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Toshiba 22AV60U Owner's Manual

Integrated high definition lcd television
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Table of Contents
Leading Innovation
Foranoverview ofste)sfor setting upyournewrV, s eepage 9.
Note;Todisplay a HighDefinition picture, t heTV mustbe receiving
a HighDefinition signal ( suchasan over-the-air HighDefinition
TVbroadcast, a HighDefinition digitalcableprogram, o r a High
Definition digitalsatellite Program), F ordetails,please contact
, cable
or satellite


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba 22AV60U

  • Page 1 Leading Innovation Foranoverview ofste)sfor setting upyournewrV, s eepage 9. Note;Todisplay a HighDefinition picture, t heTV mustbe receiving a HighDefinition signal ( suchasan over-the-air HighDefinition TVbroadcast, a HighDefinition digitalcableprogram, o r a High Definition digitalsatellite Program), F ordetails,please contact , cable or satellite...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    [lear CuStolner_ Thankyou for purchasing this Toshiba LCDTV. This manual will help you use the many exciting features of your new LCD TV. Before operating your LOBTV, please read this manual completely,and keep it nearbyfor future reference. SafetyPrecautions Congratulations onyourpurchase! A s youenjoyyour...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    importantSafety instructions CAUTION: • To reducethe risk of electric shock, do not use the polarized Read theseinstructions. plug with an extension cord, receptacle, or other outlet Keep theseinstructions. unless the blades can be inserted completely to prevent Heed all warnings. blade exposure.
  • Page 4 During normal use, the TV may make occasional snapping or popping sounds. This is normal, especially when the unit is being turned on or off. If these sounds become frequent or continuous, unplug the power cord and contact a Toshiba Authorized Service Center. PERSONAL iNJURYOR DANGER:RiSK OF SERIOUS ..
  • Page 5: Choosing A Locationfor Yourlcdtv

    19" TV Choosing a locationfor yourLCDTV ToDisplay your LCDTV on the included Pedestal VESA Mounting Pattern Stand: Observethe following safety precautions: 1) Read and Follow the pedestal assembly instructions. OAUTJ0N: Before beginning pedestal assembly, carefully lay the front of the LCD Panel face down on a flat, cushioned surface such as a quilt or blanket.
  • Page 6: User Information

    Caution: Changes or modifications to this equipment not Such pixels are not visible when the picture is viewed from a expressly approved by Toshiba could void the user_ authority normal viewing distance. to operate this equipment. Note: Interactive video games that involve shooting a "gun"...
  • Page 7 Tuning to a specific channel (23" and smaller) Depot Repair Warranty ....(programmed or unprogrammed) ......Limited Canadian Warranty for Toshiba Brand Flat Panel Televisions ..............Switching between P,vo channels using Channel Return 32 Switching between P,vo channels using SurtLock ..
  • Page 8: Features Of Your New Tv

    Featuresof yournew TV The following are just a few of the many exciting features of your new Toshiba widescreen, integrated HD, LCD TV: • Integrated digital tuning (8VSB ATSC and QAM) eliminates the need for a separate digital converter set-top box (in most cases).
  • Page 9 Inadequate ventilation may cause overheating, which wilt damage the TV. THIS TYPE OF DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE TOSHIBA WARRANTY. Do not plug in any power cords until AFTER you have connected all cables and devices to your TV.
  • Page 10: Tv Front And Side Panel Controls And Connections

    TV front andside panel controlsand connections Model 19AV600U is used in this manual for illustration purposes. Left side panel TVfront Controlpanel GreenLED ARROWS,iLV41_ --When a menu is on-screen, these Power LED (Green) = Power indicator buttons function as up/down/left/right menu navigation buttons.
  • Page 11: Tv Back Panel Connections

    Digital or PCM (pulse-code modulation) format for (with standard stereo audio inputs) for connecting devices connecting an external Dolby Digital decodec amplifier, with component video output, such as a Toshiba DVD A/V receiver, or home theater system with optical audio player with CotorStream _.
  • Page 12: Overview Of Cable Types

    Component video cables come in sets of three and are for use with video devices with component video output. (ColorStream _'is Toshiba's brand of component video.) These cables are typically color-coded red, green, and blue. Separate audio cables are required for a complete connection.
  • Page 13: Connectinga Vcr(Or A Vcrwith S-Video)And Antenna, Cabletv Or Camcorder

    - Do not connect both types of video came to VIDEO 1 * To select the video input source, press INPUT on the remote control (E:_ page 20). The TV remote control operate several Toshiba at the same time or the picture performance will be devices, see Chapter 3.
  • Page 14: Connectinga Dvdplayerwith Colorstream ®(Componentvideo), A Vcr, Anda Satellite Receiver

    * To select the video input source, press INPUT on the remote control HD-2). The ColorStream HD-1 and HD-2 terminals can (E_page 20). The TV remote control operate several Toshiba be used with Progressive (480p, 720p) and Interlaced devices, see Chapter 3.
  • Page 15 To connect a DVI device, you will need: Connectingan HDiVJI or DVI • one HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable (HDMI type A connector) device to the HDNI input per DVI device - For proper operation, the length of an HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable should not exceed 9.8 ft (3m). The The HDMI input on your TV receives digital audio and recommended length is 6.
  • Page 16: Regza-Link ® Connection

    HDMI standard. • For proper operation, it is reconm_ended that you use • This feature is limited to models incorporating Toshiba's HDMI cables with the HDMI Logo ( 1-41_1_| ). REGZA-LINK. Howevec Toshiba is not liable for those perations.
  • Page 17: Connecting A Digital Audio System

    Note: Connectinga digital audio system • Some audio systems may not be compatible with Dolby Digital bitstream signals. Older audio systems that are The TV's DiGiTALAUDIOOUTterminal outputs a Dolby _'* not compatible with standard optical out signals may not work properly, creating a high noise level that may Di ital rnooL,_ ..or 2-channel down-mixed PCM (pulse-code damage speakers or heaoghones.
  • Page 18: Connecting A Personal Computer (Pc)

    PC on which you are playing the DVD-Video, some scenes Connectinga personalcomputer may be skipped or you may not be able to pause during multi-angle scenes. (PC) Signal names for mini D-sub 15-pin connector With either the PC IN or HDMI connection, you can watch your computer's display on the TV and hear the sound from Ground Reserved...
  • Page 19: Remote Control Effective Range

    Installing the remote control Remote control effective range batteries For optimum performance, aim the remote control directly at the TV and make sure there is no obstruction between the Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote remote control and the TV. control.
  • Page 20: Learning About The Remote Control

    SLEEP accesses the sleep timer (_. page 43). Learning about the remote control FREEZE freezes the picture. Press again to restore the moving picture (_. page 34). The buttons used for operating the TV only are described Channel Numbers (0-9,-/100) directly tune here.
  • Page 21: Main Menu Layout

    Main menulayout The tables below and on the next page provide a quick overview of your TV's menu system. To open the main menus (illustrated below), press M_uon the remote control or TV control panel. Video Mode Sports / Standard / Movie / PC / Preference Picture Settings --"...
  • Page 22: Setup/Installation Menu Layout

    Setup/Installationmenu layout The Installation menu contains the Terrestrial and System Status menus. To open the Installation menu (illustrated below), press M_uon the remote control or TV control panel, open the Setup menu, Insta,ati0n, select a nd press @. Terrestrial Input Configuration -* [Opens the Input Configuration menu] --"...
  • Page 23: Selecting The Menu Language

    Settingthe EnergySavingNode Configuring the antenna input source for the AHT/CABLE terminal When you first turn on the TV, the Menu Language, and Energy Saving Mode windows will appear by default. To configure the ANT/CABLE input source: To select settings: Press _u and open the Setup menu. From the Menu Language selection window, highlight Highlight Installation and press@.
  • Page 24: Channel Program

    (A new set of Installation menu icons will appear, as Programmingchannels into the shown below.) Open the Terrestrial menu, highlight Channel Program Start, to bring up the and press @ TV's channel memory again to begin channel programming. When you press _.] or _ on the remote control or TV control panel, your TV will stop only on the channels you progrannned into the TV's channel memory.
  • Page 25: Labeling Channels

    To manually add digital subchannels on a physical Labeling channels channel: Use the Channel Numbers and the Dash ((N)) on the remote A list of common channel labels (loges) for various channels control to enter the channel number (for example, 56-1). (ABC, CBS, etc.) will be progrannned into the TV.
  • Page 26 To create and assign a custom label: Settin9 the HDNFMaudio mode Channel Labeling Openthe window. Press _ or L_Jto select a channel you want to label. To set the HDMI audio mode: Press AY_ to highlight Custom and press @. The software keyboard wilt appear.
  • Page 27: Viewing The System Status

    Viewingthe digitaJsignal meter Viewingthe systemstatus You can view the digital signal meter in the ANT/CABLE To view the system status: digital TV input source only. Press M_uand open the Setup menu. To view the digital signal meter: Highlight Installati0n and press@. Setup Press M_uand open the menu.
  • Page 28 SeJecting the video input source Labelin9 the video input sources to view You can label each video input source according to the type of device you connected to each source, from the following To select the video input source to view: preset list of labels: Press @ on the remote control or TV control panel.
  • Page 29: Favorites Browser

    Press 4 or _ to select the desired label for that input Tunin9 channels source. If a particular input is not used, you can select Ride as the label, which will cause that input to be "grayed out" in the Input Selection screen and skipped over when Tunin9channelsusing the you press @ on the remote control.
  • Page 30 Elements of the ChannelBrewser To set up the Channel BrowserTM: From the Preferencesmenu, highlight Channel Browser Setup and press @. Navigation, Press A to highlight and then press 4 or to select either Browse Node or Select Node. Current list (History, ANT/CABLE, i nputs,Favorites,or ,,_p,_tsu_t REGZA-LINK) Input type...
  • Page 31: Tuning To The Next Programmed Channel

    Addingand Nearing channels and inputs in the To set the Channel Tuning Mode: History List From the Setup menu, highlight Installation and press @. A new set of Installation menu icons will appear. Adding channels and inputs to the History List: Channel T uning Open the Terrestrialmenu, highlight...
  • Page 32: Switching Between Two Channels Using Channel Return

    Switchingbetweentwo channelsusing Selectingthe picture size ChannelReturn You can view many program formats in a variety of picture The Channel Return feature allows you to switch between two sizes--Natural, TheaterWide 1, TheaterWide 2, TheaterWide 3, channels without entering an actual channel number each time. Full, 4:3 ND,Native, and Dot by Dot (available in PC Mode Only).
  • Page 33 i_i_i:i_ii_i_i_ii_iiiiii_iii_i_iii_!_!_i_!_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_ii_i_i_i_i_i_i iillii_i_i!i!i!i!iii!i!i_ii!ii_iiiiiii_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i!_!_!_i_!_i_!_!_!_!_!!_!!_!!!!!!!iiii_ii_ii!!_!i!!i!!i!!ii!! Natural 4:3 HD (for 720p, 1080i, and lO80p programsources onJy} 0ooo O0 Some program formats will display with sidebars and/or bars Picture is not distorted from original size. at the top and bottom. Native TheaterWide 1 (for 480i (NDMI), 480p (NDMI), 720p, 1080i, and (for 4:3 format programs) lO80p signal programs) O O O...
  • Page 34: Scrollingthe Theaterwide ®Picture (Theaterwide2 And3 Only)

    aspect ratio feature: To turn on the auto Scrollingthe TheaterWide ®picture Press M_uand open the Video menu. (TheaterWide2 and3 only) Highlight Theater Settings and press E@. In the Auto Aspect Ratio field, select On. You can set separate scroll settings for the TheaterWide 2 and To save the new settings, highlight Done and press @.
  • Page 35: Selecting The Picture Mode

    Adjustingthe picture quality Adjustingthe picture You can adjust the picture quality (Contrast, Backlight, DynaLight Brightness, Color, Tint, and Sharpness) to your Selectingthe picture mode personal preferences. You can select your desired picture settings from four different modes, as described below. Contrast lower higher...
  • Page 36: Using The Closed Caption Mode

    Digital CCSettings Usingthe closedcaptionmode You can customize the closed caption display characteristics by changing the background color, opacity, text size, type, Baseclosedcaptions edge, and color. Note: The closed caption mode has two options: • This feature is available for digital channels on/jz You cannot set the Caption Textand Background as the •...
  • Page 37: Usingthe Closedcaptionbuttonon The Remotecontrol

    Usingthe ClosedCaptionbuttonon the Selectingstereo/SAPbroadcasts remotecontrol The multi-channel TV sound (MTS) feature allows you to output high-fidelity stereo sound. MTS also can transmit a If you press @ when an analog channel is tuned: second audio program (SAP) containing a second language, •...
  • Page 38: Adjusting The Audio Quality

    Adjustingthe audio quality Usingthe Dolby® Digital DynamicRange Controlfeature You can adjust the audio quality by adjusting the bass, treble, and balance. This dynamic range control feature causes the ATSC dynamic range to be further compressed, allowing you to switch from To adjust the audio quality: ATSC to analog broadcasts at the same dynamic range.
  • Page 39: Using The Locks Menu

    BlockingTV programs and movies Using the Locks menu by rating(V-Chip) The Locks menu includes the Enable Rating Blocking, Edit Rating Limits, Channels Block, Input Lock, Front (control) Some TV programs and movies include signals that classify Panel Lock, and New PIN Code features. You can use these the content of the program (violence, sex, dialog, language).
  • Page 40 • The additional rating system is not designed, transmitted, blocked. or controlled by the TV or Toshiba, nor is the availability of • To display the rating of the program you are watching, an additional rating system determined...
  • Page 41: Blocking Channels

    Blockingchannels Unlockingprograms temporarily With the Channels Block feature, you can block specific If you try to tune the TV to a program that exceeds the rating channels. You wilt not be able to tune blocked channels unless limits you set, the TV will enter program lock mode and the you unlock them.
  • Page 42: Using The Control Panel Lock Feature

    Usingthe GameTimer ® Usingthe controlpanel lock feature You can use the GameTimer to set a time limit for playing a You can lock the control panel to prevent your settings from video game (30-120 minutes). When the GameTimer expires, being changed accidentally (by children, for example). When the TV enters Input Lock mode and locks out the input source the control panel lock is On, none of the controls on the TV for the video game device.
  • Page 43: Using The Pc Settings Feature

    Using the PC settings feature Setting the PC Audio You can view an image from a PC on the TV screen. This function allows you to output or nmte the sound from When a PC is connected to the TV's PC IN terminal, you can your PC when connecting using the PC IN terminal and an use the PC Settings feature to make adjustments to the image.
  • Page 44: Volume And Mute Controls Of Audio Receiver

    This is a new feature that uses CEC technology and allows Top Menu Accesses the top menu of a DVD. you to control Toshiba REGZA-LINK compatible devices Menu Accesses the menu of a DVD. from the TV remote via HDMI connection (_' page 15).
  • Page 45: Displaying Tv Status Information

    OtherRERZA-LJRR ® functions DisplayingTVstatus information When the EnableREGZA-LINR and each item in the To display TV status information using RECALL: REGZA-LINRSetup menu are set to On, the following Press .E_LLon the remote control. functions will be enabled. The following information will display (if applicable): •...
  • Page 46: Using The Advanced Picture Settings Features

    Selectingthe colortemperature Usingthe advancedpicture You can change the quality of the picture by selecting from settingsfeatures three preset color temperatures (Coot, Medium, and Warm), as described below. Usingdynamiccontrast When dynamic contrast is set to 0fl, the TV will detect Cool blueish changes in the picture quality that affect the appearance of Medium...
  • Page 47 Using the Game Nodefeature UsingCabieClear ® digital noisereduction The CableCteaff digital noise reduction feature allows you You can use the Game Mode feature for shorter frame delays to reduce visible interference in your TV picture. This may when playing a video game requiring split-second timing be useful when receiving a broadcast with a weak signal between the on-screen display and input from the controller (especially a Cable channel) or playing a noisy video cassette...
  • Page 48 Cannot view external signals or channel 3 or 4 GeneraltroubJeshootin9 * If you cannot view signals from external devices connected to VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, ColorStream _ H[INi 1, HDNI 2, PC, or from channels 3 or 4, make sure the input Before calling a service technician, please check this chapter Lock is set to Off (_ page 41).
  • Page 49 5 seconds. The PIN code you previously stored will be cleared (_ page 39). No REGZA-LIHR operation • The REGZA-LINK feature is available for Toshiba REGZA-LINK compatible devices. • Make sure the HDMI cables with the HDMI Logo (l'4_[n|) are used.
  • Page 50: Specifications

    Specifications ColorStream ® (component video) HD INPUT: Note: VIDEO:Y: 1V(p-p), 75 ohm • This model complies with the specifications listed PR: 0.7 V(p-p), 75 ohm below. PB: 0.7 V(p-p), 75 ohm Designs and specifications are subject to change Suggested formats: t080i, 720p, 480p, 480i without notice.
  • Page 51 Acceptablesignal formatsfor PC iN and HDNI terminals PC IN signal formats Note: Depending on the connected PC, the following status may occur; incorrect display, false format detection, picture position failure, blur, or judde_ But this is not a malfunction of your T_/ 640 ×...
  • Page 52: Limited United States Warranty

    TO USE THIS LCD Complete and mail the enclosed product registration card or register TELEVISION). your LCD Television online at No person, agent, distributor, dealer or company is authorized soon as possible. By registering your LCD Television you will enable...
  • Page 53: Limited Canadian Warranty

    YOU. of non-Toshiba modifications to the Television; Service of aTelevision on which the TOSHIBA label or (c) FOR TELEVISIONS 32 INCHES OR LESS: YOU MUST logo, rating label or serial number have been defaced DELIVER...
  • Page 54 "Troubleshooting" section, you find that service is needed: Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (1) To find the nearest ASP, visit TCL's web site at, or To the extent not precluded by law, any claim, dispute, controversy call toll free 1-800-268-3404...
  • Page 55 Toshiba Consumer Solutions at (800)631-3811. There will be a charge to cover the costs of providing the source A copy of the GPL source code in this product may be obtained code.

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