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Troy-Bilt Super Bronco Operator's Manual

Automatic lawn tractor.
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Safety • Assembly • Operation • Adjustment • Maintenance • Troubleshooting • Parts Lists • Warranty
Automatic Lawn Tractor-
Super Bronco
This unit is equippedwithan internal combustionengineand shouldnot be usedon or nearany unimproved forest-covered, b rush-
coveredor grass-covered land unlesstheengine'sexhaustsystemis equippedwith a sparkarrestermeetingapplicablelocalor statelaws(if any).
If a sparkarresteris used,it shouldbe maintainedin effectiveworkingorder by the operator.In theState of Californiathe aboveis requiredbylaw
(Section4442 of the CaliforniaPublicResources Code). Otherstatesmay havesimilarlaws.Federallaws applyon federallands.A sparkarrester
for the muffleris availablethroughyour nearestengineauthorizedservicedealeror contactthe servicedepartment,RO. Box361131 Cleveland,
Ohio 44136-0019.
Troy-Bilt LLC, P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136-0019


   Summary of Contents for Troy-Bilt Super Bronco

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    If a sparkarresteris used,it shouldbe maintainedin effectiveworkingorder by the operator.In theState of Californiathe aboveis requiredbylaw (Section4442 of the CaliforniaPublicResources Code). Otherstatesmay havesimilarlaws.Federallaws applyon federallands.A sparkarrester for the muffleris availablethroughyour nearestengineauthorizedservicedealeror contactthe servicedepartment,RO. Box361131 Cleveland, Ohio 44136-0019. FORMNO.770-10490J PRINTEDIN U.S.A 10/25/2006 Troy-Bilt LLC, P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136-0019...

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    You can locate the model plate by looking beneath the seat. Serial Number Model Number This information will be necessary to use the manufacturer's web site and/or obtain assistance from the Customer Support TRD_t_BX_-,'_ TROY-BILT P. O. BOX 361131 Department or an authorized service dealer. CLEVELAND, O H44136 330-558-7220...

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    Usethispage asa guidetodetermine s lopes where youmaynotoperate s afely. Donotoperate yourlawn mower o nsuchslopes. _iii WARNING Do not mow on inclines with a slope in excess of 15 degrees (a rise of approximately2-1/2 feet every 10feet). A riding mower could overturn and cause serious injury.

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    WARNING: Engine Exhaust, some of its constituents, and certain vehicle compo- nents contain or emit chemicals known to State of Californiato cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductiveharm. DANGER: This machine was built to be operated according to the rules for safe operation in this manual.

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    General Operation: 14.Watchfor traffic whenoperatingnearor crossing roadways. T his machineis not intendedfor useon 1. Read,understand,and followall instructionson the anypublic roadway. machineand in the manual(s)beforeattemptingto 15.Do notoperatethe machinewhileunderthe influ- assembleand operate.Keepthis manualin a safe enceof alcoholor drugs. placefor future and regularreferenceand for ordering 16.Mowonly in daylightor good artificiallight.

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    Do Not: Slopesare a majorfactor relatedto loss of controland 1. Do notturn on slopesunlessnecessary;then,turn slowlyand graduallydownhill,if possible. tip-overaccidentswhich can resultin severeinjuryor 2. Do not mownear drop-offs,ditchesor embankments. death.All slopesrequireextracaution.If youcannot Themowercouldsuddenlyturnoverif a wheel is over back up the slopeor if youfeel uneasyon it, do notmow the edgeof a cliff, ditch,or if an edge cavesin.

  • Page 7

    Service 10.Neverattemptto makeadjustmentsor repairsto the machinewhilethe engine isrunning. 1. Neverrun an engineindoors or in a poorlyventilated 11.Grasscatchercomponents and the discharge area. Engineexhaustcontainscarbonmonoxide,an coverare subjectto wearand damagewhich could odorless,and deadlygas. exposemovingpartsor allowobjectsto be thrown. 2. Beforecleaning,repairing,or inspecting,makecertain Forsafety protection, f requentlycheckcomponents the blade(s)and all movingparts havestopped.

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    NOTE:This OperatorsManualcoversa rangeof product Rubber Boot specifications for variousmodels.Characteristics and fea- turesdiscussedand/orillustratedin this manualmay not be applicableto all models.MTDLLCreservesthe right to changeproductspecifications, d esignsand equipment withoutnotice and withoutincurringobligation. Attaching the Battery Cables NOTE:Thepositivebatteryterminalis markedPos. (+). Thenegativebatteryterminalis markedNeg. (-). • Thepositivecable(heavy redwire) is securedto the positivebatteryterminal(+)with a hexbolt and hex nut at thefactory.Beforeattachingthe negativecable, notethe dateon theside of the battery.If the battery...

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    Attaching The Steering Wheel The hardwarefor attachingthe steeringwheelhasbeen packedwithin the steeringwheel,beneaththe steering wheelcap. Carefullypry off the steeringwheelcapand removethe hardware. Setting Up 1. With the wheels of the tractor pointingstraight forward, placethe steeringwheeloverthe steering Your Lawn shaft. Placethe washer(with thecuppedsidedown)over the steeringshaftand securewith the hex bolt. See Fig.3-3.

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    Your LaWn NOTE: Any reference in this manual to the RIGHTor LEFT side of the tractor is observed from operator's position. NOTE:Steeringwheelnotshownfor clarity Figure 4=1 PTO(Blade Engage)Lever CruiseControl Button Ammeter IgnitionSwitchModule ParkingBrakeButton BrakePedal Shift Lever DrivePedal CupHolder DeckLift Lever ThrottleLever NOTE:Anyreferencein this manualto the RIGHTor LEFTside of the tractoris observedfrom operator'sposition.

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    Throttle Control Lever Choke Thethrottlecontrolleverislocatedon the rightsideof the Position tractor'sdashpanel.This levercontrolsthe speedof the engineand whenpushedall the wayforward,the choke Fast Position controlalso.Whenset in a givenposition,thethrottlewill maintain a uniformenginespeed.See Fig.4-2. IMPORTANT: W henoperatingthetractorwith the cutting deck engaged,be certainthat the throttleleverisalways in the FAST(rabbit)position. Choke Control Movingthethrottle leverall theway...

  • Page 12

    PTO (Blade Engage) Lever ON 1z AMPS PTO /BLADE ENGAGE The PTO(Blade Engage)leveris locatedon the left side of the dashboardnext to the steeringwheel.Movethe PTO(Blade Engage)leverforwardto engagethe powerto the cuttingdeck or other(separatelyavailable)attach- ments;movethe PTO(Blade Engage)leverrearwardto disengagethe powerto the attachments. NOTE:The PTO(Blade Engage)levermust be in the disengaged(OFF) positionwhen startingthe engine, Figure 4-4 whentravelingin reverseand if the operatorleavesthe...

  • Page 13

    position,the enginewillautomaticallyshut off if the Thecruise controlbutton is PTO(Blade Engage)leveris movedintothe engaged locatedon the tractordash (ON)positionwith the shift leverin Reverse. panelto the left of the ignition switch.Pushthe cruisecontrol interlock system is malfunctioning. This buttonwhiletravelingforwardat a WARNING:Do not operate the tractor if the system was designed for your safety and desiredspeed.Whileholdingthe protection.

  • Page 14

    4, Onceactivated(indicatorlight ON), thetractorcan be drivenin reversewith the cuttingblades(PTO) , WARNI engaged, 5. Alwayslookdownand behindbeforeand while AVOID SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH backingto makesureno childrenare around. • GO UPAND DOWNSLOPES,NOT ACROSS. 6. After resumingforwardmotion,returnthe keyto the • AVOIDSUDDENTURNS. NORMALMOWINGposition. • DO NOT OPERATETHE UNITWHERE IT COULDSLIP IMPORTANT: T he REVERSECAUTIONMODE will OR TIE remainactivateduntil:...

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    Starting the Engine Driving The Tractor the interlock system is malfunctioning. sive speed and sudden stops. ARNING:Do not operatethetractorif WARNING:Avoid sudden starts, ex-ces- This system was designed for your safety WARNING:Do not leave the seat of the and protection. tractor without first placing the Fro (Blade NOTE:Referto the TRACTORSET-UPon page8 of this Engage) lever in the disengaged (OFF) Operatin...

  • Page 16

    Engaging the Blades Placethe shiftleverin the FORWARD position, Engagingthe PTO(Blade Engage)transferspowerto the thenslowlydepressthedrive pedaluntil the desired cuttingdeckor other(separatelyavailable)attachments. speedis achieved. Toengagethe blades,proceedas follows: Lightlydepressthe cruisecontrolbutton. Movethe throttlecontrolleverto the FAST(rabbit) position. Whilecontinuingto hold the cruisebutton in,lift your foot from thedrive pedal(youshouldfeelthe cruise Graspthe PTO(BladeEngage)leverand pivotit all the latchengage).

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    Mowing Headlights * The lampsare ON wheneverthe ignition key ismoved a thrown object injury,keep bystanders, out of the STOPposition. ARNING:Tohelp avoid blade contact or helpers, children and pets at least 75feet * The lamps turn OFFwhenthe ignition key ismovedto from the machine while it is in operation. the STOPposition.

  • Page 18

    Measurethe distancefrom the front ofthe bladetip to the groundand the rearof the blade tip to the ground. Thefirst measurement t akenshouldbe between 1/4"and 3/8" less than thesecond measurement. Determinethe approximate distancenecessaryfor properadjustmentand proceed,if necessary,to the next step. Loosenthe two jam nuts,if present,on the rear sideof the deck stabilizerbracket.

  • Page 19

    Seat Adjustment WARNING:Before operating this machine, make sure the seat is engaged in the seat stop, stand behind the machine and pull back on seat until fully engaged into stop. Flipthe seat up as shownin Fig. 5-3. Your LaWn Loosenthetwo seat adjustment k nobs locatedunder the seat.

  • Page 20

    IMPORTANT: R eferto the KohlerOperator/Owner Manualpackedwith yourunit for information regardingthe quantityand properweight of motoroil. Air Cleaner Servicethe pre-cleaner, i f soequipped,and cartridge/air cleanerelementas instructed i n the KohlerOperator/ OwnerManualpackedwith your unit. Spark Plug(s) Thespark plug(s)shouldbe cleanedand thegap reset TractOr oncea season.Sparkplug replacementis recommended at the startof each mowingseason.Referto the Kohler Operator/Owner M anualfor correctplug type and gap specifications.

  • Page 21

    NOTE:Referto page 26 for informationregardingthis and otherseparately-available a ttachments& acces- soriesfor yourtractor. 1. Drivethe tractorto a level,clear spoton yourlawn, nearenoughto a water sillcock(spigot)for your gardenhoseto reach. iMPORTANT:Makecertain thetractor'sdischargechute is directedAWAYfrom yourhouse,garage,parkedcars, etc. Disengagethe PTO(Blade Engage),movethe shift leverintothe neutralposition,set the parkingbrake, and stop the engine.

  • Page 22

    8. Repeatthe abovestepson the tractor'srightside. If the chargeris not automatic,chargefor no fewerthan eighthours. 9. Movethe deck lift leverintothe top notchon the right fenderto raisedeck lift arms up and out of the way. gas while charging. Charge battery in a WARNING: Batteries give off an explosive 10.Gentlyslidethe cuttingdeck towardthe frontof the well ventilated area and keep away from tractorallowingthe hookson the deck to release...

  • Page 23

    Cutting Blades off, remove ignition key,disconnect the WARNING: Be sure to shut the engine spark plug wire(s) and ground against the engine to prevent unintended starting before removing the cutting blade(s) for sharpening or replacement. Protect your Maintaining hands by using heavy gloves or a rag to Yo ur Lawn grasp the cutting blade.

  • Page 24

    Changing the Deck Belt Changing the Transmission Drive Belts NOTE:Severalcomponents mustbe removedand off, remove ignition key,disconnectthe specialtools (i.e. air/impactwrench)in order to change ARNING:Be sure to shut the engine spark plug wire(s) and groundagainst the tractor'sdrivebelts. Seean authorized Troy Bilt the engine to preventunintended starting ServiceDealerto haveyourdrivebelts replacedor phone before removing the be#(s).

  • Page 25: 42-inch Deck

    42-inch Deck _ LeftHand nginePulley SpindlePulley Right Hand Spindle Pulley Tractor Idler Pulleys Figure 6=7...

  • Page 26

    Cleanand lubricatethe tractoras instructedin the Followthe instructionsin the Service, Storage & MAiNTAiNiNGYOUR LAWNTRACTORsectionof this Specifications sectionof the KohlerOperator/Owner manualbeforestoringfor an extendedperiod. Manualfor properenginecare priorto storingyourtractor. WARNING: Drain fuel only into an approved container outdoors, away from WARNING: Never store the machine or fuel container indoors where there is an open an open flame.

  • Page 27

    ROTATING BLADES CAUSE SERIOUS iNJURY DEATH ® • DR HOTMOW WHEHCHILDREH OR OTHERSAREAROUND ° HEVERCARRYCHILDRENEVEN WITH BLARE(S)OFF. ° LOOKDRWHANDBEHIHDBEFORE WARNING This symbol points out importantsafety instructionswhich, if not followed,could endangerthe personal safety and/or property of yourselfand others. Read and follow all instructionsin this manual beforeat- temptingto operate...

  • Page 28

    Pro bl e m Ca use Remedy Eng ne fa s to start 1. PTOengaged. 1. PlacePTOknob (or lever)in disengaged(OFF)position. 2. Sparkplugwire(s) disconnected. 2. Connectwire(s) to spark plug(s). 3. Fue tank emptyor stae fue . 3. F tank w th c ean fresh gaso ne 4.

  • Page 29

    Problem Cause Remedy Engineoverheats Engine oi! leveliowI Fi!! crankcasewith properoi!. flow restiicted, clean graSsClippings and fromaroundthe engines cooling fins and blowerhousing. Enginehesitates at 1. Sparkplug(s)gap tooclose. 1. Removesparkplug(s)and reset high RPM the gap. d es po0r !i sparkplug(S)fouled f aulty orgap RepiaCe SParkplug(S).Setplug(S) too wide gapl...

  • Page 30: Replacement Parts

    NOTE:Download a completeParts Manualfreeof chargeat or phone(866) 840-6483 to purchasereplacement p arts or a Parts Manual.Be sureto haveyour modelnumberand serial numberready.Thesecan be foundon the modelplatelocatedunder the seat.Referto page 2 for more information regardinglocatingyour modeland serialnumbers. UpperDriveBelt(Transmission) 754-0468 LowerDrive Belt(Transmission) 754-0467 DriveBelt (MowingDeck)42"...

  • Page 31

    CALIFORNIA EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY STATEMENT YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS The CaliforniaAir ResourcesBoardandMTDConsumerGroupInc are pleasedto explainthe evaporativeemissioncontrolsystemwarrantyon your 2007lawn mower.In California,new lawnmowermust be designed,builtand equippedto meet the State'sstringentanti-smogstandards.MTDConsumerGroupInc must warrantthe EECSon yourlawn mowerfor the periodof time listedbelow providedthere has beenno abuse,neglector impropermaintenanceof your lawnmower. Your EECSmay includeparts such as the carburetor,fuel-injectionsystem,the ignitionsystem,catalyticconverter,fuel tanks,fuel lines,fuel caps, valves, canisters,filters,vapor hoses,clamps,connectors,and otherassociatedemission-related components.

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    To locate the dealer in your area, check your Yellow Pages, lasts, so the aboveexclusionsor limitationsmay notapplyto you. or contact Troy-Bilt LLC at RO. Box 361131,Cleveland, Ohio 44136- In no eventshall recoveryof any kind be greaterthan theamountof the 0019, or call 1-866-840-6483 or 1-330-558-7220,or log on to our purchasepriceof the productsold.

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