulador a laposid6nFAST ( r_pido, representada p orunaliebreqJ_I ). I,"1 Muevalapalancadelcebadorhastalaposki6nCHOKE (encendidocon ElarrancadoreJ_ctrico est_ equipadocon un enchufede tresterminaies el motorenfr[o).Si e l motoryaest_caliente, u biqueelcebador e nlaposid6n conectadosatierra y est_diseffadoparaoperar concorriente dom_stica OFF.
  • Page 63: Programa De Mantenimiento

    PROGRAMA D EMANTENIMIENTO Siga elcronograma d e mantenJmiento quesepresenta a continuaci6n. Esta tabla s61o describe pautas de servkio.UtilicelacolumnaRegistro d e Servicio parahacerel Antesde realizar cualquiertipo del mantenimiento/servicio,suelte seguimiento delastareas de mantenimiento completadas. Para ubicarelCentro de todos losmandosy pare elmotor. Espere h astaquetodaslaspartesde Servicio Sears m_scercano o paraprogramar u nservicio, s implemente comun[quese conSears altel_fono1-800-4-MY-HOME ®.
  • Page 64 CambiodeAceitedel Motor NOTA: Cambie elaceitedespu#s d elas5 primeras horas deoperaci6n y despu#s d e cada50horasdeoperacidn o unavezportemporada. Vacie elcombustible deltanquehaciendo fundonarel motorhastaqueel tanquede combustible est#vac[o.Cerddrese de quelatapadelcombustible est_asegurada. Coloque unrecipiente adecuado p ararecolectar e laceitebajoeltapdnde drenaje deaceite. Retireeltapdndedrenaje deaceite. V ealaFigura 19. Inclinelaunidadparadrenarelaceiteenelrecipiente.
  • Page 65 Midalaseparaci6n d ebujiaconuncalibrador. C orrija de sernecesario torciendo elelectrodo lateral.Veala Figura 21.Laseparaci6n d ebe establecerse entre0,02y 0,03pulgadas (0,60-0,80 mm). Verifique quelaarandela delabujiaest_en buenas condlclones y enr6squela Electrodo manualmente paranoestropear l arosca. Unavezquelabujiaest_colocada, apri_tela conunallaveparacomprimirla arandela. NOTA: Cuando instale unabujianueva, u navezcolocada labujiaaprieteI/2 vuelta paracomprimirlaarandela.
  • Page 66 Para retirar l aszapatas antideslizantes: Quite loscuatro pernos delcarro, a randelas, ylastuercas debrida hexagonales quelosaseguran ala m_quina quitanieve. Monte lasnuevas zapatas antideslizantes concuatros pernos d ecarro (dos en cada lado), arandelas, y las tuercas debrida hexagonales. Consulte la Figura Para retirarlaplacade raspado: Quitelospernosdecarroy lastuercashexagonales quelasujetan alacajade lam_quina quitanieve.
  • Page 67: Reemplazode La Correa

    Varillade controldel canal Para lograrunamayorengagment varillahexagonal enelpiff6ndeariesenel marcodelpaneldemanejar, e snecesario a justarlavarillade control d elcanal. Para ajustarestevarilla,proceda de lasiguiente manera: Retireelpasador d e chaveta delorificio m4scercano alconjuntodelcanal sobre el montajede rotaci6n del canal. V ealaFigura 27. Retirelavariilade control d elcanalhastaqueelorificio deiamismasealinee conelsegundo orificioenel montajederotaci6ndelcanal.
  • Page 68 5aquelacubiertadelmarcodesde debajo de lam_quina quitanieve retirandoloscuatrotornillosautorroscantes quelaaseguran. VealaFigura Aflojey retireeltornilloconrebordequeactuacomoguardadelacorrea. VealaFigura 31. Retirelacorrea dealrededor d e lapoleade labarrenay deslice lamisma entrelam6nsula desoporte y lapoleade labarrena. V eala Figura 32. NO@:Mantener elcontrol d e labarrena vaafacilitarel desmontaje y reinstalaci6n d e lacorrea. Para realizar elreensamblado delacorrea d elabarrena s iga lasinstrucdones enorden inverso.
  • Page 69 Inspecci6n de ia Ruedade Fricci6n Sllam_quina quitanievenoseacdonacuando elcontroldelatransmisi6n est_ engranado, y sialrealizarelajustedelcablede control d elatransmisi6n que aparece elproblema no secorrige, t al vezsedebareemplazar [ aruedadefricd6n. Examine [agomade suruedadefricd6nen busca designos de desgaste ogrietasy reemplace ruedasiesnecesario. flO@-Varios componentes d ebenserretirados y serequieren herramientas espedales p arareemplazar [aruedaestam_quina quitanievefricci6n.
  • Page 70 Sinosevaa uti[izaelequipodurante30d{as o m_s,o sieselfinal de[atemporada denievey yano existeposibilidad dequenieve,esnecesario a lmacenar e lequipode manera adecuada. Siga [asinstrucdones d e a[macenamiento queseindicanacontinuaddnparagarantizare[rendimiento m_ximo de [am_quina quitanieve durante muchos afros. Preparad6ndel Motor Preparad6nde ia M quina Quitanieve Losmotores quesealmacenan durantem_sde30diasnecesitan serdrenados Cuando a lmacene lam_qulna qultanleve en ungalp6ndedep6sitomet_lico decombustible paraevitarquesedeterioren y seformegomaenelsistemade o conpocaventilaci6n, t engaespecial c uidado derealizarleuntratamiento...
  • Page 71 Antesde realizarcualquiertipo del mantenimiento/servicio,suelte todoslosmandosy pare el motor. Espere h astaquetodas laspartesde movimiento hayanvenidoa unaparadacompleta. D esconecte el alambre de bujia yb_selocontrael motor para prevenir elcomienzoinvoluntario. Siemprellevepuestoscristalesinastillables d urante laoperaci6no realizando cualquierajusteo reparaciones. Estasecd6nseocupa de cuestiones de menor importanda del servido. ParaIocaiizarel m_scercano Centro de Servkio Sears,o para programar un servido,simplemente p6ngaseen contactocon Searsal 1-800-4-MY-HOME % El motor no arranca I.
  • Page 72 P@dida de potencia 1. El cable de la bujia est_ flojo. 1. Conecte y ajuste el cable de la bujia. 2. El orificio de ventilaci6n del tap6n de Ilenado 2. Retire el hielo y la nieve del tap6n de Ilenado del combustible est_ obstruido.
  • Page 73 DECLARACI6N F EDERAL y/o DECALiFORNiA SOBRE GARANTiAS ENELCONTROL D EEMISIONES SUSDERECHOS Y OBLIGACIONES ENCUANTO A LAGARANTiA MTD Consumer Group Inc, la Agencia de Proteccidn Medioambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA), y para aquellos productos certificados para su venta en el estado de California, el Departamento de los Recursos del Aire de California (CARB) se complacen...
  • Page 74 6. El p ropietario del m otor deequipos deexteriores nodeber_ pagar eltrabajo d ediagndstico directamente asociado con una pieza garantizada defectuosa enrelaci6n conlas emisiones, siempre ycuando dicho t rabajo d ediagn6stico se realice enuncentro c ubierto pot lagarantia. 7. MTD Consumer Group I nc esresponsable potdahos causados aotros c omponentes...
  • Page 75 Felicitaciones por haberrealizadouna adquisicidn inteligente.EI productoCraftsman ® que haadquiridoestddise#adoy fabricado para brindarmuchosa#os de funcionamientoconfiable. P erocomotodoslosproductosa vecespuederequerirde reparaciones. E s en esemomento cuandoeldisponerde un Acuerdodeproteccidn para reparaciones l epuede ahorrardineroy problemas. Acontinuad6nse detailan lospuntosinduidosen el Acuerdo: [] Servido experto prestado por nuestros 10,000 espedalistas e nreparadones p rofesionales [] Servido Uimitado sincargo paralaspiezas y la manodeobraentodaslasreparadones c ubiertas [] Reemplazodel producto hasta1500d6lares sinoesposiblereparar el productocubierto [] Descuento de 25%del predonormaldelservkioy delaspiezas reladonadas c onel mismoquenoest_ncubiertas por...
  • Page 76 Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managernylife For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.