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If You Need Assistance Or Service - Kenmore Compactor Owner's Manual

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for service...
If compactor does not operate, check these points first:
Has circuit breaker tripped or
Is drawer completely closed?
house fuse blown?
Have you turned Key-Knob to
Is power supply cord plugged
and released?
Is control switch in the EXTRA
Change to
"NORMAL PAC" setting.
If you need more help, check the chart below. This could save you the cost of a service call, especially for a
problem that is not covered by the warranty.
Compactor does not run
Is Key-Knob turned all the way to "START' before it is released?
Is drawer completely closed?
Is compactor connected to a live electrical circuit with the proper voltage?
Using an extension cord could reduce voltage.
Has circuit breaker tripped or house fuse blown?
Drawer will not open
Drawer will open only when ram is all the way up. To raise ram, turn
Key-Knob to "START" and release.
The drawer cannot be opened during the EXTRA PAC
Cycle. While
Cycle is operating, an indicator light on console will be
Trash does not compact
Is drawer loaded properly?
If anything gets between ram and drawer, the
ram WIll return to the "up" position without compacting.
Drawer must be at least 1/3 full before compactor will compact.
Not enough compaction or force
Bottles do not break
Strong odors
Compacting works best when only a few items are loaded at a time. Use
compacting cycle frequently.
Not ell boffies wU break every time. Whether a bottle breaks depends on
the boffie a,'_dthe trash load below it.
If deOd_i_,ing liquid is not dispens ng when you open and close drawer,
replaes deedorizing oan.
Drawer does not open and
close properly
Compactor should be level from front to back. Adjust front leveling legs until
compactor is level. (See Installation Instructions for detailed steps.)
Flexible toe plate should not drag on floor. Trim toe plate. (See Installation
Instructions for detailed steps.)
Drawer side must be completely closed and latched.
If you need
assistance or service
Call your local Sears store or
service center. When you call, you
will need the compactor model
number and serial number. You
can find these numbers on a ratin_,
label located behind the drawer on
the front of compactor opening.


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