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Ul1076 Setup; Pc Minimum Requirements; Peripheral Hardware Requirements; Operating System Requirements - Honeywell PRO22ENC2 Installation Manual

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UL1076 Setup

PC Minimum Requirements

Two required:
• 500 Mhz
• 9.1Gb hard drive
• 10/100 TX network card

Peripheral Hardware Requirements

• UL approved network HUB with at least 4 ports.
• UL approved CAT 5 network cable and connectors.
• PRO22IC Controller and accompanying I/O boards.
• Cobox network card (PRO22IC mounted)

Operating System Requirements

• NT Server 4.0 or better.
• NT Service Pack #5 or higher.

Software Packages Required

• SQL Server 7.0
• SQL Server Service Pack #1 or higher.
• WIN-PAK PRO 3.0 with SQL database selection.

Receiving Unit minimum configuration

• PRO22ENC1 or PRO22ENC2 cabinet
• PRO22ULPS (ALTRONIX AL400 ULX) power supply with 40 AH battery back up
• PRO22IC controller panel
• PRO22IN input panel
• PRO22EN Cobox Ethernet card
• PRO22ENSP Tripp Lite DNET1 Ethernet surge protector
The following priority of incoming signals must be used for UL1076
1. Fire alarm (N/A) WIN PAK PRO is not certified for fire alarm supervision
2. Hold up / Panic alarm
3. Burglar alarm
PRO-2200 Enclosure PRO22ENC1 & PRO22ENC2
Installation Guide
• 128Mb RAM
• 17" SVGA Monitor

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Table of Contents

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