NEC 455-01593-000 Installation Manual
NEC 455-01593-000 Installation Manual

NEC 455-01593-000 Installation Manual

Redundant power upgrade kit


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Installation Guide

Redundant Power Upgrade Kit
PN: 455-01593-000


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for NEC 455-01593-000

  • Page 1: Installation Guide

    Installation Guide Redundant Power Upgrade Kit PN: 455-01593-000...
  • Page 2 Since implementation by customers of each product may vary, the suitability of specific product configurations and applications must be determined by the customer and is not warranted by NEC Computers Inc. To allow for design and specification improvements, the information in this document is subject to change at any time, without notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Redundant Power Upgrade Installation Procedures This guide contains the information necessary to install, test, and troubleshoot (if necessary) the Redundant Power Upgrade. This guide is written for knowledgeable users, trained customer engineers, system analysts, service center personnel, and dealers. With the upgrade kit installed, the server will have power system redundancy that allows the system to operate with a single power supply failure.
  • Page 5: Redundant Power Upgrade Kit Installation Procedures 3

    The NEC Redundant Power Upgrade Kit contains the components necessary for adding system power redundancy capabilities to the NEC Express5800/120Mc2 and Express5800/120Mc3 Server Systems. The following items shown in the figure below are included in the kit. power controller board...
  • Page 6: Preparing The System

    Use the following installation information as a guide for installing the upgrade kit. Also, see the option installation instructions, which are located in the "Upgrading Your System" Chapter of the User's Guide that come with the online documentation on the NEC E CD-ROM supplied with the XPRESS UILDER server, or see the "Disassembly and Reassembly"...
  • Page 7: Removing The Server Side Panels

    Removing the Server Side Panels To install the redundant power upgrade in the server, the server side panels must be removed. Also, please note that the right side panel removes in the same manner as the left side panel. ! CAUTION For proper cooling and airflow, do not operate the system with the side panels removed.
  • Page 8 Removing a Server Side Panel 6 Redundant Power Upgrade Kit Installation Procedures...
  • Page 9: Removing The Standard Power Supply And Rear Mounting Plate

    Removing the Standard Power Supply and Rear Mounting Plate 1. Power off the system and unplug the power supply ac power cable. 2. Remove the right side panel as described earlier. 3. Disconnect the internal power cables from the power supply inside the chassis.
  • Page 10: Removing The Power Supply Retaining Bracket

    Removing the Power Supply Retaining Bracket 1. Power off the system and unplug the power supply ac power cable. 2. Remove the right side panel and standard power supply (if not already removed) as described earlier. 3. Remove the screw (see figure below) that secures the power supply retaining bracket to the chassis.
  • Page 11 Removing the Power Supply Blank Mounting Plate Redundant Power Upgrade Kit Installation Procedures 9...
  • Page 12: Installing The Upgrade Components

    Installing the Upgrade Components Install the following upgrade components: power controller board two jumpers LED/switch assembly interlock switches two redundant power supplies. See the following paragraphs for installation procedures. 10 Redundant Power Upgrade Kit Installation Procedures...
  • Page 13: Installing The Power Controller Board

    Installing the Power Controller Board ! CAUTION Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can damage electronic components. Install the new power controller board in the server as follows. 1. Align the power controller board (A) so that its side power supply connectors (J1, J3, J5, and J8) face the power supply slots (see the figure below).
  • Page 14 3. Attach the main power cable (A) that comes from the system board power connector (see list below) to J9 on the power controller board (see the figure below). Secure the cable by threading a tie wrap (B) through tie wrap clamp (C) and around the cable, and tighten.
  • Page 15: Installing Jumpers And Disconnecting The Intrusion Switches

    Installing Jumpers and Disconnecting the Intrusion Switches To disconnect the intrusion switches and install the two new jumpers perform the following procedures. 1. Remove the cable from connector J5 on the SCSI backplane (see the following figure). The cable will be reconnected when installing the Interlock Switches later in this Guide.
  • Page 16: Installing The Led/Switch Assembly

    Installing the LED/Switch Assembly Install the new LED and presence switch assembly in the server as follows. 1. Insert the top and bottom power supply LED/switch assembly modules as shown in the following figure. In the following two figures match A to A and B to B.
  • Page 17 Note: When plugging in the Data cable connector (D) and the Top and Bottom LED cable connectors (C and E), pin 1 on these connectors must be positioned to line up with pin 1 on the corresponding connectors they are plugging into.
  • Page 18: Installing Interlock Switches

    Installing Interlock Switches To install interlock switches attach the cable connector previously removed from J5 on the SCSI backplane to J13 on the power controller board (see the following figure). Also, see step 1 in paragraph "Unplugging the Intrusion Switches and Installing Jumpers" for cable connector previously removed from J5 on the SCSI backplane.
  • Page 19: Installing The Redundant Power Supplies

    Installing the Redundant Power Supplies Install the two redundant power supplies in the server as follows: Perform the following procedures for each power supply. 1. Attach the two power supply cables to the connector bracket on the back of the power supply carrier supplied with your kit (see the following figure). Attaching the Two Power Supply Cables 2.
  • Page 20 4. Ensure that both power supplies have their line voltage selector switch set to the same voltage (see the following figure). ! CAUTION Before you plug the system power cord into an AC outlet, ensure the input line voltage setting for the power supply is correct.
  • Page 21: Installing The Server Side Panels

    Installing the Server Side Panels Use this procedure to install the two side panels on your server. (See "Removing the Server Side Panels" earlier in this document for additional information.) Install the side panels as follows. 1. From the rear of the server align the locking tabs on each side panel with the corresponding slots in the chassis.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    SCSI backplane improperly installed power controller board. If the problem persists, contact your NEC service representative. 20 Redundant Power Upgrade Kit Installation Procedures...

Table of Contents