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Puffing Trash Into Compactor - Kenmore Compactor Owner's Manual

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Putting trash into compactor
Explosion Hazard
Do not compact any container,
aerosol cans, or cloths which
might contain insecticide, hair
spray, engine starting fluid,
paints, liquids, thinners, or any
other poisonous or explosive
Doing so can result in death,
explosion, or fire.
. Lift and pull handle or if hands
are full, press the Step-On Drawer
Opener with your foot to open drawer.
Fire Hazard
Do not let any item fall or
collect behind the compactor.
Failure to follow this instruction
could result in a fire.
Pressing Step-On Drawer Opener
may open drawer only 3-6 inches
(7-15 cm) depending on load.
bottle on its side in center
of dra_
bottle upright at side
of drawer
= Put trash into compactor.
• Wrap or cover wet or messy trash.
• Load bulky trash, bottles or cans
on their sides in center of drawer.
These items may become caught
between ram and drawer if not
placed in the center.
• Do not compact items that may
develop offensive odors such as raw
meat, fish, grapefruit rinds,
disposable dLapers, or personal
hygiene items.
= Close drawer.


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