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Menu options and settings

DisplayLink Manager
Screen Resolution
Color Quality
Screen rotation
Extend to
Set as Main Monitor
Notebook Monitor Off

Multi-monitor configuration

You can connect an additional monitor to your computer through the DVI
port in addition to a monitor connected to your computer's VGA port.
The external monitor can be configured as the main display, to mirror the
main display or for an extended Windows desktop. To configure the
displays, right-click on the Windows desktop and select Screen resolution
Open Windows screen resolution settings.
Select an available resolution.
Note: This function is unavailable in mirror mode, as
the resolution is defined as the resolution of the
primary monitor.
Select the desired color depth.
Set the screen rotation as needed.
Extend the screen to the desired display.
Set the selected display as the main monitor.
Set the external display as the main display and turn
off the notebook's screen.
Note: This function works only when an external
display is connected, and will only appear when the
utility is installed on a notebook computer.
Set the external display to duplicate the main display.
Turn the external display off.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents