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Other Ul1076 Notes; Procedures - Honeywell PRO22ENC2 Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
PRO-2200 Enclosure PRO22ENC1 & PRO22ENC2
4. Watchman tour
5. Fire alarm supervision (N/A) WIN PAK PRO is not certified for fire alarm supervision
6. Burglar alarm supervision
7. Industrial supervision
8. Other supervisory services
Other UL1075 Notes
• All alarms and troubles must be acknowledged by attending guard.
• Reports of all alarms and troubles must be printed and stored at least once per week.
• When communications are disrupted from the protected area unit to the Central
Supervisory station all panels must be buffered. They must transmit all stored alarms
and troubles to the Central Supervisory Station when communications are restored.
• If Cameras are used they must be UL approved. Camera operation was not verified by
• Guard Tour was not verified by UL to NFPA 72 standards
• Exit and Entry Delay can not exceed 60 seconds. Polling of a receiving unit may
not exceed 200 seconds


1. Configure the PC's by installing the NT Server 4.0.
A. PC names should be unique and described with Alpha characters.
B. IP addresses should be unique and have the same Subnet Mask.
C. Each PC should be of the same workgroup name.
2. Install NT Service Pack #5 or higher.
3. Install SQL Server 7.0. Select either NT Authentication or Local System, but be
consistent with both PC installations.
4. Install SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack #1.
5. Setup the Cobox PRO22EN per it's installation manual.
6. Install the WIN-PAK PRO Software on the MAIN PC.
A. Select Full Installation.
B. Select SQL for Database.
C. Install the Desktop Icons.
D. Upon reboot of the PC, stop all the WIN-PAK PRO Services.
2 and 3 may have equal priority: 5 and 6 may have equal priority &
7 and 8 may have equal priority
Installation Guide

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Table of Contents

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