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4.2 Print Quality

Not Printing
No print on the label
Continuous feeding labels
Paper Jam
Poor Print Quality
Possible Cause
Check if interface cable is well
connected to the interface connector.
The serial port cable pin configuration
is not pin to pin connected.
The serial port setting is not consistent
between host and printer.
The port specified in the Windows
driver is not correct.
The Ethernet IP, subnet mask,
gateway is not configured properly.
Label or ribbon loaded not correctly.
Ribbon run out.
The printer setting may go wrong.
Gap/black mark sensor sensitivity is
not set properly (sensor sensitivity is
not enough)
Make sure label size is set properly.
Labels may be stuck inside the printer
mechanism near the sensor area.
Top cover is not closed properly.
Check if supply is loaded correctly.
Ribbon and media are incompatible.
Check if dust or adhesives are
accumulated on the print head.
Check if print density is set properly.
Check print head test pattern if head
element is damaged.
Re-connect cable to interface.
Please replace the cable with pin to pin
Please reset the serial port setting.
Select the correct printer port in the
Configure the IP, subnet mask and
Follow the instructions in loading the
media or loading the ribbon.
Loading the ribbon.
Please do the initialization and gap/black
mark calibration.
Calibrate the gap/black mark sensor.
Set label size exactly as installed paper
in the labeling software or program.
Remove the stuck label.
Close the top cover completely and make
sure the right side and left side levers are
latched properly
Reload the supply.
Change the ribbon or label combination.
Clean the print head.
Adjust the print density and print speed.
Run printer self-test and check the print
head test pattern if there is dot missing in
the pattern.
4.2 Print Quality
Recovery Procedure


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