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Humidity Level; Wooden Shelf Fronts - Miele KWF 7510 SNE ed 3 Operating And Installation Manual

Wine cellar freezer combination with ice cube maker
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Wine keeps on maturing depending on
the surrounding conditions. The length
of time for which wine can be kept in
good condition will therefore depend
not only on the temperature but also the
air humidity.
A refrigerator with its low humidity level
is therefore not the best place to store
wine. It is very important to store wine
in an atmosphere with a high humidity
level (60 - 70 %) so that the corks
remain moist on the outside. At a low
humidity level corks dry out from the
outside and so do not seal the bottles
as tightly. This is also why wine always
has to be stored on its side so that the
wine keeps the corks moist from the
inside too. Air entering the bottle will
inevitably spoil the wine.
Ideal humidity levels can be maintained
inside the appliance as long as the
ambient room temperature is between
15 °C and 35 °C.
: Before serving, stand the
wine upright for at least two hours, or
the entire day if possible, to allow any
sediment to settle at the bottom of the
The active charcoal filter and dynamic
cooling system maintain the air quality
in the appliance. The dynamic cooling
system draws fresh air with a humidity
level of 60 - 70 % from outside the
appliance, in through the active
charcoal filter and distributes it evenly
around the interior.
Filtering the incoming air through the
active charcoal filter ensures that all the
air entering the appliance is fresh and
free from dust and smells. In addition,
the constant temperature which is
evenly distributed throughout the unit,
enables you to store all your wine under
exactly the same excellent conditions.
Replace the active charcoal filter
with a new one once a year (see
"Cleaning and care").
Any vibration or movement of the bottle
can affect the wine by interrupting the
natural respiration process and so
impairing the taste.
As far as possible, store bottles of the
same type of wine beside each other
on the same shelf. Removing a bottle of
one type will then leave the other types
undisturbed and will avoid the need to
move different bottles around.
The wine cellar can hold a maximum
of 40 bottles (standard 0.75 litre
Bordeaux wine bottles).
To identify your wine quickly and easily
use the labels supplied. Insert the
labels into the wooden shelf fronts from
Additional labels can be purchased
from your dealer.



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