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Pro-2200 Enclosure; Description - Honeywell PRO22ENC2 Installation Manual

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PRO-2200 Enclosure PRO22ENC1 & PRO22ENC2

PRO-2200 Enclosure


The PRO-2200 system is designed for maximum efficient use of wall space through the
use of a secure metal cabinet (PRO22ENC1/PRO22ENC2) that can hold up to nine
modules, a 4 amp power supply (PRO22E1PS) and a self-contained replaceable
backup battery.
Typically, one of the nine modules can be an intelligent controller (PRO22IC). The remain-
ing eight slots can be used and configured in a variety of combinations of readers,
supervised inputs, relay outputs and other specialized modules to customize the system
for the individual site.
The PRO22ENC1/PRO22ENC2 can be configured in any combination of the PRO22IC,
PRO22IN, PRO22OUT, PRO22R2 and PRO22R1. An optional daisy chain cable
(PRO22DCC) provides an RS-485 communication and power bus between the
nine modules.
Installation Guide

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Table of Contents

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