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Installing A New Bag; Liquid Deodorizer System - Kenmore Compactor Owner's Manual

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Installing a new bag
. Close drawer side. Lock drawer
side latch.
. Put bag caddy into drawer.
. Place either a plastic or paper
bag into drawer.
Paper bag 0:
Open bag and pull top edges over
drawer top. Slide front edge of bag
over front edge of drawer. Slide rear
edge over the rear of drawer
sides of bag behind bag retainers.
Plastic bag _):
Open bag and pull top edges over
drawer top. Lock bag in place by
pulling the 4 prepunched holes
over bag retainer buttons. Holes
will expand over buttons without
harming bag.
. Press inside of bag against
drawer bottom, sides, and corners for
a smooth fit.
Liquid Deodorizer System
The compactor deodorizer system
helps control odors by releasing a
small amount of deodorizer each
time drawer is closed. If you have a
strong odor, open and close drawer
several times.
Sears Compactor Deodorizing Liquid
is available at your Sears store or
service center.
To install deodorizer can:
1. Put can nozzle into plastic holder.
2. Push can into place.
To remove deodorizer can:
1. Pull top end of can towards you.
2. Remove can nozzle from plastic
If your compactor is located in an
area where temperatures can fall
below 32°F (0°C), the deodorizing
liquid may freeze and not dispense.
Do not store anything behind
deodorizer can. Items stored there
could cause compactor to jam.


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