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This docking station enables you to expand your notebook's connectivity.
It allows you to add extra USB peripherals and connect to a LAN while
occupying only one USB port on your computer. The docking station
supports the USB 2.0 specification.
The docking station also supports video output through a DVI connection.
The extra display device can be configured to mirror your primary screen or
extend the Windows desktop.
The docking station is ergonomically designed with most peripherals
plugged in from the rear and a USB port and on the front. It also features
an industry-standard security lock.


USB 2.0 compliance.
External display resolution up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
Ethernet connectivity.

Package contents

Mini docking station
USB 2.0 cable
Power adapter
CD containing the User's Manual and drivers
Quick Guide
DVI-to-VGA adapter (only for selected models)

System requirements

PC with dual-core CPU at 2.0 GHz or higher.
1 GB of RAM
USB 2.0 port
30 MB of available disk space
or Windows
2000 SP4, Windows
XP SP2, Windows Vista


Table of Contents

Table of Contents