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Packing; Placing In The Freezer - Miele F 623 Ui Operating And Installation Manual

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Freezing and storing food
– Do not season fresh foods or
blanched vegetables before
freezing. Only season cooked food
lightly before freezing but care
should be taken as the taste of some
spices alters when frozen.
– Do not place hot foods or drinks in
the freezer. This causes already
frozen food to thaw and increases
the energy consumption
considerably. Allow hot foods and
drinks to cool down before placing
them in the freezer.


^ Freeze food in portions.
Suitable packing material
- plastic freezer film
- freezer bags
- freezer containers
- aluminium foil
Freezer bags may also be sealed
using home heat sealing kits.
^ Expel as much air as possible from
bags etc. before sealing them to
prevent freezer burn on food.
^ Close the packaging tightly with
- rubber bands
- plastic clips
- string or bag ties
- cold resistant adhesive tape.
^ Make a note of the contents and the
date of freezing on the packaging.
unsuitable packing material
- wrapping paper
- grease-proof paper
- cellophane
- dustbin liners
- plastic carrier bags

Placing in the freezer

Fresh food can be placed in any
drawer for freezing, however it is
preferable to use the upper drawers.
Large quantities can be placed directly
on the evaporator plates to freeze the
food quickly. To do this first take out
one or several freezer drawers.
Each drawer and evaporator plate
can be loaded with a maximum of
25 kg.
When placing food in the freezer
ensure that it does not protrude in
front of the line marked (A) in the
illustration. This would prevent the
air from circulating freely.
^ Place the food flat in the bottom of
the drawers or on the evaporator
plates so that it freezes through to the
core as quickly as possible.
^ Make sure that the packaging and
containers are dry to prevent them
sticking together when frozen.



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