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Second Pc Installation; Enterprise Manager Setup - Honeywell PRO22ENC2 Installation Manual

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7. Use the Query Analyzer to connect to the WIN-PAK PRO database using the provided
script for attachment.
8. Open up the ODBC application in the Control Panel and create a link to the WIN-PAK
PRO SQL database. The name used for a description should match the WIN-PAK
PRO System Manger DSN Tab name. Default is WIN-PAK Database. See the
WINPAK PRO installation manual for complete procedure.
9. The database server can now be started. Launch the User Interface and connect
using ADMIN as the name without a password.10. The database should now be
programmed to accommodate the PRO22IC panel
and accompanying I/O boards. Refer to the WINPAK PRO Installation Manual for
additional detail. The programming should continue until the system is fully functional
and communications have been established. Below are the programming requirements
for setting up the PRO22IC panel.
A. Direct to Port selection required when adding a new PRO22IC.
B. A unique TCP/IP address is required for assignment to the panel and should
match the IP address you programmed through the Cobox software.
C. Program all the ADV's for the hardware so that you will be able to monitor the
points and system alarms.
D. Once the program is configured, shut down the User Interface and restart all the
services. Launch the User Interface and verify communications.
E. Program the Communications Server with Local Machine for the Node Name.
F. Program a Control Map and/or Floorplans with the hardware. Example: Panels,
SIO boards, Inputs, Outputs, readers, Comm Server.
G. All Servers added to the Device Map use Local Machine for the Node Name.
NOTE: Use the SQL Enterprise Manger to backup the programmed database. Refer to
the SQL Server Manual for instructions.
CAUTION: If the instructions describing the Data Transformation Services are not

Second PC Installation

Follow Instructions 1 through 4 and 6 through 8 listed on pages 12 and 13.

Enterprise Manager Setup

1. Open up Enterprise Manager from the secondary PC, the PC you will use for Redun-
2. Right-click and expand the SQL Server Group.
3. Right-click and expand the Computer Name Group.
4. Right-click on the WIN-PAK PRO Database and select All Tasks then Import Data.
5. Click Next. Verify that the Server is selected as MAIN. The database should be
WIN-PAK PRO. (The source database)
Installation Guide
followed exactly your database could be overwriten.
PRO-2200 Enclosure PRO22ENC1 & PRO22ENC2

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