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Acer Universal USB 2.0 Docking Station User Manual page 18

User manual
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When the display output is set to Full screen, the right-click
menus or newly opened applications are corrupted or unclear.
This may occur when the resolution is set to higher than the display
capabilities, and the computer is incapable of rendering the screen at full
To improve display quality, please try the following:
Close unnecessary programs.
Set the power plan to High performance when using a notebook.
Play any video content on the notebook screen instead of using the
external display.
Select a lower screen resolution.
The screen is blank when playing protected content.
Many factors may cause this issue, such as:
Playing back protected contents over a USB connection.
You may need to download additional CODECs for your viewing
Your system may not have the encode/decode capabilities. Please
check with the vendor to confirm the support and capabilities.
I encounter slow performance and the image lags or freezes
when playing videos on external displays.
The CPU may be overloaded. Reduce the screen resolution or close
unnecessary programs.
Ensure you have not set the display resolution too high. For details of
the supported display resolutions, please refer to "Supported
resolutions" on page 10.


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