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Cleaning And Care; Cleaning The Air Filter; To Stop Economy Operation; To Use Economy Operation - Fujitsu Inverter Halcyon 9374343072-04 Operating Manual

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Begin Air Conditioner operation before performing this procedure.
To Use the ECONOMY Operation
Press the ECONOMY button.
The ECONOMY display will light.
ECONOMY operation begins.
To Stop the ECONOMY Operation
Press the ECONOMY button again.
The ECONOMY display will go out.
Normal operation begins.
About ECONOMY Operation
At the maximum output, ECONOMY Operation is approximately 70% of normal air conditioner operation for cooling and
If the room is not cooled (or heated) well during ECONOMY operation, select normal operation.
During the monitor period in the AUTO mode, the air conditioner operation will not change to ECONOMY operation
even if ECONOMY operation is selected by pressing the ECONOMY operation button.
When ECONOMY operation mode is operated, the room temperature will be little higher than the set-temp under cool-
ing mode and lower than set-temp under heating mode. Therefore, the ECONOMY mode is able to save more energy
than other normal mode.
In case of multi-type air conditioner, the ECONOMY operation mode is only available for the set indoor unit.


When used for extended periods, the unit may accumulate dirt inside, reducing its performance. We recommend that
the unit be inspected regularly, in addition to your own cleaning and care. For more information, consult authorized
service personnel.
When cleaning the unit's body, do not use water hotter than 104 °F , harsh abrasive cleansers, or volatile agents like
benzene or thinner.
Do not expose the unit body to liquid insecticides or hairsprays.
If the unit will not be operated for a period of 1 month or more, be sure to allow the inner parts of the unit to dry thor-
oughly, in advance, by operating the unit in fan mode for half a day.

Cleaning the Air Filter

Remove the dust from the air fi lters by vacuuming or washing them. After washing, allow the air fi lters to dry thoroughly
in an area protected from sunlight.
Dust can be cleaned from the air fi lter either with a vacuum cleaner, or by washing the fi lter in a solution of mild deter-
gent and warm water. If you wash the fi lter, be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly in a shady place before reinstalling.
If dirt is allowed to accumulate on the air fi lter, air fl ow will be reduced, lowering operating effi ciency and increasing
Filter indicator Reset (A special setting)
Can be used if set correctly during installation. Please consult authorized serviceman when using this
• It lights on when it is time to clean the air fi lters.
After turning the power on.
Press the MAINTENANCE button for
2 seconds or more on the remote control.
The fi lter display will disappear.
9374343072-04_OM.indb Sec1:11
9374343072-04_OM.indb Sec1:11
Before cleaning the unit, be sure to stop the unit and disconnect the power supply.
Turn off the electrical breaker.
A fan operates at high speed inside the unit, and personal injury could result.
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9/2/2010 2:59:03 PM


Table of Contents

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