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Grizzly G9036 Owner's Manual: Tailstock Lock

13" x 40" gear-head lathe.
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since it takes great effort to turn the inner
spanner nut, you may find it difficult to know
if you have gone past the zero end-play point
or not. it is easiest to have someone watch
the dial while you tighten the inner spanner
nut. if you think you may have gone past the
zero end-play point, take the time to unload
the bearings as described earlier, then re-
tighten the inner spanner nut until you know
you have reached the correct setting.
10. When you are confident that you have adjust-
ed the inner spanner nut until zero spindle
end-play and preload exists, tighten the span-
ner nut an additional
11. Without causing the inner spanner nut to
tighten any farther, install and tighten the
outer spanner nut against the inner nut.
do not overtighten the outer spanner nut
because additional preload can force the
bearings even tighter against the races in the
headstock and cause the headstock to com-
press, crack, or cause bearing failure.
to confirm that the bearings are correctly pre-
reattach all removed lathe components and
prepare it for operation.
install the chuck and tighten the jaws.
set the spindle speed to its highest setting.
Connect the lathe to power and turn the lathe
spindle ON.
let the lathe run for 20 minutes.
turn the spindle OFF, disconnect lathe from
power, and check the temperature of the
—if the spindle nose is slightly warm to the
touch, you have correct bearing preload.
—if the spindle nose is hotter than you can
comfortably keep your hand on, the pre-
load is too tight and you must repeat bear-
ing preload adjustment procedure. When
repeating the procedure, rotate the inner
spanner nut a little less during step 10 in
the preceding instructions.
Model g9036 Mfg. 7/08+
th of a turn.

tailstock lock

When pushed toward the spindle, the tailstock lock
holds the tailstock firmly in place on the bedway
with a locking plate underneath the tailstock.
tools needed
Wrench 17mm.................................................... 1
to adjust the tailstock lock:
Move the tailstock lock down, then position
the tailstock to an area on the bedway that
allows access to the locking hex nut and plate
underneath the tailstock (see figure 100).
tailstock lock
locking hex nut & plate
figure 100. tailstock locking hex nut and plate.
tighten the locking hex nut a
until the tailstock will not move when locked.
repeat this step as necessary.
turn at a time


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