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Problem Solving Guide - Miele F 623 Ui Operating And Installation Manual

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Repairs to electrical appliances
should only be carried out by a
suitably qualified and competent
person in accordance with local and
national safety regulations.
Unauthorised repairs could be
dangerous. The following faults can
be corrected without contacting the
Miele Service Department:
What to do if . . .
. . . the appliance does not get cool.
^ Make sure that the temperature dial is
not pointing to the "0" position.
^ Check that the plug is correctly
inserted in the socket.
^ Check that the fuse is not defective
and that the mains fuse has not
blown. If it has, contact the Miele
Service Department.
. . . the door will not open because it
has been opened and closed too
many times in succession.
^ This is not a fault. The suction caused
by opening and closing the door is
preventing the door from opening.
Wait a few minutes and then try
again. It should now open without
. . . the temperature is too low.
^ Turn the temperature dial to a setting
closer to "0".
^ The super freeze function has not
been switched off. The indicator light
is still on.

Problem solving guide

. . . the appliance is switching on too
frequently and for too long.
^ Check whether ventilation gaps in the
plinth and in the housing unit at the
top have been covered over or
become too dusty.
^ The door has been opened too
frequently, or a large amount of fresh
food has been put in at once for
^ Check that the door has been
properly closed.
^ Check whether a thick layer of ice
has built up. If it has, then the freezer
will need defrosting.
. . . the alarm sounds and the alarm
indicator light flashes. The
temperature has risen above the
setting on the temperature dial
^ the door has been opened too
frequently, or large amounts of fresh
food have been put in at once for
^ the ventilation gaps are blocked.
Once the problem has been resolved
the alarm indicator light will go out
and the alarm goes off.
. . . the alarm sounds at the same
time as the -15 C temperature
There is a fault. Call the Miele Service



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