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Installing The Appliance; Building Under; Adjusting The Plinth Depth - Miele F 623 Ui Operating And Installation Manual

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Installing the appliance

Building under

Where the building under height is
820 mm the appliance can be pushed
straight into the niche. Align the
appliance beforehand using the
adjustable feet.
Where the building under height is
870 mm the adjustable feet will need to
be extended by about 50 mm. Use an
SW 30 spanner or screwdriver to do
this. Then align the appliance.
^ Lay the power supply cable so that it
can easily be connected to the
electricity socket once the appliance
has been built in.
^ Push the appliance into the niche so
that the front edges of the hinges are
flush with the side walls of the
neighbouring furniture housing units
^ Press the appliance against the wall
on the hinge side.
^ Loosely secure the appliance to the
worktop through fixing bracket a.
The appliance should be secured to
the worktop only after the plinth
depth has been adjusted and the
furniture door has been fitted to the

Adjusting the plinth depth

^ Loosen screws a by turning them
approx. 8 to 10 times.
^ Align the plinth fascia to
neighbouring furniture plinths.
^ Then tighten screws a in a clockwise
direction until a resistance is felt.



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