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Removing A Filled Bag - Kenmore Compactor Owner's Manual

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L.stag YoUr Compactor
Removing a filled bag
. Pull drawer completely open.
The compactor bag should be removed
when trash is compacted almost to the
top of the drawer. If bag is too heavy
when full, remove bag when weight is
easier to lift and carry.
Use paper or plastic bags made for
use in a compactor. These bags are
designed to resist cuts, tears and
leaks. Compactor bags sized to fit
compactor drawer make managing
compacted trash easier. Compactor
bags are available from your Sears
store or service center.
, You may already have a paper
or plastic bag in place, please refer to
appropriate instructions for your bag.
Paper bag O:
Remove top of bag from bag retainer.
Plastic bag _):
Remove top of bag from bag retainer
• Paper bag _:
Fold ends in and bring side flaps
together. Fold flaps down to close bag.
Plastic bag 0:
Close bag with twist tie.
= Release drawer side latch. Tilt
right drawer side down. This will
make removing the full bag easier.
• Lift bag by bag caddy handles.
Remove trash bag from compactor
and dispose properly.
NOTE: Fully compacted trash bags
will be heavy. Handle with care.


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