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WEIDER Pro 9625 User Manual

Sears 831.159360.
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Model No. 831.159360
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    PATENT PENDING WELDER USER'S MANUAL Model No. 831.159360 Serial No. The serial number can be found in the location shown below. Write the serial number in the space above. Serial Number Decal F" E: R i _._, E: Eq3, HELPLINEI 1-800-736-6879 a_AUTION- SEARS...

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS ............. BEFORE YOU BEGIN ..............ASSEMBLY ................ADJUSTMENT ................ TROUBLE-SHOOTING AND MAINTENANCE ..........CABLE DIAGRAM ..............ORDERING REPLACEMENT PARTS ..........Back Cover FULL 90 DAY WARRANTY ............Back Cover Note: An EXPLODED DRAWING/PART LIST and a PART IDENTIFICATION CHART are attached to the center of this manual, Remove the EXPLODED DRAWING/PART LIST and the PART IDENTIFICATION CHART before beginning assembly.

  • Page 3

    WELDER= system, the PRO 9625 will help you to achieve the specific results you want. PRO 9625 (see the front cover of this manual).

  • Page 4

    ASSEMBLY Before beginning assembly, carefully read the • As you assemble the home gym system, be sure following Information and Instructions:" that all parts are oriented as shown in the drawings. • Place all parts of the home gym system in a cleared area and remove the packing materials;...

  • Page 5

    Press a 2" Square Inner Cap (27)into the Rear Upright (56), h Side of Bracket Attach a Rubber Bumper (90) to the Rear Upright (56) with a #8 x 112"Tap Screw (89). Slide the Rear Llpright (56) onto the 5/16" x 2 1/2"...

  • Page 6

    Set two Weight Bumpers (19) onto the bracket Drilled holes must on the Stabilizer (5). Insert both Weight Guides be at the top through the Weight Bumpers and the bracket on the Stabilizer. Be sure that the drilled holes In the Weight Guides are at the top, as shown.

  • Page 7

    Attach the upper ends of the Weight Guides (62) to the Top Frame (55) with the 5/16" x 6" Bolt (60), two 1/2" x 3/4" Spacers (61), and a 5/16" Nylon Locknut (3). Tighten all Nylon Locknute used In steps 2 through 6.

  • Page 8

    12. Lubricate both axles on the Top Frame (55), Slide the Right Arm (48) onto the right axle. Note: Be careful not to confuse the Right Arm with the Left Arm (47); refer to step 11 to Identify the Right Arm. Be sure that the upper end of the Right Arm is behind the indicated bracket on the Top Frame (55).

  • Page 9

    During steps 15 through 36, refer to the CABLE DIAGRAM on page 23 of this manual to verify proper cable routing. Before begin- '' _-86 (174") ning this section, identify the Long Cable (86), the Medium Cable (23), and the Short Cable (58) by comparing the lengths and ends of the cables.

  • Page 10

    18. Route the Medium Cable (23) around the =V- Pulley (6) on the Right Arm (48). Be sure that the Cable Is In the groove of the "V"- Pulley and that the Long Cable Trap (50) Is turned to hold the Cable In place, "13ghten the 3/8"...

  • Page 11

    21. Wrap the Medium Cable (23) around a 3 1/2" Pulley (15). Attach the Pulley to the Top Frame (55) with a 3/8" x 1 3/4" Bolt (87) and ..a 3/8" on Locknu t (21) ii ¸¸ !_!i_!i_ _ 22.

  • Page 12

    Attach the end of the Short Cable (58) to the Long "U"-Bracket (57) with a 1/4" Nylon Lock- nut (2) and a 1/4" Flat Washer (10). Do not completely tighten the Nylon Locknut. It should be threaded onto the end of the Cable so only a couple of threads are showing above the nut, as shown In the Inset drawlng.

  • Page 13

    Locate the Long Cable (86). Route the Long Cable under the 3 1/2" Low Pulley (88). Be sure that the end of the Cable with the ball !i!!!_ i!ii _I_!_ Is on the Indicated side of the Press Frame (17) and that the Cable Is between the Pulley and the crossbar on the Press Frame.

  • Page 14

    31. Wrap the Long Cable (86) around a 3 1/2" _i!il ¸¸ Pulley (15). Attach the Pulley and a Cable Trap (66) to the Press Frame (17) with a 3/8" x 3 1/2" Bolt (16), a 3/8" Flat Washer (9), and _ ¸%1¸¸¸¸¸i a 3/8"...

  • Page 15

    Route the Long Cable (86) around the indicat- ed 3 1/2" Pulley (15) and through the Long "U"-Bracket (57). The Cable must be between the Cable Trap (66) and the Pulley. "Rghten 3/8" x 2" Bolt (12) and the 3/B" Nylon Locknut (not shown).

  • Page 16

    Press a 1 3/4" Square Inner Cap (44) into the Rear Seat Frame (77). Insert the 1/4" x 2 112"Carriage Bolt (91) into the center hole in a Seat Plate (37). Attach the Seat Plate to a Seat (13) with two 1/4" x i_ i !iiii!i! ¸¸¸...

  • Page 17

    41. Press a 1 1/2" Square Inner Cap (32) into the Front Seat Frame (36). Insert the 1/4" x 2 1/4" Carriage Bolt (38) into i_i_ _i_!i _ the center hole in a Seat Plate (37). Attach the Seat Plate to the Seat (13) with two 1/4" x _i_!ii_ii _ ii 112"Screws (18).

  • Page 18

    Insert the other Pad Tube (28) into the Leg Lever (29). Slide a Foam Pad (30) onto each end of the Pad Tube. Remove the backing from the PRO 9625 decal and apply it to the home gym system as shown.

  • Page 19

    ADJUSTMENT The instructions below describe how each part of the home gym system can be adjusted. Refer to the exercise poster accompanying this manual to see how the home gym system should be set up for each exercise. IMPORTANT: When attaching the lat bar or nylon strap, make sure that the attachments are In the cor- rect starting position for the exercise to be performed.

  • Page 20

    ATrACHING THE LEG LEVER TO THE LOW PULLEY STATION To use the Leg Lever (29), the seat must be attached to the front upright (see ATTACHING AND REMOV- ING THE SEATS below). Attach one end of the Chain (52) to the Long Cable (86) with a Cable Clip (53).

  • Page 21: Weight Resistance Chart

    WEIGHT RESISTANCE CHART This chart shows the approximate weight resistance at each station. "Top" refers to the 6.5 lb. top weight. The other numbars refer to the 12.5 lb. weight plates. Weight resistance shown for the butterfly arm station is for each butterfly arm.

  • Page 22

    TROUBLE-SHOOTING AND MAINTENANCE inspect and tighten all parts each time you use the home gym system. Replace any worn parts immediately. The home gym system can be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild non-abrasive detergent. Do not use solvents. 23 1 67 TIGHTENING THE CABLES Woven cable, the type of cable used on the home...

  • Page 23

    CABLE DIAGRAM The cable diagram below shows the proper routing of the Short Cable (58), the Medium Cable (23), and the Long Cable (86). Use the diagram to be sure that the three cables and the cable traps have been assembled correctly.

  • Page 24

    PART LISTmModel No. 831.159360 Ros96A Part Part Qty. Description Qty. Description 100291 5/16" x 2 1/2" Carriage Bolt 120733 1" Round Inner Cap 012139 1/4" Nylon Locknut 132812 Long Cable Trap Rear Base 012056 5/16" Nylon Locknut 132816 132796 Front Base 116868 Chain 132797...

  • Page 25

    EXPLODED DRAWING-Model No. 831.1 59360 ' _6 86_ . ' -":.-_ • " _]--78 __21 21_--_ i 75 .............."'"-'"'" 12_"_6 1"5...

  • Page 26

    SEARS The model number and serial number of your WEIDEFP PRO 9625 Model No. 631.159360 are listed on a decal attached to the frame. See the front cover of this manual to find the location of the decal. All replacement parts are available for immediate purchase or QUESTIONS? special order when you visit your nearest SEARS Service Center.

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