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Frigidaire MEF368CGS1 Owner's Manual

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P/N 318200407 (9909) Rev D



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  • Page 1 Electric Ranges Owner's Guide CONTENTS GENERAL INFORMATIONS ......3 Avoid ServiceChecklist .........23 LOOK of better performance P/N 318200407 (9909) Rev D...
  • Page 2: Product Registration

    Product learn more about your new appliance. Tile PRODUCT REGISTRATION CARD should be filled in completely, signed and returned to Frigidaire Company, This Ownerrs Guide contains general operating instructions for your range and feature information for several models. Your range may not have all the de- scr bed features.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANTSAFETYINSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. Save these instructions for future reference. This guide contains important safety symbols and instructions Please pay special attention to these symbols and follow all instructions given Here is a brief explanation of these symbols, _This symbol will help you to situations that may cause serious bodily harm, death or property damage, property...
  • Page 5: Important Instructions For Using Your Cooktop

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS cont,nued> IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING • Placement of Oven Racks. Always place oven racks in desired YOUR COOKTOP location while oven is cool, Remove all utensils from the rack before removing rack, If rack must be moved while oven is hoT, use •...
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation Instructions INSTALLATION AND SERVICE M USTBEPERFORMED B YA QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN. IMPORTANT:SAVEFOR THELOCAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR'S USE. READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FORFUTURE REFERENCE. Clearances and Dimensions Provide adequate clearances between the range and adjacent combustible surface (1/2"(1,3 cm)) to the cabinet side walls and the rear wall), Location--Check location where the range will be installed, Check for proper electrical supply and the stability of floor...
  • Page 7: Oven Light

    Installation Instructions (continued) To level the range: Use a 1-1/4" open end key or an adj/Jstable wrench to equally unscrew the tour leveling legs two to three turns each Install an oven rack in the center of the oven, Move the range to its final position, then put a spirit level on the rack to check for levelness Take two readings, one with the level placed diagonally first in one direction, and then the other, Use the 1-1/4"...
  • Page 8: Circuit Protection

    Circuit Protection As a protection against surcharge, a 15 amp, 120 volt fuse is provided for each of the electric outlet(s) (2 max,) located on top of the control panel, To access the fuse(s) raise the control panel cover, Models with no electric outlet have no fuse, Selecting Surface Cooking Utensils For best results and energy conservatiorh choose cooking utensils that have these characteristics: *GOOD...
  • Page 9: Convection Roasting

    Convection Roasting (some models) When convection roasting, use the broiler pan and gridr and the roasting rack. The ROASTING broiler pan will catch grease spills and the grid will help prevent grease spatters RACK roasting rack will hold the meat, Place oven rack on bottom or next-bottom rack position, Place the grid in the broiler pan, The roasting rack fits on the grid allowing the...
  • Page 10: Indicator Light

    Indicator Light Some models have an indicator light for each heating unit, other models have an indicator light for each pair of heating units, The indicator light glows as soon as a heating unit is turned on, Check if the indicator light glows when the control knob of the individual heating unit is turned on, If the knob is set to a very low temperature setting, the indicator may glow and yet, the heating unit may not be heating at all, If this happens, turn the knob to a higher setting until the heating unit comes on When cooking isfinished, a quick glance at the indicator lights is an easy check to be sure all the control knobs have been turned to OFF "0".
  • Page 11: Oven Settings

    Broiling Broiling is a method of cooking tender cuts of meat by direct heat under the broil element of the oven, Preheating Preheating is suggested when searing rare steaks (Remove the broiler pan before preheating, Foods will stick if placed on hot metal,) Topreheat, set the oven control(s) to BROILas instructed in the Owner's Guide, Wait for the element to become red-hot, usuaNy about 2 minutes, Preheating is not necessary when broiling meats weN-done,...
  • Page 12: Ceramic Glass Cooktop

    Ceramic Glass Cooktop (some models) The ceramic-glass cooktop has electric heating coils located below the ceramic glass surface, The design of the glass cooktop outlines the area of the surface heating unit below Most importantly, make sure the diameter of the pan matches the diameter of the surface unit Heat is transferred up through the surface of the cooktop, Only flat-bottomed pans should be used, The type and size of the cookware, number of surface units in use and the settings of the surface units are factors that will affect the amount of heat that will spread to areas surrounding...
  • Page 13: Hot Surface Indicator Light

    Ceramic Glass Cooktop (some models) (continued) HOT SURFACE INDICATOR LIGHT Inclicaloi (some models) Some models have an indicator light located on the ceramic glass cooktop that glows ¸/¸ Light as soon as the glass begins to warm up, When the heating unit is turned off it will continue to glow as long as the glass remains warm enough to cause burns, Other models have 4 hot surface indicators (one per element) arranged in a cluster Their location is as shown in the illustration above,...
  • Page 14: Things To Remember

    Ceramic Glass Cooktop (some models) (continued) SPECIAL CAUTION FOR ALUMINUM FOIL AND ALUMINUM COOKING UTENSILS Aluminum foil Use of aluminum foil will damage the cooktop, Do not use under any circumstances Aluminum utensils The melting point of aluminum being much lower than that of other metals, care must be taker] when aluminum pots or pans are used If allowed to boil dry, not only will the utensil be ruined, but also permanent damage in the form of breakage, fusing or marking may affect the ceramic glass surface, THINGS TO REMEMBER...
  • Page 15 Ceramic Glass Cooktop (some models)(continued) USE AND CARE OF GLASS SURFACE (continued) CLEANING MATERIALS FOR CERAMIC GLASS COOKTOP Some cleaning materials may contain an ingredient which can damage the cooktop, Use recommended materials only (see below), Cleaner cream should be used regularly, First use recommended products listed below, then use cleaner cream, Use only recommended cleaning products and follow these basic cleaning suggestions, BEFORETHE COOKTOP IS USED Thoroughly clean and saturate the cooktop with cleaner cream Dampen clean paper towel and clean unit...
  • Page 16: Cleaning The Appliance

    Cleaning the Appliance Beforecleaningany part of the range,makesure all heatingelementsareturned to OFF"0" and are cool. Exterior Cleaning Clean range after each use to prevent sticky grease built-up and spills ftom cooking on Wash with hot, soapy water and a clean cloth Wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel Do not use abrasives, steel wool, cleaners containing ammonia, acids or commercial oven cleaners on any exterior parts of the range, except the porcelain enamel cooktop If a metal cleaner or polish isused on metal trim, be sure the label specifies that it is safe for use on chrome and...
  • Page 17 Cleaning the Appliance (continued) Porcelain enamel cooktop cleaning instructions. PORCELAIN ENAMEL COOKTOP CLEANING DO NOT use a cooktop Correct and consistent cleaning is essential to maintaining your porcelain enamel cleaner on a hot cooktop, The fumes can be cooktop, If food spills and grease spatters are not removed, they may burn onto the hazardous to your health, and can chemi- surface of the cooktop and cause permanent discoloration, cally damage the cooking surface,...
  • Page 18 Cleaning the Appliance (continued) Cleaning the Regular Oven (Non self-clean oven) Make sure the oven is cool and that all control knobs are at OFF '_" position, Cleaning the oven is a lot easier when the door is removed, Remove the oven door Empty the oven including the racks, You can wash the broiler panr grid and racks in the kitchen sink, Clean oven lining thoroughly with soap and a wet cloth and wipe with a dry cloth...
  • Page 19: To Remove And Replace The Oven Door

    the Appliance Cleaning AUTOMATIC LOCK OFF OF THE SURFACE ELEMENTS (30" modelswith a self-cleaning oven only) (Continued) Duringthe self-cleancycle,the surfaceelements, w hen used,are subjected to high heat. To ensuremaximum element life, a safeguard locksoff the useof the surfaceelementsduring the self-cleancycle. Oncethe oven cleaning cycle is complete and the oven door can be opened, the surfaceelements can be utilized.
  • Page 20: Removable Outer Door Glass Panel (Some Models)

    Removable Outer Door Glass Panel (some models) Applicable only to models with an external glass panel not held with a frame, This design allows you to clean the inside t_ce of the exterior door panel as well as the hidden face of the door inner glass, To remove the external door glass panel:...
  • Page 21 Notes General 21 Information...
  • Page 22 Notes Staple or clip original invoice here General 22 Information...
  • Page 23 AVOID SERVICE CHECK LIST Before you call for service - read this You may save the cost and inconvenience of an unnecessary service call by first reviewing this easy to use Avoid- Service Check List of the most frequently encountered situations that are not the result of defective workmanship of materials.
  • Page 24 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE / SOLUTION RANGE DOES OPERATE (continued) Surface elements do not heat. No power to range. Check steps "Entire range does not operate" above. Control knobs set too low. At very low heat settings of the control knobs, the surface signal light may come on;...
  • Page 25 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE / SOLUTION POOR BAKING RESULTS Baked goods too done or Actual oven temperature and cooking times may vary from recipe or box instruction. not done enough. this is a new range, temperatures may differ from your old range. Older ovens may driR in temperature.
  • Page 26 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE / SOLUTION BROILING Oven smokes excessively Open the door to the broil stop position. during broiling. Add 3 to 4 cups of water in the broiler pan to completely cover the bottom of the pan. Position food on grid and broil. The water catches the grease from the broiling food, cools the grease and reduces smoking.
  • Page 27 Your appliance is warranted by White Consolidated Industries, Inc. WCI has authorized Frigidaire Company Consumer Services and their authorized servicers to perform services under this warranty. WCI authorizes no one else to change or add to any of these obligations under this warranty.
  • Page 28: Range Warranty

    White Consolidated Industries, Inc. WCI has authorized Frigidaire Company Consumer Services and their authorized servicers to perform services under this warranty. WCI authorizes no one else to change or add to any of these obligations under this warranty.

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