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Door Seals - Miele KWF 7510 SNE ed 3 Operating And Installation Manual

Wine cellar freezer combination with ice cube maker
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The ice cubes are formed in a tray
before they are dropped down into the
This tray should be cleaned regularly to
remove any stale ice or water.
^ Connect the appliance to the
electricity supply.
^ Press the On/Off button on the ice
cube maker. The indicator light will
come on.
^ Empty the ice cube drawer.
^ Press the On/Off button on the ice
cube maker and hold it pressed in for
approx. 10 seconds (after about a
second the ice cube maker will
switch off and the indicator light will
go out).
The indicator light will flash.
^ Push the ice cube drawer in as far as
it will go within the next 60 seconds.
The ice cube tray will then rotate into an
angled position which makes it easier
for cleaning:
^ Wait until the ice cube tray has
completed this rotation before
^ Then take the ice cube drawer out of
the appliance and clean it.
^ Now clean the ice cube tray with hot
water and a little washing up liquid or
sterilising fluid. Rinse thoroughly
^ Press the On/Off button on the ice
cube maker.
The ice cube tray will return to its
original position.
^ Then put the ice cube drawer back in
the appliance and close it.
The ice cube maker will begin to
produce ice cubes again after a
maximum of 6 hours.
If the ice cube maker has not been
used for a while, it is important to
clean the ice cube tray before using
it again.
^ The ventilation grilles should be
cleaned on a regular basis with a
brush or vacuum cleaner. A build up
of dust will increase the appliance's
energy consumption.
Do not use any grease or oil on the
door seals as these will cause the
seals to deteriorate and become
porous over time.
The door seals should be cleaned
regularly with clean water and then
wiped dry with a soft cloth.



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