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  • Page 2

    Important Safety Information Be sure to read all the safety information before you begin to use this product. [ WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or shock hazard, do not expose product or AC adapter/charger to rain or moisture. This symbol indicates "dangerous...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    We want to make sure you enjoy your new camcorder.If you have any questions,call: Camcorder Exchange Warranty .. •800-283-6503 (Pages 58-59) Customer Service 800-447-1700 (Page 5 7) • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...

  • Page 4

    • Playback Features Recording Features • Stop-Action Pause ..... 36-37 • Quick Review ........• Picture Search ......36-37 • Tape Positioning ....... • 'Tracking ......... 37 • Microphone ........19 • Playback on TV (or VCR) with •...

  • Page 5: Assistance

    This section describes only the basic steps necessary to set up your camcorder record. Refer to the other sections for detailed operation and feature options. Assistance The toll-free numbers are available to help you with any problem you may encounter. Camcorder Exchange Warranty...

  • Page 6: Attach The Adapter/charger

    Adapter/Charger DC OUTPUT Jack Adapter/Charger's DC IN 9.6V Jack on DC Cable Back of Camcorder • Attach the other end of the cable to 2. Attach the adapter/charger. the DC IN 9.6V jack on the Since the battery must be charged camcorder.

  • Page 7: Remove Lens Cap And Attach

    CAMERA/OFF/VCR Switch Handstrap Lens Cap • Press and hold the small button on 3. Remove the lens cap and attach CAMERA / 0 F F / V C R while it to the handstrap. sliding it in CAMERA. electronic viewfinder will come on.

  • Page 8: Insert A Cassette

    Safety Tape Window REC (Record) /PAUSE Button Lens Cap on Handstrap Cassette Door Press Here to Close 6. Position viewfinder and adjust 5. Insert a cassette. eyepiece focus control. • Press STOP/EJECT to open the • Grasp the viewfinder and rotate it cassette compartment.

  • Page 9: Start And Stop Recording

    CAMERA/OFF/VCR Switch Eyepiece Focus Control Rewind)/ REVIEW REC (Record) /PAUSE Eyepiece Electronic Viewfinder (Grasp Here to Move) 8. Play back what you have Start and stop recording. recorded. Start and stop recording by pressing • Press REC/PAUSE to stop recording. and releasing REC/PAUSE.

  • Page 10: Review The Camcorder's

    Review the camcorder's operating controls. REW (Rewind/Review) Button DISPLAY Button Also Title Select- Button RESET Button PLAY Button DATE/TIME Button F.FWD (Fast Forward) Button Also Title Select + Button TITLER Button STOP/EJECT Button Also EDIT.ADV Button ° ° I Micro BRIGHT Control (CG735 model only) Lens...

  • Page 11

    Review the camcorder's operating controls. BRIGHT and FOCUS Controls (CG733 model only) Shoulder Strap Attachment Ring BATTERY EJECT Lever REC (Record) /PAUSE Button Hand Strap with Lens Cap Holder Power Zoom Buttons (W and T) also Cassette Door TRACKING Buttons DC IN 9.6V Jack...

  • Page 12: Using The Adapter/charger

    will designed for _se: On 100_240 _oi_ Using the Adapter/Charger to Power Your Camcorder Plug in AC Outlet (120V, 50/60Hz) Adapter/Charger Indicator POWER __f._/ Adapter/Charger's DC IN 9.6V Jack OUTPUT DC Cable Jack Connect one end of the adapter/ When using the adapter/charger to power the camcorder, the battery...

  • Page 13: Charging

    Using the Battery to Power Your Camcorder Charging the Battery The battery must be charged before it can be used the first time. Charging will take approximately two hours depending on the condition of the battery. When fully charged, the battery should supply approximately 60 minutes...

  • Page 14: Attaching And Removing

    Using the Battery to Power Your Camcorder CAMERA/OFF/VCR Switch BATTERY EJECT Lever Rechargeable Battery Hold Battery Flush and Slide Down Align Arrows Attach Charged Battery Remove the Battery 1. Slide CAMERA/OFF/VCR to OFF. 1. Align reference arrow on battery with arrow on camcorder.

  • Page 15: Care And Storage

    Using the Battery to Power Your Camcorder Battery Care damaged if operated at temperatures • Your battery will provide better service above 122-°F (50°-C). Operation time and longer performance if you Charge it will decrease at extremely before and after use, and store it at temperatures.

  • Page 16: Battery Level Indicator

    ..'_!! ....£rk ..- _ . • Check Battery Power (Battery Level Indicator) Battery Level Indicator Display in Viewfinder When DISPLAY is pressed, the battery • When the battery reaches the empty level indicator ( / ) appears in the level, _ J will start flashing.

  • Page 17: Using The Optional Thomson

    Using the Optional Thomson Car Cord Adapter To power your camcorder from the cigarette lighter socket of a car, truck, or RV, you need the optional car cord adapter DCC096 shown on page 45. The DCC096 car cord is especially designed to convert power from a 12-volt battery...

  • Page 18: Erase Protection

    We recommendthat our cassettes be usedwith your camcorder. Use of poor quality tapesor tapesthat havebeen damagedor mishandledcan contaminate the video heads, resulting in a snowy picture or no picture at all during playback. Becausethere is no control over the type of tape purchasedor rentedby consumers,head cleaning is not covered under warranty.

  • Page 19: Inserting And Removing

    Inserting and Removing Cassettes STOP/EJECT Press Here to Close Tape Windows 3. Insert or remove the cassette from the 1. Attach a power source to the camcorder (either a charged battery or cassette compartment. adapter/charger). 4. Gently close the cassette door with 2.

  • Page 20: Traveling Tips

    Traveling Tips Carry your camcorder in a carrying case Write down your camcorder's serial when traveling. See page 44 for a number and keep it separate from the camcorder when traveling. If your specially designed soft case. An ordinary suitcase or carry bag does not offer the camcorder is lost or stolen, you will be protection your camcorder needs.

  • Page 21: Quick Review

    STOP/EJECT F.FWD (Fast Forward REW (Rewind)/REVIEW CAMERA/OFF/VCR Switch Microphone Press REW/REVIEW to rewind the tape Quick Review to the beginning. Press STOP/EJECT Press REW/REVIEW when CAMERA/ stop rewinding. OFF/VCR is in CAMERA and the camcorder is in record pause to review Microphone the last few seconds of a recording.

  • Page 22: Program Ae (auto Exposure)

    Program AE (Auto Exposure) Program auto exposure automatically selects the shutter speed and adjusts the iris according to the shutter speed. AE:60 Viewfinder Display When DISPLAY is pressed, the AE 1/.500, 1/750, 1/1000, 1/1500, 1/2000, indicator for the shutter speed selected 1/4000 second) appears in the...

  • Page 23: Electronic Indexing

    Electronic Indexing Each time you begin recording (after the camcorder has been turned off for at least four hours), the camcorder will automatically record an index mark at the beginning the new recording. When you play back the indexed tape in a VCR that has a compatible indexing feature called "VHS...

  • Page 24

    The camcorder's viewfinder is a miniature monitor that displays the picture seen by the camcorder when recording. The viewfinder also can be used for viewing the tape during playback. When carrying or storing the camcorder, return the viewfinder to the original position to prevent possible damage.

  • Page 25

    Eyepiece BRIGHT and FOCUS Controls BRIGHT (CG733) FOCUS _/BRIGHT (CG735) BRIGHT and FOCUS Controls (Model CG733) The small BRIGHT and FOCUS controls are set at the factory and should require adjustment. If they ever require adjustment, use a plastic screwdriver. Make the adjustments with caution to prevent damaging...

  • Page 26: Time Remaining Display

    Tape Counter --AE:60 O000M (_AE ShutterSpeed I'_ql-- -- _ Time Remaining INDEX "_ (_ Battery Level TAPE INDEX Display ZOOM TAPE, NO TAPE, IO:30AM and TAPE END Status .REC. 11/18/1997 Time and Date Viewfinder Displays Tape Counter with Memory AE (Auto Exposure) Shutter Speed Stop(g) The shutter...

  • Page 27

    DATE/TIME DISPLAY CAMERA/OFF/VCR Power Buttons INDEX • TAPE END briefly appears and When DISPLAY is pressed, the camcorder goes into PAUSE when display appears in the viewfinder. you reach the end of the cassette INDEX appears briefly when the during recording. camcorder automatically indexes the...

  • Page 28

    Set the Time and Date REW (Rewind)/REVIEW F.FWD (Fast Forward) CAMERA/OFF/VCR STOP/EJECT DA TE/TIME oo o • • Attach a power supply (battery 5. When the correct digit is displayed, adapter/charger) to the camcorder. press STOP/EJECT. The cursor will move to the next part of the display. Press and hold the small...

  • Page 29: (or Date) On Your Tape

    Recording Date and Time, Date, or Date and Title on Your Tape The time and date, date only, or date and title can be recorded on your tape. Whenever one of the displays appears in the viewfinder, it will be recorded. The camcorder also has auto date and auto title features.

  • Page 30

    The tape counter acts as a handy reference to help you locate tape segments. CAMERA/OFF/VCR RESET REW/REVIEW DISPLAY F.FWD REC/PAUSE...

  • Page 31

    Memory Stop The tape counter's memory stop helps you locate a certain point on the tape. When memory stop is turned on, the tape will stop automatically during fast forward or rewind when the tape counter reaches"O000M." Using Memory Stop: 4.

  • Page 32

    Using Power Zoom Buttons Power Zoom Buttons T = Telephoto W = Wide Angle Zoom Level lndicator_ • Press "W" to move the lens in the When DISPLAY is pressed so the display "wide-angle" direction. appears in the viewfinder and the power zoom button is pressed, the zoom level is displayed in 10 steps for several seconds.

  • Page 33

    ProEdit ®System • Edit Search mmmmm mmmm • Titler mmmm Jmmm mmmmmm mwmm Edit mmm--_ The camcorder incorporates a complete package of advanced editing features to make it easy and fun to edit your home videos like a professional. major ProEdit ® System features are described here and on the following...

  • Page 34

    Titler The camcorder's built-in titler can store a title in memory. The created title can be displayed and recorded at any time. The built-in character register contains over 45 different characters for creating your titles. The title can contain up to 32 characters on two lines. REW/REVIEW (Also Title Select -) F.FWD...

  • Page 35

    To Create a Title See the "Chart of Characters in Titler's 1. Attach a power source to the Register" below for the characters camcorder, press and hold the small available. button on CAMERA/OFF/VCR while 5. After you have selected the first sliding it to CAMERA.

  • Page 36

    Recording a Title on a Tape in the Camcorder To record a title on a tape in the camcorder, follow the steps below. Attach a power source to the 5. After you have recorded the title camcorder, slide CAMERA/OFF/VCR the desired length of time, press...

  • Page 37

    Make a recording of your homeand Avoid long "still" shots of landmarks contentsto store in a safe place in caseof scenic attractions. Recordings are more fire or theft. interesting if they include people and details. "Local color" will give travel Practicerecordingunder a variety of videos lasting appeal.

  • Page 38: Pause

    REW (Rewind)/REVIEW CAMERA/OFF/VCR PLAY Switch in VCR position F.FWD (Fast Forward) 0000 _" STOP/EJECT TRACKING 1. Attach a power supply to the 4. Press PLAY to begin playback. Adjust camcorder. TRACKING if necessary. 2. Press and hold the small button on 5.

  • Page 39: Picture Search

    Playback Features Picture Search Stop-Action Pause During playback you can visually search During playback, you can view one the tape at a higher speed in forward or frame of the tape. reverse. • Press REC/PAUSE stop the action. • Press and hold F.FWD to search the •...

  • Page 40: In Jacks

    To connectyour camcorder to a TV monitor (or VCR) with AUDIO IN and VIDEO jacks, you will need an optional audio/video cable, such as VH83 shown on page 46. If your TV is already connected to a VCR, you can attach the camcorder to the VCR and watch what the camcorder is recording...

  • Page 41

    Attach the yellow plug on the same Attach the white plug on one end of end of the audio/video cable to the the audio/video cable to the AUDIO VIDEO IN jack on the TV or VCR. IN jack on the TV or VCR. Note: If your TV (or VCR) has stereo Attach the yellow plug on the other...

  • Page 42: Audio And Video Inputs

    To connect your camcorder to a TV without audio and video input jacks. You will need an optional RF output adapter (such as CRF95) and an optional coaxial RF cable (such as VH82 or VH85) shown on page 46. Antenna .__[kEk_L =_]- ..

  • Page 43

    5. Press PLAY on the camcorder. Adjust Playback Operation tracking on the camcorder, 1. Set the channel selector switch on the necessary. D.etails are on page 37. RF output adapter to CH3 or CH4. • During playback, use the playback 2.

  • Page 44: The Shoulder Strap

    The shoulderstrap is designed to let you carry the camcorder from your shoulderand -- when you are ready to shoot-- bring the camcorder to shooting position in one quick movement. To Attach the Shoulder Strap 1. Unfasten one end of the shoulder strap from the buckle.

  • Page 45: To User

    by one or more of the following measures: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. device and RF lighting device, pursuant • Increase the separation between Part 15 and part 18 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 46: Accessories

    General Camera Section Power requirement: 9.6VDC Scanning: 525 Lines/60 Fields/30 Frames Power consumption: 7 watts (normal) for CG733 Image Sensor: 1/4" high/resolution, solid state CCD imager 8 watts (normal) Tripod Mount: One 1/4" x 10 threaded for CG735 hole Weight: 4.4 lbs.

  • Page 47

    DCC096 DC (Battery) Car Cord This DC car cord enables you to operate your camcorder from your car, truck, or RV by plugging the car cord directly into the vehicle's cigarette lighter. CPS014 AC Adapter/Charger This adapter/charger operates on 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, so it can be used almost anywhere in the world to power your camcorder and recharge the EP096FS...

  • Page 48

    VH83 Audio/Video Cable This six foot audio/video dubbing cable is used to connect your camcorder to a VCR or TV monitor to copy tapes. CRF95 RF Output Adapter This adapter is used with coaxial RF cable (VH82 or VH85) to connect your camcorder to a standard TV (one without audio/video input jacks) for playback.

  • Page 49

    Removing the Lens Hood The lens hood can be removed so you can attach optional accessories, such as wide- angle lens, lens extender, or lens filter kit. Do not grasp the end of the lens hood. Attach the lens cap over the lens hood, then turn them counterclockwise remove them.

  • Page 50

    Using an Optional Tripod Mounting the camcorder on a tripod, such as AC093, will keep the camcorder steady and produce excellent video results. AC093 Deluxe Tripod This tripod's fluid effect head provides smooth camera pan and tilt. Its quick- release mount makes it easy to attach or remove the camcorder.

  • Page 51

    Order Form for Camcorder Models CG733/CG735 Price Part No. Total Qty. Description AC202 Soft Camcorder Case $ 49.95 AC093 $ 59.95 Deluxe Tripod AH25 2.95 Y-Adapter CPS014 $219.95 AC Adapter/Charger CRF95 $ 69.95 RF Output Adapter DCC096 $ 49.95 Car Cord EP096FS $ 69.95 Rechargeable...

  • Page 52

    Charge your order on your VISA,MasterCard, or Discover Card by filling in below USE YOUR CREDIT CARD IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your VISA card I III IIII IIII [ Expiration date: _"] IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your MasterCard I III II I I I I l--q--l---_ I-'[-q--_ II I I...

  • Page 53

    To order accessories, contact your local Dealer. If a dealer is not nearby, you can also follow the directions below to order by telephone or direct-by-mail. United States and Canada Orders To place your order by phone, have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card ready and call the toll-free number listed below between 8AM and 8PM (EST) Mon.- Fri., or 9AM - 5PM (EST) Sat.

  • Page 54

    Give the camcorder If either component becomes wet, to 3 hours to reach a stable temperature turn off the power and take the unit to before inserting a cassette. an Authorized GE Camcorder Servicenter.

  • Page 55

    Cleaning the Camcorder _'_____'____ To clean the camcorder's exterior, remove any power source connected to the camcorder and gently wipe it with a clean soft cloth. Cleaning the Camcorder's Lens To clean the camcorder's lens, blow it with a blower brush, and then gently wipe the lens with cleaning tissue and commercially prepared cleaning solution...

  • Page 56

    Troubles sometimes are caused by simple "faults" that you can easily correct without the help of a service technician by first checking a few basic remedies. Before you call or take your camcorder to an Authorized GE Camcorder Servicenter, look below for the type of trouble you are experiencing.

  • Page 57

    • Press REC/PAUSE to return to normal playback. Camcorder Remains in Play Pause • There is insufficient light. Add more light. Poor Picture Quality During Recording Viewfinder Displays Are • Try adjusting the eyepiece focus control. Details Out of Focus on page 22.

  • Page 58

    • Make sure the date and time have been set. Details Date and Time Appear Incorrect page 26. • The camcorder's internal clock battery may need recharging. Details on page 27. Camcorder Does Not Remove the power source. Turn On and/or After one minute press the Function Buttons Will reset switch...

  • Page 59

    Thomson provides a toll-free telephone You can reach Thomson at the following number: number to help you with any problems you may encounter with your camcorder. 800-283-6503 Many can be diagnosed over the phone, (Toll free inside U.S.A.) and if necessary, repair or replacement Our toll-free Camcorder number will be arranged.

  • Page 60

    3. Take your unit, excluding all accessories, What your warranty covers: and your evidence of purchase date, such • Any defect in materials or workmanship. as a bill of sale, to the exchange location For how long after your purchase: and you will be provided the new or •...

  • Page 61

    • Take your unit to the Authorized GE Make sure you insure your shipment in Camcorder Servicenter of your choice. case of damage or loss. • Show the Authorized GE Camcorder Include with the shipment: Servicenter representative evidence of •...

  • Page 62: Accessory Order Form

    Clock Battery, Charging ... Accessories, Included ....Contents ....... Accessories, Optional ..44-51 Copying Tapes ....38-39 Accessory Lens, Attaching ..Correcting the Date and Time ..Accessory Order Form ..49-51 Customer Assistance. 1,3,57,Back Cover Adapter/Charger, Using ..4,10 Date and Time Displays °...

  • Page 63: Trouble Checks

    STOP/EJECT Button Playback on a TV without Audio/Video Inputs . .40-41 ... 6,7,8,17,19,26,29,39,41 Playback, First ....Tab, Safety ..... Table of Contents ....Playback, Viewfinder ....TAPE END Indicator ... 24-25 Plug Adapter, Optional .... Power Zoom Buttons ..24-25,30 TAPE Indicator ....

  • Page 64

    Need Assistance? We want to help! U.S. Consumers: Camcorder Exchange Warranty ..800-283-6503 Customer Service 800-447-1700 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accessories 800-338-0376 Canadian Consumers: English 800-522-0338 • •...

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