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Installation; Location; Climate Range; Building In "Side-By-Side - Miele F 623 Ui Operating And Installation Manual

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This appliance must be built in,
otherwise it could tip up.


The appliance should be installed in a
dry well ventilated room.
The room temperature should not go
above or below the climate range for
which the appliance is designed. The
higher the ambient temperature of the
room the more energy the appliance
requires to operate. It should not be
installed where it is exposed to direct
sunlight or directly adjacent to a
heat-producing appliance such as an
oven or a radiator.

Climate range

The appliance is designed for a
particular climate range (ambient room
temperature), and should not be used
outside this range. The climate range of
this appliance is stated on the data
plate inside the appliance.
Climate range
The appliance will function perfectly
down to a temperature of +5 °C.
Ambient room
to +32 °C
to +38 °C
to +43 °C

Building in "side-by-side"

If the freezer is to be built in next to a
refrigerator ("side-by-side") the freezer
must always be on the right hand
side of the refrigerator (as viewed
from the front). The insulated heating
element located in the left hand side
wall of the freezer will prevent
condensation forming between the


Air at the rear of the appliance gets
warm. For the appliance to operate
efficiently it is important that it is
installed in such a way that air cannot
flow around the appliance. There must
be no gaps in the furniture housing. The
niche must be sealed at the back with a
kitchen furniture panel and the sides
fitted flush with unit sides. The top of
the appliance must be fitted close to
the worktop. The hole for the plug and
cable to pass through must be made as
small as possible.
Ventilation into and out of the
appliance is through the appliance
plinth. It must not be covered or
blocked in any way.
Ventilation gaps should be dusted
on a regular basis.

Before installation

^ Remove any cable clips from the rear
of the appliance.
^ Check that all parts at the rear of the
appliance are unhindered.



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