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Operation; Switching Off For Longer Periods Of Time - Miele F 623 Ui Operating And Installation Manual

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Before using for the first time
^ Clean the inside of the appliance and
the accessories with luke warm water
and a little washing up liquid and
then dry using a soft cloth.
To ensure the correct functioning of
the appliance, let it stand for
between 1½ and 2 hour after
transporting it to its final location
before connecting it to the mains.
Switching on
^ Using a coin turn the On/Off dial in a
clockwise direction away from the "0"
Forcing it beyond its range would
damage it. Turn it only as far as it will
go, then turn it back again.
The alarm indicator light flashes. An
alarm sounds after a short while and
the appliance starts cooling.
Allow the appliance to cool for a few
hours before placing food in it. This will
ensure that the temperature is
sufficiently low.
Switching off the alarm
^ Press the alarm button.
The alarm stops. The indicator light
remains lit until the temperature which
has been set is reached.
Switching off
^ Using a coin turn the On/Off dial in an
anti-clockwise direction back to the
"0" position.
All indicator lights go out and the
cooling process is switched off.
Switching off for longer
periods of time
If the appliance is not going to be used
for a longer period of time, e.g. whilst
on holiday
^ switch the appliance off at the mains,
^ withdraw the plug (pull on the plug
and not the cable),
^ defrost and clean the appliance out
^ leave the door ajar to air the
If, during a long absence, the
appliance is switched off but not
cleaned out and the door is left shut
there is a danger of mould and
odours building up inside the



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